A Weelad's Journey: The Village of the Mushroom People, the Lake of the Blue Stones and the Great Oak Donai

A Weelad's Journey: The Village of the Mushroom People, the Lake of the Blue Stones and the Great Oak Donai

by K. Kinsey


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In this third book, the journey continues! Come along as our two travelers journey to the western area of the Old Forest. Travel with them as they visit the Valley of the Mushroom People, forgers of the bells; then to the Lake of the Blue Stones, home to an eel named Atar; further west to meet the youngest of the Great Oaks in the Old Forest, Donai and then a trip to the Wonscap Mountains to meet an elder, an Earlofay. But do they meet him?
Come along as they meet the villagers that call this area of the Old Forest home. It's another journey you will not want to miss!

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ISBN-13: 9781468540192
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 01/27/2012
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

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A Weelad's Journey

The Village of the Mushroom People, the Lake of the Blue Stones and the Great Oak Donai
By K Kinsey


Copyright © 2012 K Kinsey
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-4019-2

Chapter One

A few weeks had gone by and the two travelers had spent the last few nights with Luta and his family in the Valley of the Tree People learning how to read the stars and talking of their journey to the Great Caves. They were amazed at all the bells they had found in the caves. One could hear them all through the southern part of the Old Forest and some will tell you the trees were making them chime more so than any breeze that might be coming through the forest. They had missed the bells and thanks to their little friend, most of the bells had been returned to the forest. Now there were still more bells to be found and they would find the rest of them for there were several more caves to explore. But this night found them watching the stars with Luta for they were now beginning to understand why this took years to learn. Luta had taught them to pick out a star and watch it for awhile. It seemed every time they did this though, the star suddenly disappeared but Luta would always tell them the star was still there for it had moved over a little as it knew someone was watching it. "This star has a sense of humor but don't give up because some of them enjoy being watched. You may want to pick a star that is not so bright. The young ones tend to be a little shy but the older ones are long past that and enjoy the company. You will learn how to read them much quicker if you start with an older star. This is the way Hugo taught me to read them. I am curious why he did not tell you about his ability to read the stars though. If you see him again, make sure you ask him about this," he told Beetelybug. "Oh don't you worry about that Luta. We have many questions to ask Hugo as it appears he left a lot of things out that we would have liked to have known about. All those days we spent visiting with him and he never once mentioned he had brothers or that he could read the stars," Beetelybug replied.

Now Mr. Higgles had picked out a small star in the eastern part of the sky and after watching this very star for a few weeks, reading a star appeared to be something he was going to pick up rather quickly. But this was no surprise to Luta for he knew this little Weelad was very special. For because he had been able to speak with the Tree People so soon after meeting them, Luta felt he would be reading the stars as quickly as his brother Hugo did when he was so young. He always felt Hugo was meant to be in the forest reading the stars as he had read them most of his life. He knew when one was missing, he knew when a new one appeared and he listened to them night after night because sometimes listening, more than reading, is the best way to get to know them. Now Luta had been listening to Mr. Higgles tell of his readings and though he was off a little, most of what he was saying was correct, in a way. Some of the stars were playing with him too, something he had grown to love about the stars. Even in the weeks he had been watching them, he still was not quite sure what they were saying to him. But he had made an amazing start to reading the stars. And with him being so young, he would be reading them for a long time for the heavens are always full of stars and the Old Forest was a great place to see them at their very best. And though the southern area had the best view of the stars, there would be other areas of the forest they would be able to see them. And though not all the villagers read the stars, most of them, especially the younger ones, did like to watch them. But he would meet the Tree Talkers and learn many new things from them for they are kin to the Tree People and they spend hours listening and watching the stars too.

Beetelybug found he was even amazed by listening to his little friend read the stars. Now Beetelybug had not quite found a star to watch for all of his seemed to move on him but he was happy just listening to Mr. Higgles for he was really learning how to read the stars and this truly amazed him that he had learned so much so quickly. But then again, Mr. Higgles made the most of any new adventure so he knew it was just a matter of time before he learned how to read the stars. Now Ofian had been close by but remained silent during his time with Luta. She knew when he wanted to be flown around, he would let her know. And he had made a promise to her that she could fly him around each day for this was something she looked forward to, almost as much as he did. She had learned to fly him way up high too, something Kalin had taught her to do. And though this took her a few days to learn, Kalin took pleasure in teaching her how to overcome her fear of flying so high. After all, fairies do fly! Kalin had found out he was becoming a happier fairy too. Could Mr. Higgles be rubbing off on all those he met in the forest? The fairies will tell you they were glad they had met him for no other Weelad had ever made them so happy. And it wasn't just the fairies that were happy because the entire forest was a much better place since Mr. Higgles walked into it. Just ask any of the trees!

