A Tryst with Trouble

A Tryst with Trouble

by Alyssa Everett

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A Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett

London, 1820

Lady Barbara Jeffords is certain her little sister didn't murder the footman, no matter how it looks…and no matter what the Marquess of Beningbrough—Ben—might say. She can scarcely help it if his cousin is the only other suspect. In fact, she wants nothing to do with ruggedly handsome Ben; he reminds her of all the insensitive clods who passed her over.

For years Ben has been dogged by painful gossip about his father's rumored homosexuality. His gruff shell hides a passionate nature, and he's also fiercely loyal—which is why he'll never let the clever and beguiling Lady Barbara pin a murder on his cousin.

Sparks fly as the two compete to defend their loved ones. But as strange new clues emerge that neither can decipher alone, they have no choice but to compare notes and sleuth in tandem. A tenuous bond develops that soon faces its toughest challenge when Ben himself becomes a suspect…

90,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781426896378
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 09/23/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 486,299
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About the Author

Alyssa Everett grew up in Florida, where from an early age most of her favorite books had dukes in them. She spent her teen years working in a theme park, doing everything from collecting garbage to captaining an African boat cruise. A Harvard grad, she married her college sweetheart. They live with their three children in Pennsylvania.

Alyssa is a fan of regency history, Halloween, springer spaniels, Zumba and the perfect shoes. Visit her website at http://alyssaeverett.com.

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London, April 1820

"What is he doing here?" Lady Leonard eyed me as if I were a dead mouse the cat had deposited on her settee. If there was anyone less welcome in a drawing room than a prospective son-in-law breaking off an engagement, it was the prospective son-in-law's uninvited and entirely superfluous cousin.

Teddy fidgeted. "Lord Beningbrough is here to lend me moral support," he said, not only making himself sound as if he were still in leading strings but making me look like a gudgeon with no life of my own.

I rather resented the latter point, as I was the only one in this affair who'd shown any sense at all. Hadn't I told Teddy he was making a mistake, asking the Leonard chit to marry him? Why shackle yourself to some feather-brained girl, I'd advised him, when you have years before you need to worry about setting up your nursery and she'll probably play you false anyway? Marriage was one of those unpleasant duties best put off until the last possible moment.

But of course Teddy refused to listen. He was too amiable and trusting by half. Most of my mother's family were like that, if you came right down to it. They had regrettably dreamy, unrealistic notions about life. In Teddy's case it hadn't taken long for my warning to prove true.

He looked earnestly to Lord and Lady Leonard. "I don't want to hurt Helen. I do love her. But I depend on my father for my allowance, and he'd never accept our marriage if she's...she's..."

"She could be carrying some other man's child," I furnished, since I saw no point in mincing words. "You can hardly expect my cousin to marry your daughter if it means forgetting what's due his position. Cliburne here will be the Earl of Daventry someday. It would be a grievous injustice to his family if the title and fortune were to end up in the hands of some nobody's by-blow."

Lord Leonard made a choking sound, and his wife gasped.

Teddy shifted in his chair. "I say, Ben, you needn't put it quite that bald—"

I gave him a quelling look. Really, I didn't know why I let myself be dragged into these personal messes. I'd never asked for anyone's help in my life, yet I was always the first fellow others came to when they found themselves in a fix. It was one of life's little jokes, the way Fate punished a man for keeping his wits about him. But I was three years older than Teddy and had a good deal more experience of the world, so when he asked for my support, how could I turn him down? If you couldn't count on family, you couldn't count on anyone.

Lord Leonard's face had gone an alarming shade of scarlet. "What I don't understand, Cliburne, is what gives you the audacity to imply my little Helen is anything less than pure."

Teddy flushed. "Believe me, it's not an accusation I make lightly. When I first heard she'd been seen with another man, I wanted nothing more than to dismiss it as spiteful gossip."

Lord Leonard's face turned an even deeper red, if there was any shade redder than scarlet. Cinnabar, perhaps? Vermilion? "Who is this other man, and who told you she'd been seen with him?"

Teddy looked down. "I'm not at liberty to say."

"It was your neighbor's footman, and Cliburne here heard the news from his own brother," I answered. "He may be too diplomatic to say so, but I'm not."

"Indeed, Lord Beningbrough," Lady Leonard said faintly. "I doubt anyone has ever accused you of being too diplomatic."

