A Proper Scandal
A Proper Scandal

A Proper Scandal

by Esther Hatch

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Grace Sinclair has been callously cast out of her home. And though taken in as an orphaned child by the vicar and his wife, her unsurpassed beauty makes it impossible for her to remain in the vicar’s household—with two daughters of their own about to enter Society, the vicar and his wife see Grace as nothing but competition. Thankfully, Grace’s estranged Aunt Bell has agreed to take her in to her home in London. But Grace soon learns her situation has just gotten much worse.

It takes only a moment’s acquaintance for Grace to ascertain that her aunt has married a detestable rake. And Aunt Bell, recognizing the danger of having her lovely niece too near her husband, gives Grace an ultimatum: the young woman has two weeks to find a man to marry, after which she will be turned out. With no experience in the art of attracting a husband, Grace quickly realizes that a worthy suitor might not be so easy to ensnare.

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Publisher: Deseret Book Company
Publication date: 05/01/2019
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A Proper Scandal 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 14 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed how the young couple worked through their trials and triumphed in coming together.
AE2 18 days ago
After being orphaned years before, Grace Sinclair was taken in by the vicar and his wife. Now, as a grown woman, her beauty is making it difficult for the vicar's daughters to find suitors, and so, Grace is sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. She heads to London where she soon finds that her uncle-by-marriage is a horrible person who intends to use Grace for his own purposes. While he makes it clear he wouldn't mind forcing himself on her, he restrains--only because he needs her to wed the son of a man whom he owes money in order to keep himself out of debtors' prison. So, with her virtue intact, she has strict instructions that within two weeks, she must be caught in a compromising situation with Mr. Barton so that he will be forced to marry her. While creating such a scandal is abhorrent to Grace, staying in her uncle's home seems worse, especially when she meets Mr. Barton and finds he might be one man she could actually fall in love with. Nate initially seems determined to stay away from her, but when he starts to soften toward her, Grace wonders if she can actually follow through with tricking him into marriage. This book was so funny and yet heartfelt, too. Grace was really sweet and unconventional (I had just had to laugh at some of her interactions with Nate!)--and woefully bad at creating her needed scandal. I liked seeing how she wore down Nate's resistance just by being herself. I also love Nate and how he's such a gentleman and doesn't take advantage of Grace even when he's given ample opportunities. I found both characters to be well-developed and just loved being able to watch their journey together. If you're looking for a fresh Regency clean romance that will have you laughing, this is your book! I read an ARC provided by the publisher via #NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
SarahM-M 24 days ago
Grace is beautiful and it has caused her nothing but trouble. Her parents both died when she was a teenager and the local vicar and his family took her in. She has earned her keep, participating in the church choir and doing various work around the house. But now that the family's two daughters are of an age to marry, their mother fears that Grace's beauty and dowry are standing in the way of her daughters receiving offers. She is told she must leave, luckily she has an aunt with whom she can stay. They had became estranged after her parents death, as her aunt was not only suffering the grief of losing her sister, but her own husband had recently passed as well. Grace is determined that she will make herself useful and make a home with her aunt and her family, but shortly after arriving in London she learns that this isn't the safest place for her to be. With pressure from all sides, she must try to find the protection of a husband in just two short weeks in order to find herself a safer living arrangement. But to secure not just a proposal, but a marriage in so short a time she will need to try to orchestrate a scandal to trap the young man. Due to circumstances out of her control, she's stuck in some really difficult circumstances. Her options to change her life are slim, essentially she can get a job or get married. Either be beholden to an employer, but earn her own income or be beholden to a huband but mistress of the house. She quickly decides against employment, so she must marry. If she can find the right man though, it can't be so bad right? I really enjoyed this book, it was so sweet and amusing. It's really a fun take on a historical romance, Grace is not the poised society girl in most romances and she's a bit modern too. For a woman named Grace, she sure does awkwardly and ungainly bumble her way through London society. She has spent her entire life in a small town, the last several years at the home of a vicar, she is quite naive, so she's making the best of it that she can. I loved it though, as I'm sure that is just what I would be like if I ever had to brave the intricacies of mingling with the ton. Her being so awkward really endeared her to me. In enters Nate and a long series of awkward but sweet interactions in which one is never sure how how the other feels. And Grace has a knack for being adorable and charming but yet messing up their every interaction all at the same time. He is both confused and intruiged by her. He wants nothing more than to distance himself from her and focus on his railroad company, but she has the tendency to appear in unexpected places. I loved this book, but the last five to ten pages kind of ruined the ending for me just because they were so cheesy and unrealistic, that it detracted from the rest fo the book for me. It almost felt like the ending of a completely different book. Sure there was humor and things being a bit far-fetched earlier in the book, but it was so over-the-top in the last few pages and felt like it was trying too hard to be amusing. Had the final scene on the street not happened the way it did, I would have had absolutely no critiques. I hadn't heard of this author before, but after reading A Proper Scandal, I think I'll have to check out her other book. I would recommend this book to someone who is a ran of clean historical mysteries and is looking to something amusing and light to read. Thank you to Covenant Communications and NetGalley who shared a cop
