by Eireann Corrigan

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Would you fake your own kidnapping to get into a good school? Finn and Chloe have it all figured out. Their school guidance counselor has told everyone that it's not enough to get good grades or do community service anymore - kids like that are everywhere, and colleges are bored of them. So what do you do? Chloe decides they should get attention another way. She and Finn will stage her own disappearance - and then Finn will be the only who finds and saves her. What college wouldn't want them after that kind of attention? It seems like a good plan -- until things start going very wrong.

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ISBN-13: 9780545282949
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 08/01/2010
Sold by: Scholastic, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
File size: 343 KB
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

Eireann Corrigan is the author of the poetry memoir You Remind Me of You, and the novels Splintering, Ordinary Ghosts, and Accomplice, which Publishers Weekly called "haunting and provocative" in a starred review. She lives in New Jersey.

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Accomplice 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Tiger_Holland More than 1 year ago
Finn and Chloe are girls with bright futures, but no matter how excellent their grades are or how many community service projects they do, they know they'll never be able to attend an Ivy League school. So what can they do to make themselves stand out to the admissions committees? Fake Chloe's abduction, then have Finn rescue her, of course. Well, it's actually a very clever plan in a lot of ways. Capitalizing on personal tragedy and media coverage is basically guaranteed to get them the results they want, but there were a lot of little flaws in the plan. Such as the fact that Chloe's family thinks she's dead and they're mourning for her. And Dean, Chloe's almost-boyfriend, is hauled in as a suspect in her disappearance. And the whole town of Colt River has been turned upside down, and a lot of money is being spent looking for Chloe. Finn starts to feel incredibly guilty and begs Chloe to end the plan, but Chloe stubbornly holds out. I was proud of Finn for realizing that everybody had to pay for their charade. I kept wondering how on earth the girls could not know ahead of time that this plan was going to hurt a lot of people on a number of levels, but then I realized it was actually very realistic--when somebody's caught up in the rush of a big, personally beneficial scheme, they seldom stop to think how it'll affect others. Finn also realizes that even if everything works just like they hope, they have to keep up a pretense for the rest of their lives. I wish Finn's narrative voice had sounded older. Both Finn and Chloe felt younger to me, more like twelve or so, and it wasn't that the were immature, it's just that for girls who are 16 years old, they seemed to have a very simple, innocent approach to life. Like the way they approached getting to know Dean: instead of texting, Facebooking, or dropping him hints, Chloe develops her interest in him by leaving him notes full of confetti and cute stickers, posted on the school message board. Originally, the notes weren't even intended romantically--the girls just wanted him to feel appreciated, so he would come out of his shell. For me, Dean was actually my favorite part of the book. He's a sweet guy with a serious speech impediment, who doesn't deserve all the trouble that comes his way. I was glad when Finn made more of a connection with him. Accomplice did bring out my emotions--I spent almost the whole novel with frown lines, because I was so worried!The ending is interesting, and not what I was expecting. It's a good study in psychology, in self vs. others.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Best friends Chloe and Finn have a secret. They have developed a plan to attract prospective colleges with a bogus kidnapping. But when the plan spirals out of control, will the girls be able to stick to their story, or will their bizarre scheme be exposed? Captivatingly powerful, Eireann Corrigan's latest novel is a thrilling ride from beginning to end. Her unique characters have you entertained from page one and continue to surprise you throughout the entire story. Corrigan takes the classic white lie tale to the next level with ACCOMPLICE, and her cliffhanger ending will leave you longing for more.
NCIS_gal19 More than 1 year ago
Accomplice is a book about two best friends, Finn and Chloe, who fake Chloe's own kidnapping. They must try their best to hide everything they know from their family, friends, and most important, the press. Throughout their ploy, their friendship becomes shaky and each one of them must make sacrifices for the other. Accomplice is an exciting and captivating, mysterious adventure and readers will really connect and feel for the characters. I would recommend it to any teenager or young adult because everyone likes a good mystery. I give this book 5 stars. Happy Reading :)
Dorothea Boerrigter More than 1 year ago
I actually have the real book at home and finished it. Don't listen to that other person. Maybe they did't like it because they never paid quite a lot of attetion to the important details. I guarantee you'll simmply adore this book the way I did. The plot may be unrealistic, but it'll keep you on your toes for sure!!!
