A Horse, A Husband, and Cancer

A Horse, A Husband, and Cancer

by Elaine Kirsch Edsall, Mark Edsall
A Horse, A Husband, and Cancer

A Horse, A Husband, and Cancer

by Elaine Kirsch Edsall, Mark Edsall


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This is not a book about horses; nor is it a book about husbands and it is certainly not a book solely about cancer.

Though that condition is the core reason for this work it does not make this some sort of self-help book for those suffering from this illness or yet another set of pages condoning positive thinking and attitudes to try to overcome despair and fear.

Elaine was my wife for the last twenty-five years and six days of her life, in all we were together for some thirty years. One year into our (then illicit) relationship she discovered the first cancer; little did we realise then that it was going to be a recurring theme for the rest of her life, neither did we know the extent of the struggle to come or the battlefield our lives were to turn into.

This book leads you through one woman's fight to stay a step ahead of the silent assassin within. Armaments for this battle consisted of more than just the medical procedures and treatments she had to endure. Elaine dug deep within to find her allies and always refused any hint of sympathy from others.

Her story of how she tried, not always successfully, to make sense of the path her life had taken and where it ultimately was going to lead. Her deep-seated and dark sense of humour, her even deeper love for me and for her friends and horses helped her to prevail, against the odds, for so long. She was bruised and battered in mind, spirit and body so many times, yet a two fingered salute was all the ground she would give to the cancer.

A short time ago she started the online blog from which this book gets its title. She wrote about her shrinking world with observations from within and without, and proved that living with a terminal illness can be accomplished with style and humour.

Her words are honest, straightforward and from the heart; she doesn't pull punches to spare herself. Indeed she leaves herself at the mercy of her readers on more than one occasion.

After her death, I continued her blog to complete her story and to try and make sense of where I stood. I am deeply honoured that the first thirteen of those blogs have been included to complete this book. I think Elaine would be pleased too.

So if you have an interest in horses, husbands or cancer there is something here for you to chew over; but if you want to hear of the unrelenting human spirit even knowing the fight is unwinnable, then read on, there is a feast before you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781736967324
Publisher: Lilith House Press
Publication date: 10/01/2021
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Elaine Kirsch Edsall writes with an eye for often-overlooked detail, and away of expressing herself that is both thought-provoking andhumorous, transforming everyday tales of living with life-limitingillness (while trying to stay sane) into fascinating vignettes of herlife.She lives in the heart of picturesque Dorset countryside,where she buys and sells antiques, and shares a home with herhusband, two cats, and her beloved horse Bruce.
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