Adventures in Online Dating

Adventures in Online Dating

by Julie Particka

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ISBN-13: 9781640636729
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 11/12/2018
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 214
Sales rank: 215,843
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Julie Particka was told to get serious about her future in Junior High. Several years after getting a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she realized being serious was overrated and went back to her first love—writing. Now rather than spending her days in the drudgery of the lab or teaching science to high school students, she disappears into worlds of her own creation where monsters sometimes roam, but true love still conquers all. She can most often be located in the Detroit area with her favorite minions (the ones who know her as Mom) where she is currently hatching a plot for world domination. It involves cookies for everyone, so she’s pretty sure there’s no way it can fail…except the minions keep eating the cookies.

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Adventures in Online Dating 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Wait-What 3 days ago
I found this book to be a refreshing change of pace from most of the romances I read. I love the fact that Alexa is over 40 and I love the fact that Marshall was a little younger. It was also refreshing that Alexa was not just consumed with bitterness about her ex-husband's wandering spirit and less that constant presence in their children's' lives. I look forward to reading more books from Julie Particka. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and feelings are my own.
MoniqueD 9 days ago
Alexa has decided that her three sons need a male influence, and opts for online dating, which does not prove ideal. Marshall, the hot barista, is rather entertained by her endeavour but he wishes she would think of him. Alas, Alexa made it clear that at 32, he’s ten years older than her, and not on her radar, even though her hormones negate her assertions. The premise was pure catnip for me, and after reading an excerpt, I knew I needed that book, and ADVENTURES IN ONLINE DATING did not disappoint! Alexa and Marshall are delightful characters, as are Alexa’s sons – all very well defined and genuine. Alexa’s stubbornness to see Marshall as a potential mate grated a bit, but I understood her hesitation. He does act like an overgrown boy sometimes, but then again she is extremely serious and honestly needs someone like him in his life. What a relief to have a hero who is a good guy, and who is handsome and sexy; this is the proof that you don’t need a bad boy for a good romance. I also liked the fact that Alexa’s ex is not the devil incarnate, and I do wish more authors took that road with writing heroines; it’s a nice change. I very much appreciated that Marshall understood her concerns without being demanding, even though it was hurting him that Alexa kept pushing him away because she it didn’t fit with her agenda. Alexa is a numbers person, she’s an actuary, and romance and attraction baffle her logical mind. Julie Particka possesses a lovely flowing writing style, and I loved how each character had a distinctive voice in the dialogues. Peyton, Alexa’s friend, is entirely different from Alexa and it shows in their conversations. I loved how the romance progressed, even with Alexa’s indecision, but I honestly couldn’t understand how they could stand their short trysts! Which made me like Marshall even more, because he was so different from those male protagonists I dislike so much. I enjoyed ADVENTURES IN ONLINE DATING very much, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Ms. Particka’s novels because I was seriously impressed with her way of writing a convincing romance that really appealed to me
beckymmoe 15 days ago
Loved! The title is a bit misleading, though--Alexa spends only about a hot minute--or maybe twenty hot minutes--actually trying her online dating plan. (Okay, it's longer than that. But Ms. Particka doesn't spend too much time dwelling on the details of that disaster, and rightly so, before focusing on the growing relationship-like thing between Alexa and Marshall.) It is the catalyst that gets Alexa and Marshall together, though, so there is that--but if you're looking for a blow-by-blow description of failed internet dates, that's not here. And you won't miss it. The few dates we get details of are enough...I'm still cringing. (Apparently, online dating is not for the faint of heart. Which explains why I've never gone through with it.) Ms. Particka did a great job of showing why Alexa didn't think she and Marshall would work--not just the age difference, but her other reasons seemed fairly valid too--and even though I really, really wanted them to be together (and not just because we saw Marshall's POV, but that had a lot to do with it) it did almost feel as if everything was resolved pretty quickly and easily at the end. Again, not really complaining--I wanted them together, but kinda also wanted Alexa to suffer/sacrifice a bit more than it seemed like she did. I know, I'm cruel. But I can't help but think Marshall deserved it... But that epilogue? Gave me all the feels. OMG, absolutely loved. I hope Ms. Particka writes more for this line! Rating: 4 stars / A I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Lori-Gonzo 23 days ago