thehidingspot on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I find it almost scary that I identify with Eireann Corrigan's ACCOMPLICE. I understand Chloe and Finn's fear that, no matter how hard they work, they still won't be good enough for their dream colleges. I think most prospective college students stress about that. But most kids, myself included, would not go to the extremes the main characters do. Still, I found myself thinking 'what if?' Having only read Corrigan's poetry memoir previous to ACCOMPLICE, I had no idea what to expect from the novel. The story progressed slowly, which some may dislike, but, for me, it was positive characteristic that further illustrated the narrator's POV. The narrator, Finn, is the half of the duo that must lie to her friends and family about Chloe's whereabouts and I can only imagine that, while Chloe was in hiding, time would have seemed to move at a glacial pace.While the plot of this novel is, for the most part, straight forward, Corrigan did incorporate a few twists that kept me interested. I would have been disappointed if the summary had revealed the entire plot. Overall, ACCOMPLICE is an interesting novel that may appeal to fans of psychological thrillers minus the thrill aspect. I can't really say I'd describe this novel as exciting...
ShellyPYA on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Chloe and Finn are worried that their grades and extracurricular activities are not enough to make them stand out when applying to colleges, so they concoct a plan; Chloe will "pretend" to get kidnapped, hide out in Finn's grandmother's basement, and a couple weeks later Finn will miraculously find her staggering through the woods. National news attention should make them stand out from the crowd. But Finn does not anticipate how hard it's going to be for her to lie to everyone, especially Chloe's parents, who assume as more time passes that she's dead. And Finn especially doesn't anticipate a boy Chloe liked being accused of the crime. Can they manage to fix things while still going through with the plan?
dste on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When I picked up this book, I knew from the description inside the cover that this was going to be one of those books that tends to get me more and more frustrated with the main character as the book goes on, but I found the premise to be intriguing. I did end up being frustrated with the main character, but I found myself getting more angry at her friend than anything else. I don't understand the character motivation there, and I really didn't like the ending. I also found it difficult to get a handle on how these two friends interacted normally, before the events of the book began, which made it difficult for me to believe that they were really that close. Overall, I just wasn't thrilled with it. Interesting plot, like I said, but I just couldn't relate to the characters or even really understand why they were doing what they were, and that always bites into my enjoyment of a book.
IceyBooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I loved the sound of Accomplice, and I was really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy. I thought I would love it -- I was completely wrong. I didn't read it in one sitting, as some of you may have noticed, its been on my "currently reading" section for about a week now. Books don't usually disappoint me and you've probably noticed most of my reviews are 4 or 5 stars. This one did. Accomplice started out and ended out pretty much the same - boring. I expected something to go "very wrong", just like the summary says. I kept reading and reading and waiting for something to happen, but nothing extreme happened. The main character, Finn (who, from the summary, I suspected to be male, but is actually a girl), narrates the story. Her best friend, Chloe, convinces her to stage her disappearance. Finn goes with the plan, and while Chloe hides in Finn's grandmother's (who's on vacation) basement, Finn has to act like her best friend is missing and maybe even dead. Instead of reaching a climax, the whole story pretty much goes on like that, with someone being arrested on false accounts. The story would have been more interesting if the characters and the incidents had more, I don't know... substance, to it. I would have rated it two stars, but the summary was really good, so I gave it a three. I think the author could have put a little more to it, and maybe had a more extreme incident happen. The cover is pretty nice too, I don't really like those covers with a model on it ;).
mcelhra on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Finn and her best friend Chloe are high school juniors. When the guidance counselor stresses that good grades are not enough to get into a good college, Chloe and Finn decide they need to come up with a way to stand out. They decide to stage Chloe's disappearance - figuring that when Finn is the one to find her when she comes home after being "kidnapped", they will both be so famous that any college will want them. In typical adolescent fashion, they neglected to take into account how their plan would affect the other people in their lives and town.Finn is the narrator of this book and the author did a fantastic job of giving her an authentic teenage voice. Finn's relationship with Chloe is complicated. Chloe is the pretty one, the charming one. It's only after their plan is set into motion that Finn begins to see Chloe's true colors.This was a quick read and full of suspense and surprises. I read most of it with a knot in my stomach, knowing that no good could come of the girls' hare-brained plan. The plot is timely too - there are so many people today who think that getting on TV will solve all their problems. (Balloon-boy anyone?) Teenagers will enjoy this book but I think most adults will enjoy this book as well, remembering their naive teenage years when they thought the world revolved around them (that wasn't just me, was it?).
