A Shot of Hope: Real Wisdom from a Real Sibling Warrior Providing Real Hope for Autism

A Shot of Hope: Real Wisdom from a Real Sibling Warrior Providing Real Hope for Autism

by Zack Peter

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“Autism shakes up your world. It has changed my life and I wasn’t even the one diagnosed with it. My brother’s name is Ethan Wolfgang, but we call him Deets. He is one of the greatest gifts my family has ever received. And one of the most challenging.”

So begins Zack Peter’s memoir of his family’s struggle to cope with his brother’s autism. And thus began Peter’s mission to ensure that his brother will one day live an independent life. He candidly describes his attempts to get his family on board with Ethan’s biomedical treatment and his fight against their reluctance. He relates how his life changes when he comes up with the idea of hosting a local fundraisers, which then throws him into the world of activism. He describes how this leads to his becoming a full-time advocate for autism. As everything in his life becomes more and more centered around “the spectrum,” Peter faces the personal struggle of being a voice for the cause while trying to maintain his own identity. Sharing the wisdom he’s learned in a voice that’s equal parts snark and heart, Peter offers a memoir that’s as funny as it is poignant, filled with no-nonsense advice and what he calls “The Hope Rules,” which are designed to help preserve sanity, dignity, and the will to stay strong.

Whether you know someone with autism or not, Zack Peter’s refreshing take on his life as a sibling and activist serves as inspiration to persevere, even when the odds seem impossibly long. It’s everything you need to help keep your head up…like the bottom of your glass.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631440205
Publisher: Carrel Books
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
File size: 3 MB

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 The Game Changer 1

Chapter 2 "Diet" 12

Chapter 3 The Moment 19

Chapter 4 Time for Action 25

Chapter 5 Trolls 34

Chapter 6 Charity Bites 42

Chapter 7 Hope for Recovery? 49

Chapter 8 Florida's a Beach 57

Chapter 9 Catalina Island 65

Chapter 10 Falling Off the Wagon 74

Chapter 11 Holi-daze 85

Chapter 12 The Fight, the Struggle-Now Where's the Triumph? 95

Chapter 13 Insanity Ensues 100

Chapter 14 All in a Day's Work 109

Chapter 15 Progress, At Last! 118

Chapter 16 A More Silver Lining 131

Chapter 17 The Light at the End of the Tunnel 136

Chapter 18 Who Am I? 140

The Hope Rules 147

Inside the Mind of an Autism Sibling 156

Other Little Shots of Hope 164

Dear Deets… 166

Epilogue: Saving Deets 168

Resources 171

Acknowledgments 176

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