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A Tryst with Trouble 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
entertaining dialogue - good characters
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Sweet romance and thrilling mystery, secrets and scandals. We get all of that and more in A Tryst with Trouble. I absolutely loved this historical romance. It was thrilling, romantic, and full of surprises. I really enjoyed reading this book. It was simply amazing. Barbara was one strong heroine. She was not someone you wanted to mess with. She was clever and formidable and not prone to dramatics. And I really liked her. I thought she was great. There honestly isn't anything else I can say about her other than I thought she was fantastic and likable. So, instead of singing her praises, I'll just move on.  Ben was just as wonderful, though there were a few moments where I wanted to shake him. For the most part, he was a kind, sweet, sensible man. But, sometimes, that sense went down the drain. It wasn't prolific, so it didn't really bother me. It was mostly just how he felt about his dad (why would he listen to some snotrag children instead of his experience with his kind and loving father) and his attempts to push Barbara away when things got very bad (from what you know of Barbara, what made you think she would actually listen). Other than those two, I have no complaints about Ben. He was sweet and devoted to his loved ones, and a wonderful hero. I completely adored his character. The romance was both sweet and spicy. Barbara and Ben were adorable together. Since both of them had such strong wills, there aren't very many people who can match them. But, they definitely their matches in each other. And, the sparks were constantly flying between them. When they ignited, it was, without a doubt, super hot. I really liked this couple. They were lovely together. I want to mention Teddy (Ben's cousin) and Helen (Barbara's sister) since they play such a large role in the story. I loved Teddy. He was so sweet and adorable and utterly lovable. I really liked him and I thought he was just wonderful. On the other hand, Helen was such a little brat. She literally never thought of anyone but herself and cared nothing for anyone's happiness but her own. I wanted to strangle her quite a few times. After having to put up with her throughout the entire book, I respected Barbara even more, for having to strength of will to continue loving her sister even when Helen acted like a she-devil (which was most of the time). The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. The mystery had me on the edge of my seat and I never suspected who it turned out to be. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely. A Tryst with Trouble was a fantastic historical romance. It was a truly enjoyable read and I absolutely loved it! It was thrilling, romantic, and just wonderful. Lovers of romance, you have to read this lovely book. *Thanks to Netgalley and Carina Press for a copy!
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of A Tryst with Trouble by Alyssa Everett from NetGalley I's a story filled with mystery! I liked her characters Ben, a pretentious man and Barbara, a bold and blunt woman. When a murder occurs at the Jeffords family, Ben and Barbara meet but on the wrong foot. They will join forces to try and find the murderer. The story was well written! I preferred Lord of Secrets! I would recommend it to readers who love thrillers and mystery romances!
Apassion4pages More than 1 year ago
It has been a very very very long time since I've enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed Alyssa Everett's debut novel, A Tryst With Trouble. I know most of the books I read and review on here are from the Christian Publishing Market... but last week I was getting to the point of frustration at not being able to find a book WORTH reading. There are TONS of books out there--but I wanted to read something I would LOVE. This is the very reason I thought I didn't like to read until I accidentally stumbled upon Daphne DuMaurier's Rebecca in my high school's lending library at the age of fifteen. Up until that day, I didn't know there were books out there which I would actually ENJOY reading! Well, anyway, on a regular basis I find myself searching high and low for my next captivating read... and more often than not, I become disappointed by only delving into so many "just good enough" novels. So I turned to my NetGalley account... in hopes of finding something to abate this desire to be caught up in another world. And I'm so glad I did. Gathering that it wasn't an "inspirational" book, I did look it up on Goodreads first to see what was being said about it. Almost everyone who'd read and reviewed it already had it listed as a 5 star novel... "even though it didn't have a sex scene." Well, that last bit was what made me really want to read it. A secular novel getting 5 star reviews without having sex scenes littering the pages? Sounded like something I might like. A Tryst With Trouble was nearly perfect and had me bursting out with laughter at times. The author's voice and writing is exceptional... I could read it all day long without ever growing bored. Having a story written from the first person point of view of both the hero and heroine isn't something I see a lot of, but whenever I do see it, I love it. The ONLY thing that I would have changed about this book was one "rated R" scene (though I must add that it was NOT a sex scene, only... ALMOST one). And once I was through with the novel, I realized it was actually a fundamental part of the plot near the end of the novel. The hero and heroine both felt guilty for their actions afterwards, and strived to do what was best for the other person. Overall it was a rather clean read if you love regency romance/suspense/humor. Even with that one quite racy scene (as well as a few others which were only borderline) I cannot help but give A Tryst With Trouble 5 stars. I read this as an advance reader ebook from NetGalley and hardly saw a thing wrong with it. And that says a lot since I'm a fellow writer, exceptionally tough critic, and an editor (of words, story and plot) at heart. I already have A Tryst With Trouble pre-ordered at Barnes and Noble because I know this is going to be one of those books I will always be able to turn to when I can find nothing else worth reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago