A Game of Princes

A Game of Princes

by Raymond David

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A young Prince from Afrotasia defiles the law of his Kingdom by abandoning his royal crown of Prince ship, A top class Basketball Coach losses his job and  his wife to his sarcastic assistant and on his quest for vendetta takes up an amateur Basketball team to defeat every professional Basketball team there ever is.

A young Prince from the very rich Kingdom of Afrotasia (kimbuwe) decides to run after his Father's past shadows in pursuit of his passion for the lovely game of BasketBall.Finding himself in a different culture he falls in love with a cheerleader who happens to be the girlfriend of his biggest rival, the most celebrated basketball player in America"The handsome Prince of Basketball", Ryan Ridley. Even at the expense of a strong mixed reaction from his people, since no foreigner has ever been placed on the throne of the highly cultured and the deeply traditional throne of the Afrotasian Kingdom.

While playing the most important game of his career, his father, the Great King Of Afrotasia "King Mbasa" suddenly slumps and dies, forcing him to return to Afrotasia which had now been taken over by a wicked King from a fast rising empire. Caught in an adventure of suspense and mixed culture he now gets to fight not only for a passion he strongly believes in, but for true love, and also his rightful place as the King of Afrotasia to set his people free by winning in a game of the founding forefathers, "The Game Of Princes".

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ISBN-13: 9782765931164
Publisher: Publiseer
Publication date: 03/02/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 68
File size: 298 KB

About the Author

Raymond David is the last son of Mr. David Aigbe. Born in April 11 1987, he took after his father’s fondness and love for the literary world. This time not just as a good reader, but as an amazing writer.

          Mastering the act of fictional writing, Raymond David not only gets you enchant trapped while reading his fictional works but also makes you wonder as the sconces of each paragraph beings to play like a movie your head living confused and greatly wondering if his fictional characters are truly fictional or a true story never heard.

          Raymond David also nick – named the 8th wonder by his literary admirers unleashes his first fictional work a never told story of a fictional typical Brooklyn girl in the book titled “how I danced with the man in the mirror”     


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