A Wretch Like Me: A Modern Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace

A Wretch Like Me: A Modern Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace

by Major
A Wretch Like Me: A Modern Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace

A Wretch Like Me: A Modern Day Mary Magdalene Saved by Grace

by Major


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A Wretch Like Me is a bold, provocative, and raw memoir. It's also paving the way for others to be set free.

I couldn't imagine in a million years, that I would ever have the courage to face telling the world about this one ugly, vile secret I figured I'd die with. The truth of who and what I had been, how it happened, and the grace that saved me on the day my life imploded.

An anonymous packet was sent to business leaders throughout my community and surrounding thirteen-county area in 2006. As a business owner, I had made it a point to become well-known. When the president of one of the local chambers of commerce called me and I saw the packet for the first time, I literally couldn't breathe.

I was shell-shocked and utterly shattered. I wanted to die. No words could explain away or erase what had been written. I couldn't see any possible way to live with the guilt and shame of being "outed" as a prostitute.

If you've ever been tormented in a silent prison of shame over something you've done, haunted by a secret from your past, thought you were too broken, too bad, or too disgusting to be forgiven - you're not alone.

You haven't been forgotten or abandoned. You're loved more than you could ever imagine, and above all, you're NEVER too far gone for grace.

How would I know? Because grace saved a wretch like me.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9798218187095
Publisher: Miracles Manifested, LLC
Publication date: 04/17/2023
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 174
File size: 2 MB

Table of Contents


  • Prologue (13)   
  • Chapter One/Born of Shame (15)                        
  • Chapter Two/Fractured Fairy Tale (21) 
  • Chapter Three/Long Road Home (27)
  • Chapter Four/The Trap (33)
  • Chapter Five/Blurred Vision (39)
  • Chapter Six/Dancing with the Devil (45)
  • Chapter Seven/At What Cost (49)
  • Chapter Eight/Bought and Paid For (55)
  • Chapter Nine/Seduction of Madness (63)
  • Chapter Ten/Twisted Proposal (69)
  • Chapter Eleven/Chasing Chaos (77)
  • Chapter Twelve/The Arsonist (83)
  • Chapter Thirteen/Closing the Mouths (89)
  • Chapter Fourteen/Unmerited Favor (95)
  • Chapter Fifteen/Born Again (101)
  • Chapter Sixteen/Building Blocks (107)
  • Chapter Seventeen/Beauty from Ashes (113)
  • Chapter Eighteen/Spiritual Warfare (123)
  • Chapter Nineteen/The Enemy Within (129)
  • Chapter Twenty/Shift in Perspective (139)
  • Chapter Twenty One/Count It All Joy (145)
  • Chapter Twenty-Two/All in Due Time (151)

  • God's Promises for Rescuing A Wretch Like Me (160)
  • Book Club Reflections (163)
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