khager on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Chloe and Finn are in high school and attend one of those getting into college seminars. They've got good grades and plenty of extracurricular activities, but turns out that may not be good enough.So they develop a plan. They're going to fake Chloe's disappearance (and presumed abduction). After a few days, Finn's going to miraculously "find" her and then they will have the best college essays EVER.But they didn't think of a couple things. They didn't think about how Chloe's family will implode or how her boyfriend Dean will be suspected of kidnapping and/or killing her. And they didn't think about how hard it will be for Finn to lie to her parents or to Chloe's.I really enjoyed this book. While reading it, I couldn't wait to find out if they'd "get away with it" or if Finn would crack and tell. I wanted to know what would happen after Chloe was "found" and if the police would buy their story.Really fun read, but probably not the best way to get into college. :)
SheilaCornelisse on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Friends from early childhood, Finn and Chloe are popular and successful highschool students , but are good grades and community work enough to get them into the universities of their choice. Hoping to take advantage of the hype over a recent abduction and return of a young girl and ultimately gain recognition for themselves as victims and heroes, the girls stage Chloe's disappearance. However, as things become more complicated, Finn begins to have second thoughts. A good girls gone rogue tale, this story clearly shows how quickly "innocent" plots can get out of hand, and how stressful situations came affect one's psychi. Recommended read for senior elementary or highschool.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eireann Corrigan, author of “Accomplice”, was born and raised in New Jersey. Corrigan had a passion for poetry since she was little. Her latest book “Accomplice” is about two High School girls named Finn and Chloe. Finn and Chloe have good grades and perfect attendance, but their advisor says, “Good grades and attendance aren't enough to satisfy college entrance requirements anymore”. Now they have to think outside of the box if they want to get into a good college. Chloe and Finn stage Chloe’s disappearance in order to get media attention. Then, Fin is going to find her and look like a hero. This plan only goes downhill from here. In an abduction case there has to be a victim, and police suspect that it might be Shy Dean, Chloes Ex-boyfriend. After news arrose about this Dean is harassed and forced to drop out of school. When Chloe returns home after an intense 11 days, Finn attempts to tell the police she rescued her. After the police take it, the girls began to grow further apart. Chloe ends up going to Vassar where she claimed she was meant to be and as for Finn, she just ends up going to a community college. The characters were credible, this is a story that could happen in real life and the lines of the characters were so believable. There were some more minor character that didn’t play a big role in the overall theme of the story, but my favorite character was Finn. Finn was my favorite because I almost felt bad for her at the end, she goes to all this trouble to “save” her friend in the attention of the media, in hopes to go to a great college and the she just ends up going to a community college. Chloe and Finn both destroyed the future of Dean, by getting him dropped out of his own school. Dean also has child abduction put on his criminal record, which can’t look good for his future college chances. I think that the book was very coherent, everything added up very nicely and nothing seemed thrown in. This plot is realistic, because someone could fake an abduction to get the attention of the media and colleges, especially in this time period. My favorite quote from the book was on page 3, and it read, “You don’t even know what a plan is. Because we have a plan. We have a much better, more detailed plan.” This wouldn’t be as amusing to someone at first because they don’t know what's going to end up happening. They suppose they have a plan but in reality they have a plan that is bound to fail. Another quote that I found eary was on page 17 reading, “You’re never really safe.” This just made me have a weird feeling that something bad was going to happen in the story, and something bad ended up happening to Dean. The author had an amazing writing style, the suspense made me want to read forever. I would classify her book as mystery. This book is probably best if read by 8th graders and up. This books overall theme dealt with friendship. I say this because they each put effort into getting the attention of the media and they used friendship to work together to plan this fake abduction. Sure, they may not have succeeded, but they got through it together. I would highly recommend this book to mystery fanatics, because it was a good, enthralling mystery book. Always remember, “you’re never really safe.”
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hey guys i think every one should read this book its amazing twisting and un predictable im not jking in dead serious like low key a girl from oakcliff you would think would want to be outside all ghettovfabulouse but tht not me i changed i used to be that girl but i had a chang of heart
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was horrible! Is not that the author was bad, i bet that her work is good and the idea is pretty unigue but nothhing happened, really NOTHING happened. I couldn't wait to finish it. There was probably one part of the book that was ok, the ending wasn't what i expected and i was mad because it FINALLY got alittle better at the end. The book was very slow for my tasting and i wished that mroe happened that made it intresting. It was like boohoo me and boohoo you, really?! The main character Finn was horrible, i hated her and the best friend Chloe was so bad i wanted to put dowm the book right away. i kept thinking that the characters were younger and not almost graduating. Expecially Chloes brother, i kept thinking hes like 10, not even, younger maybe. The characters just confused me. I only kept reading it because i hoped and wanted it to get better, which btw doesnt happen until like the last chapter. I didnt like the ending, yes i did like how the author ended it but it just made me hate the book even more. If your looking for an exciting, adventurous, on the edge of your seat kind of book, i dont think this is it. I would rather rent it then buy it because if you dont like it, its a waste of your money. Good luck if you dont like it.
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