Galik flew over wondering if his friend had given any thought to the journey for it appeared they had settled in quite nicely with the Tree People. Beetelybug replied "yes, my friend, I have. I think we will be leaving in a few more days. Though Mr. Higgles is having a great time here, he knows the rest of the Old Forest is waiting to be seen and he is anxious to see the western area for we have decided we would journey there next. Can you tell me if this area is as great as the southern area and can you tell me who calls it home?" But before Galik could answer, Luta asked Galik if he could tell them of the western area. "Luta, I would love for you to," Galik replied and then asked "mind if I listen in?" Mr. Higgles quickly got the journal out for this certainly needed to be added to the journal. He dated the page and gave Luta a big happy hoot and with that, Luta began. Now Galik was only too glad to listen in while Luta told his friends of the western area for seldom did he get to listen to tales of the Old Forest. He enjoyed listening to others tell of the forest, a forest that had been Galik's home for many years. Kalin and Tinn decided they would listen in as well, for they also knew of the western area though it had been awhile since they had been there to visit their friends. And so, with the fairies and our two travelers listening, Luta began to tell them of the western area. Now Mr. Higgles was always excited to hear about the Old Forest and this area of the forest would indeed be a great adventure for them for the western area of the forest was much larger than the southern area, with more valleys, more caves and it was home to the Mushroom People, a village they would both come to love. And this journey would truly be one that would not ever be forgotten!

"The western area of the Old Forest is a very special place and I know you will enjoy your visit there. There are many that call this area home and when you visit it, you will come to find out why. And though it is not like the southern area, you will, I know, enjoy it for it is a place of great beauty and is much older than the southern area. Now it has been awhile since I last visited this area, but I will tell you what I know of it and if Galik or his brothers know anything more, they will let you know, either now or on your journey. Like the southern area, there are several villages and lakes in this area of the forest. The first village you will come to is the Village of the Mushroom People. Actually, this village is not too far from the one you once called home. They are a very unique people in every way and I know you will learn many new things from them. They are a small and very old race of people, more creature than people, but they prefer to be called people, so please remember that for they truly look like creatures. Try not to stare at them too long either for they are not like any creature, I mean people, that you have ever seen. They changed the name of their village years ago as they were once called Forest People. I am not sure why they changed it. I thought the name Forest People suited them much better than the one they changed it to. But then the name Mushroom People does seem to fit them. They are farmers in that they grow their own food. They also share their food with the surrounding villages but mostly, all that is grown is for their village. Their village is located in a valley that came about from one of the smaller mountains giving way. It is more a mountain hollow than a valley but you will enjoy spending time there for it is greener than any valley in the Old Forest. This valley is below ground and has huge rocks lining the western side of it. It will remind you of the Village of the Womalads. The villagers will welcome you with open arms and you will be invited to stay as long as you want. You may want to consider spending some time with them for they will teach you many things. They forge all the tools they use for farming and by that I mean they work with the various minerals they get from the Wonscap Mountains for they are miners and have been for many years. They have an elder, as most villages do, but he is an elder you will enjoy visiting with. Natar is his name. I have known him for as long as I can remember. He reminds me of Feur in many ways. He will teach you how to grow things, how to forge what you need and will show you how they mine what they need from the mountains. At night they visit with each other after they have called an end to their day for their days are long and hard. There are a few trees in this village, but not too many as they do not live in the trees. They have made little shelters, they call them huts, for their families and I must say they are quite interesting. I know you will enjoy your visit with them for they are a warm people and one you will come to admire for their hard work. Mr. Higgles, am I going too fast for you?" Luta asked.

Mr. Higgles thanked Luta for the break, but told him he was doing fine. Then Luta asked "I am curious. Is Mr. Higgles your real name?" "No, but as no one was able to pronounce my real name, they started calling me Mr. Higgles and I have grown to like it. My real name is Misiahagels," he replied. "Would it be alright with you if I call you Misia or would you prefer I continue calling you Mr. Higgles?" Luta asked. "Misia is fine with me, though I may not know you are calling for me as I have been called Mr. Higgles for so long now," he replied. And thus our little traveler would come to have another name this night, at least around Luta. Now Beetelybug had no plans of ever calling him anything but Mr. Higgles for he felt this name suited his little traveling friend. With this small break over, Luta continued telling them about the western area of the Old Forest for it was another great area and it truly was one they would enjoy visiting. As they would come to find out, each area of the Old Forest had many things to offer a traveler and with each visit, he would come to understand why his father traveled so often and he would also find out there were several villagers in the Old Forest that knew his father and his uncle, a father and uncle he did not know very well, but would come to be very proud of both of them in the days to come.

