A Mind Filled With Possibilities

A Mind Filled With Possibilities

by Kermit Henry


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A Mind Filled With Possibilities by Kermit Henry

The continuing efforts of our adventurer to create a safe and enjoyable environment for the people of Earth World, as he returns to solve the problems of his people and reunite with his son Jonathan.

Continuing my efforts to explain the forces within the mind. An area of thinking that can create a positive atmosphere for healing the body. The effort is within each of us. Within these pages are thoughts and ways to revive your inner-self and others who may need your help.

Remember when big banks were a safe haven for our hard earn wages, with a generous return for your bucks, that has changed. Episodes like these are happening regularly and only the greedy seems to survive, as the people suffers at the adventures of the wealthy and their games.

We are what is left of our yesterdays, and what is left is our future. We can correct our pass and plan our future. We, all individual on this planet, we must find a way to turn around the greed

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ISBN-13: 9781452043203
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/20/2010
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Short Stories 2
By Kermit Henry


Copyright © 2010 Kermit Henry
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-4320-3

Chapter One


I am one of the thousands of humans whom Earth World has discarded because of their actions with life and death, and the secret lives they lived. The Prison Planet 001, where I exist is for murderer, mass murderers, and killers of their own children. Whether we are defective mentally, physically or both we were found guilty of those crimes, we are here, and they, the law-abiding citizens are there on Earth World. I admit to my crimes and I am accepting my punishment.

I am writing this to explain how I survive in the world of my own kind. This planet or asteroids or whatever it is, is the first of its kind, built to house the murderous pirates that left stranded thousands to die in the far reaches of space. They found me guilty of killing ten men; one or two were to keep them from killing me. The others were because of some lust within me that is appeased only after I took those individuals lives. That hunger still exists within me some fifty years after being here on Prison Planet 001. I believe our confinement here is justifiable and correct; it is just a horrible life to live away from the food that fed my lust.

We are transported on one of the Rangers prison craft, impossible to escape, impossible to move. We are to take items considered non-harmful; these items are a part of the suit and on our back as we approach the injections tubes to the planet surface. No words are spoken, no, good-bye's, no prayers for forgiveness is heard. We all know what to expect upon arrival, there are no weapons only the ones you have in your mind. The land has been cultivated; trees are planted to help clean the air. The atmosphere is contained in a large domed structure that extends eight hundred miles on the planet surface. Out side, the dome there is no atmosphere or gravity. If escape is possible, death will follow. The dome is indestructible and ten feet thick, designed and built by Earth World, and the Ranger force. The Rangers will patrol the area, there will be no communications made from or to the dome prison. No information is available to anyone except the Rangers to the location of this planet, your life is now yours to give or keep.

As we slowed from light speed we see nothing, then a system of planets around a sun appears it looks something like our home world earth. A feeling of relief enters my mind as I begin to think that this is one of my strange and endless nightmares or dreams, and that I am waking, or will be told that this is Earth World my home and not a distance planet. I know that I have committed those crimes, and I remember my trial and the verdict of guilty and given life on murderers Prison Planet 001, those memories are not a dream. It felt safe knowing I am back home.

We are back in the sol system and not some distance world. That relief like feeling left me as we came to a stop in space, but we are not landing on planet earth. We are hovering above the planet and two or there miles below us is the ground, there are people looking up pointing. There is no way to lower us that distance, no stairs, no elevator. I heard someone yell, scream and a loud sound of air rushing. They are dropping us to the planet like rocks. So this is why there is no escape, if you survive from the drop your ability to escape is removed. The prisoner in front of me is a woman, it is hard to see anything in this suit of rubberize clothing and the backpack we wore, but I heard her voice as she screamed and fell.

All restraints are removed from me upon entering the tube and I am let go, dropped. I felt this moment of power within my mind as I stepped into space. My life will be over and this dream will end when I crash to the ground. I know that I am a convicted killer, but the people of Earth World is just as guilty as I, they judge and punished me and the others, while secretly they are removing the unwanted people from their planet and dropping them to their death, this is murder on a large scale. These thoughts rushed through my mind as they are removing our restraints, and while being held in those restraints I did not notice I had no shoes. Why the absence of such small items of clothing. I feel the rush of air against my face, I will not brace for the impact on the ground, I wanted it to end my existence with all my heart, I wanted it to end. Then I noticed that I am not falling fast enough, I am floating down.

It took ten or twenty minutes to fall the two or three miles. In those minutes I realize what a fool I am, the Rangers would never be a part of mass-murder. Remembering what the Ranger was saying as he looked at me, you have a new life, a new beginning. I can see the landing site and the areas made for us to live, grass, trees, no houses, and in the distance large mountains. There is something shinning, catching my eye, calling to me as I turned my body to face in the direction of the light, trying to maintain my directions as my feet touched the ground, I started running, running as fast as I could. I hope no one else saw the light or felt a need to locate the calling I heard. Money is worthless here, only self-preservation, maintaining one existence. My existence became my goal and this light gave me the feeling that it will help me live, protect me, from myself, and give me more than I had on Earth World. She wanted and need me.