WishEnd 3 months ago
A PROPER SCANDAL is definitely the proper title for this story. It's full of almost scandals as the heroine tries to have some control over her life and find safety. Romance readers who like their stories heavy on the romance will enjoy this one. Grace was a really fun character. She is sweet, smart, and beautiful, but also quite naive. I had to laugh at some of the dialogue as well as some of the predicaments she gets herself into. The scene with the hat and parasol was probably one of my favorites from the book. Hilarious and swoon worthy at the same time. I loved Nate! He was a fabulous leading man and I loved how he interacted with Grace. Together, they made an entertaining couple. They faced some difficult things and when they did, that's when I felt my emotions engage. There was heartache and distrust, but thank goodness there was a happily-ever-after in the end. Having read this author's last book and most historical romance from this publisher, this story surprised me a little. I wasn't quite expecting it to push the line with the romance so much. It's still clean, but I think because I started it with different expectations, that threw me a little. I also didn't quite buy the urgency and the way things played out for Grace, particularly that her cousin and aunt didn't confide in her more and that she went from a proper young lady to someone who would ask inappropriate questions and push scandal so easily. In the end, was it what I wished for? I enjoyed this. I would have liked more development and not quite so heavy on the romance, but I really liked the characters and it was definitely an entertaining read. Recommended to romance fans. Content: Attempted rape and innuendo. Source: I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.
Mylittlebirdie 5 months ago
Poor Grace! As soon as this story started I felt such sympathy for her and the impossible situation into which she is thrust. After leaving her hometown near Bristol and moving to London, Grace discovers that her new home is full of danger in the form of an uncle with no morals. After being given an impossibly short two weeks to ensnare a husband, Grace is pointed toward Nate Barton, a businessman in the rising railroad industry. Despite her impertinent questions and her social awkwardness, Nate is drawn to Grace against his better judgement. While desperate to find an honorable husband, Grace is still hesitant to let anyone into her heart due to some abandonment issues. How they overcome their unconventional introduction and arrive at their happy ending is both romantic and dramatic! I really enjoyed their unique storyline and circumstances. This book is a fresh take on the marriage of convenience, and I highly recommend it! I received a copy of this book from the author and am under no obligation to provide a positive review. All opinions are my own.
swissgranny 5 months ago
I was immediately captivated by this charming novel by Esther Hatch. The setting in England, the cast of memorable, vividly-drawn characters, and the creative, complex plot of this book drew me right in. Grace and Nathaniel’s story reminded me a little of a comedy of errors. It seems like they were at cross purposes much of the time and victims of misunderstandings. Nathaniel, reluctantly and unwittingly, was drawn into Grace’s necessary scheme of finding a husband quickly. Grace, with little experience at dealing with attractive young men, finds herself in the middle of several misadventures. The relationship between Nate and Grace was delightful and funny. I loved the banter and the humorous ways that Grace tried to capture his interest. The premise of this story is very creative, and it was refreshing to have the hero be a builder of railroads, instead of a titled nobleman. I loved the imaginative story line and Hatch’s clear, well-crafted writing. This novel has a bit of everything—intrigue, history, suspense, romance, and a dash of humor to round things out. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more books by this writer. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
TimelessNovels 5 months ago
I have read The Roses of Feldstone by Esther Hatch and knew I wanted to read her second book, A Proper Scandal, as soon as I heard about it. I went into reading A Proper Scandal with high hopes, and I was not disappointed! I even stayed up until 5am reading it, and then I had to tell myself to stop thinking about the book so I could get some sleep. Grace Sinclair never wanted someone to be interested in her only for her beauty and dowry. She is forced to leave the home she grew up in, and she is taken in by her Aunt and Uncle Bell. Uncle Bell gave off a creepy vibe from the very beginning and only got worse. Grace has to choose between staying with her uncle who wants to take advantage of her or going against her morals by compromising someone into marriage. The meet-cute between Grace and Nate was unusual and adorable. Before she is even properly introduced to Nate, she asks him the most random, inappropriate, and funny questions. Grace has no idea how to attract a man which leads to the most hilarious conversations. I will always think of these two when I have something in my eye. A Proper Scandal is funny, sweet, and romantic and it has a large twist that I never saw coming. I really enjoy Esther Hatch’s writing style. I love her characters; even the side characters are interesting and well developed. Speaking of side characters, I don’t usually like stories where the hero is a rake, but I would love a redeemed rake story for Lord Bryant. He seems like he has a great sense of humor and despite being a rake, I liked his character. He seems to have a good heart underneath it all. I do not know what Esther Hatch’s next story will be about, but I do know that I look forward to reading it.