"When the Old Ones created the Old Forest, the center of the forest was created first which was followed by the northern area, then the western area, though there were already a few villagers that called this area home. But as this area came under attack by the trolls so often, most of them moved away but I understand more and more are moving back to it. And when more and more villagers started to call this area home again, the Old Ones decided to plant a Great Oak to watch over the area. A Great Oak named Donai. And though she is the youngest of the great trees, she is very wise to the ways of the forest and has stood as the guardian to the western area for many years. The eastern area was then created followed by the southern area, which was the last to be created, and some will tell you it is by far the most beautiful part of the forest. Now I am sure you know Napinka watches over the center of the forest, the Old Ones watch the north, Donai the western area, Banira the east and Sorela the south. There is a Great Oak in the northern area and from her all the other Great Oaks were planted. I have never seen this one but I imagine it is quite a tree to see. I am not sure if she is home to any of the creatures that call that part of the forest home. Napinka has the fairies, Sorela has the moonworms and airyshoots, I am not too sure about Donai or Banira. But when you visit each of these Great Oaks, I am sure you will find out everything you want to know. When you visit the northern area, you will meet the Old Ones and I am sure they will tell you all about the Old Forest."

Galik flew over and wanted to know if they were excited to journey to the western area for there were new villages to see and new friends to be made. And he knew they had never seen a hut, but they would find sleeping in one could be quite enjoyable for the western area was much cooler than the southern area and they would welcome the shelter on those cool nights. And though they would not be able to see the stars as clearly as they had seen them in the southern area, they would be able to see them some of the nights. Natar and his people would keep them so busy learning how to grow food and forging the bells that falling asleep would be easy enough without needing to watch the stars to fall asleep!

As Beetelybug and Mr. Higgles had no questions, Luta continued on with his story. "From time to time, Raoul visits this area, but as it is cooler than the area around the Lake of the Fairies, he never stays too long. The Mushroom People have a very special creature that helps them get around as fairies do not fly to this area of the forest too often. They mine from the nearby mountains and as they are so small, they decided to call on a very young mountain dragon named Rael, though I understand he would prefer to be called Dragon. He is cared for by Adok, the troll, but I have no idea how the two of them became friends so you may want to ask Adok this when you meet him. Seems an odd friendship, a troll and a dragon, but then again, I guess this is not such a strange one now that I think about it. Rael, like Adok, is watched over by the Old Ones, of which I do hope you get to meet. When the Mushroom People need to get to the mountains, they call for him. There is a special bell they forged to call him out of the mountains and I understand this bell has a sound all its own so make sure you ask Natar about it. He is a small dragon, not like the ones you always hear about, but one that has proven himself most useful to that area of the forest. Do you have any questions before I continue?" Luta asked.

With no questions, he continued. "There is a huge lake just up the path, the Lake of the Blue Stones, though some call it the Lake of the Eels. It is at the foot of a very old mountain. There is a creature that calls this lake home, an eel called Atar. Quite harmless and as he usually stays at the bottom of the lake, he is seldom seen by travelers. He is a very old eel and though he can understand what you are saying to him, he seldom speaks to those he does not know. There are blue stones all around this lake, some say they came from the mountains, some say the Old Ones placed them there and others say Adok put them there for Atar. He can tell you more about them should you make a friend of him. But mind you, seldom has anyone seen him let alone made a friend of him. There is a waterfall at the northern end of this lake as well and stories tell of a tunnel behind the waterfall that was made and used by the trolls. Further up the path you will go through some of the smaller mountains for the path is actually cut through a huge stone. You will enjoy walking down this path. It then winds around and the path will split, one will take you to Donai, the other will take you to a very small village of Womalads. They have not been there very long and I am not too sure Feur even knows about the village. Now I am not too sure they are even still there but one of the stars was telling me about this one night so let me know if there is truly a village there. I will make sure I thank this star for telling me about the Womalads moving to this part of the forest. To the north of their village you will find the Village of the Nagohs.


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