With that thought, I ran faster. If anyone is following me, I will kill him or her, this is mine, and she belongs to me only to me. I continue repeating these thoughts aloud. When I first started running, I heard a voice say, there goes another one, lost his mind upon landing. Had someone else seen the light and ran toward it, there were prisoner here before me, could be they are with the light now and will try to stop me, taking my sanctuary, my life. The air, the lack of earth gravity gave me more strength, as I seem to fly toward my life. I looked back and saw no one running with me, and I cannot see the landing site or hear the people, only the sound of my heart as I extended myself toward my goal, the light and that beautiful voice calling me to her.

I have been running for hours toward the light, but I am not tired, I did not stop, I ran and ran until I felt the pain in my feet. Something is cutting me, I must stop and look, I did not want to stop I want the light, and I want her. I could see in my mind the light waiting for me to give me new life. The pain was too much I stopped, looking down at my feet I saw blood and crystal chards sticking up from the hard land, I have ran past the cultivated fields, the trees, this is the dumping ground for the debris from the construction of the fields, and digging by the workers who built this dome world. These shards must have covered the planet like a large mirror where it accumulated on the surface. Here I am standing in a large field of very sharp glass. I have ran some hundred feet into this glass field. Looking ahead of me, there is some three hundred feet of these shards in front of me, and my light, my destiny and her, and that understanding voice.

Should I stop and walk back or continue toward my new life. I started walking slowly and carefully toward the light, and the calling within my head. I no longer felt the pain in my feet as I continue my walk forward. Ten feet from the light, I realize the light I saw is the reflection on the dome. As I realize my stupidity, the pain returned and it becomes unbearable. I cannot stop or sit down, and these shards are everywhere. I continue the remaining ten feet and looking to my left, there is an opening, a path into the side of the mountain next to the dome. You could not see the path or the opening, because of the brightness of the solar reflection on the dome. As I entered the cave, I removed my backpack, sat down, and cried. Here I am alone no food or water in severe pain, I cannot return the way I came or I will surely die, another misinterpretation of my fate, as I have thought before. I will start using my wants and needs to think with, and not the facts of my fate to see my present and future.

Here I am a large muscular man crying like a baby, a man who has taken lives, who has heard pleads for mercy and I laughed at them. Why am I crying like this, is it because I am not dead, as I have sought these past months? I thought when I was caught, death would be my end, when I entered the tube I thought death was coming for me, each time I prepared myself for my death. I will give up my worship for death and prepare to live, as the Ranger spoke earlier, life is mine to give or live, with that thought I prepared to heal myself and make a home here inside this mountain of glass. The pain is obscuring her voice from me, but I am able to hear her speak to me sometimes when I am quiet.

I notice that just inside the cave a green moss is growing, I remembered that certain moss, mushrooms, grown in dark caves are edible and could heal wounds, and looking at my feet, I will need to make a large amount to cover my injuries. Using several pieces of shard, I scrapped moss from the wall and mixing it with my blood, (I saw no water), to make a paste and spread this mixture on my feet and legs, anywhere there are bleeding cuts. The paste eases my pains, scrapping more moss from the wall I made more of the paste and putting several layer of moss-blood on my wounds, I began to feel better. She is humming to me, singing a sweet song to me as I began to relax. I must find her; I must see her.

Looking deeper inside the cave opening I notice moss is growing like a thick rug on the floor it felt soft, I lay down in the moss and quickly went to sleep. I slept for what seems like days in this soft moss bed. When I awoke I felt rejuvenated, I have not eaten since I entered the Rangers Star craft, they fed us our last earth meal, that was several days ago and I am not hungry. Looking at my feet, the moss is growing around my feet like skin or a bandage covering my wounds and the pain of walking does not hurt as much. I search my mind for her voice, for that song of love, and there is nothing but my memories.

Opening my backpack the items I requested to be with me are books of science, biology, engineering, romance, fighting techniques, books I thought would remove me from my hunger for killing, there are fifty books. They are not the books made of paper, they are electronic books that needed electricity, what a joke, and there are no outlets to plug them for use. Looking closely I notice each book is solar powered, and designed to be used only inside the book, removing the mechanism will destroy the book and the device. The Rangers thought of everything, with this planet being endless day light using these books here is possible.

Two other items in my pack, I did not request, plant seeds, and an oral tablet that explain the planet origin, it displayed a description of a large body of rocks and the dome placed upon it. The sun never set, we have constant light and heat, and plants will grow here, after the planet is prepared for life inside the dome. There is no night or darkness except inside the cave like enclosures. It explains how the idea came to reality the creation of prison planets and Earth World's acts of retribution toward their criminals.

The criminals of Earth World are carried to an orbiting asteroid like planet, and they claim that they give our life back to us, to exist amongst ourselves. Each individual can live independently or in groups, we cannot leave the dome sanctuary. They have to feed themselves, build for themselves and learn to live for themselves. Each individual wears a tag with a mental identification of their actions that placed them here, to notify or alert anyone who may venture into this section of the universe, that we are criminals, do not open the cage.

Earth World wanted to remove all murderers from their planet; this is the purpose for the first prison planet. It worked, so they built other prisons for criminals with lesser crimes, they give each a choice to correct their lives or to a prison planet, for individual like himself or herself. Earth World had compassion, as murderers are separated from other criminals of lesser crimes. To be guilty of murder is the worst crime possible on Earth World, and it requires the maximum punishment possible, exile! No chance to correct your life and become a normal citizen, you are removed, erased from Earth World present and future times.

Before a prison planet can become a prison, land is cultivated for farming, caves are made for living, trees planted, water in lakes created. The domed enclosure, the sun, the air inside creates the moisture on the dome inner surface, this moisture is captured in lake like pools, sometimes it falls like rain. The prisoners can live like humans or animals, a decision they will have to make. Earth World made the decision for us, we are nothing, to salvage their humanity they give us this prison. They will not kill us, the old eye for an eye thing, just leave us and watch us turn into wild animals. I hope they can live with out guilt of what we may become.

I search further inside the cave and found more moss growing but different from the moss close to the cave entrance, maybe because of less sun light. I found water accumulating in small puddles, and I drank the water, as I am in need of water. The water has a taste of mineral and smell citrus like, and it refreshes my mind. I am relaxing more the pain is less, as I begin to think about my next step toward my survival. It has been several days, it is hard to measure time without nights, but I believe I am correct about the length of my stay. I remember the moss I had taken from the wall it has grown back, the water in the small depression on the grown has returned. The accumulating of small drops of moisture takes time, with my use of science and physiology I estimated five to six days, since I wandered inside this cave.

I am only able to see as far as the sun light reflecting in from outside. I can walk short distances, before the pain starts and I have to stop and raise my feet, but during those short walk I have placed large shards of glass rock deeper inside the cave, with the sun light reflecting from shard to shard, I have brought light into the cave. It is a large cavern with maze like rooms, each needing light. I found with these shards I am able to dig and cut, they are very strong and seems unbreakable, by anything I have here.

I have lived here a month, according to my time keeping. I have found several exits from the cave like cavern all leading into the glass shard field. My thoughts return to that first day as we exited the Rangers Star craft, high atop the prison dome. The only clothing is a thin layer of material that covers the body like a skin, there are no shoes, shirts, hats. Nothing that we could use to extend or comfort our existence here. Why, is that a requirement, what could we do to harm others or ourselves, with those simple items. I have tried many times to come to a possible reason why we were clothed like this, during my life on Prison Planet 001.

The cavern is inside a large hill or mountain, I have dug out a higher section within the mountain, creating an opening for the sun light to enter onto my garden, plants grow quickly here, I am able to eat vegetable mixed with the eatable moss. Placing reflective shards above the garden, all areas receives sun light. I move the main shard to give the garden the affect of nighttime, with this method and the usage of moss and mineral water they grow very aggressively. My feet have healed and there is a large scale like growth on them from the constant use of the moss and water. Maybe I will scrape it off later but now they feel like shoes.

I created a time clock and calendar by using what I have within the cave. The planet did not move or rotate on it axis, the planet travel around the solar star once each one hundred years, according to the visual manual placed in my pack, none of the books were dated or had clocks or calendars to determine time, another question to ponder during by stay here.

I remember it was the afternoon of the year 3285009 when I became one of the prisoners on the jet liner with the other prisoners. I do not know how long we travel to this planet, we were completely restrained, no movement not even to turn our heads. Using the Rangers Star craft we were traveling at light speed, our arrival may have taken two weeks, so I calculate it is noon 4145009. Accounting for my healing and work within the cavern, using a large shard attached to a line made from the different mosses braided together, the other end attached to another large shard like rock I made my clock. The rope length is measures in seconds to equal one earth day, in seconds, before I will have to restart the rope. I am sure I can do better, but this is the first time I am using my mind for something other than creating death for my killing lust.


Excerpted from A MIND FILLED WITH POSSIBILITIES by Kermit Henry Copyright © 2010 by Kermit Henry. Excerpted by permission.
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Table of Contents


PRISON PLANET 001....................1
TRUE LOVE IN ALL ITS GREATNESS....................25
SEVEN DAYS....................51
THE DAY THE EARTH SLOWED DOWN....................59
MY FATHER, MY ENEMY,....................65
A SPIRITLESS SOCIETY....................71
THE MANUFACTURED GREED....................77
THE SNAKE WITCH (The lost children return)....................105
MY WISHES -....................121
TREES OF EARTH....................125
HELP TO FIGHT FOREST FIRES....................131
POETIC THOUGHTS....................135

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