What a cute story! I loved Alexa and all her neuroses. She would blurt out whatever popped in her head, had numbers and statistics coming out the wazoo, and plans taking over her life. But she was cute and funny, a refreshing single mom in her early forties. Throw in Marshall, a younger stud who is wise beyond his years and that provides lots of entertainment. I loved how he went for her and pursued her, and then how she kept staying one step ahead. Definitely a great cat and mouse game. But together they worked and balanced each other out. Her three boys were awesome. I loved how they worked together to show their mom how they felt and wanted her to be happy. She was truly blessed with those three. The epilogue was so sweet and brought a teary smile to my face. I would love a glimpse into what came right after that scene. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
gromine49 28 days ago
This was a very cute story by an author I have never read before. Older woman, younger man, which usually not my thing turned out to be a really cute and no dramatics story. Great read.
etoile1996 30 days ago
when coffee shop owner marshall calloway finally gets a chance to try for a date with alexa mcintyre in adventures in online dating he's bummed to realize that she doesn't take him seriously. marshall is ten years younger, has a penchant for wearing geeky t-shirts and purple converse sneakers, and lives his life seeming to fly by the seat of his pants. alexa was already married to someone who hated to be tied to plans. but three boys later she couldn't envision that kind of unsettled existence anymore. she wanted a home she could call a home. a salary to count on. she wanted to be in control of what happened to her family. but when her oldest boy starts to act like a teenager she starts to believe that maybe a man's steadying influence would be good for him. as an actuary, alexa's life is about numbers. and she has an algorithm better than any those online dating apps have created. so she creates a spreadsheet and kicks off a plan, that involves 20 minute dates at the coffee shop for a three hour period. needless to say marshall isn't into this plan. as every 20-minute date is more obviously a bust, alexa can't stop her thoughts from straying to the guy behind the counter. eventually they give in to their crazy chemistry, and it could be good, except alexa's brain doesn't stop getting in the way. she's actually super horrible to marshall. and listen, sometimes i find myself falling into that trap where you hold women to higher standards and so i work really hard to think well of female characters in order to avoid those weird implicit biases we are assaulted with all the time. but this time, alexa is really awful, and he puts up with a lot of crap from her and for her. when she makes her gesture, in some ways it doesn't feel like quite enough. but the guy is head over heels, so it's nice to see them find happiness. **adventures in online dating will publish on november 12, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (august) in exchange for my honest review.
DawnLea 30 days ago
This is a story about a single mother looking for a male figure for her boys. She begins speed dating at the local coffee shop and catches the interest of the owner. This was a simple contemporary romance story with an HEA. I had a real hard time at the beginning and nearly gave up on the book. I powered through and became invested at about 70%. I had a hard time with the dialogue and confused as to the town of the characters during conversations. It wasn't very descriptive and I found myself rereading the paragraphs once I realized which direction the dialogue was taking. I think with a few tweaks this could be a great read. I was eager to read this story after reading the blurb, and was disappointed once I started it due to the lack of good description. I will say, I was really counting on this to be more about her actual dating experiences, rather her developing relationship with the coffee shop owner. Cute story. I got feels when Brendan the 13 yo son had a heart to heart talk with his mom. I loved how Marshall the H was so invested in the h, Alexa.
Sadie_Anjum 30 days ago
I love a good romance story and Julie Particka's Adventures in Online Dating certainly delivered that and so much more! The story focuses on Alexa McIntyre, a forty something successful business woman who begins online dating to search for her Mister right! Obsessed with statistics and doing things by the book, she arranges her dates to last between twenty minutes. Alexa sets up base at a local coffee shop owned by the thirty something, "geeky" Marshall Calloway. Marshall secretly crushes on Alexa so isn't too happy about her using his coffee shop as her dating base. Alexa falls for Marshall, though he's the polar opposite of what she is seeking making the situation extremely difficult between them both. The chemistry between both characters is electrifying! Particka very cleverly captures the perils of online dating in a fun and light-hearted way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to any reader out there!
Bette313 3 months ago
This was an entertaining funny, quick read that is perfect for an afternoon escape. Great writing and characters will leave you with a happy feeling. Loved the fun storyline! Alexa is a serious organized single mom of 3 rambunctious boys. She's worried that her sons need a man's influence on a more consistent basis than they are getting from their father so she sets out on a plan to find a boyfriend via online dating. She meets all her "dates" in a local cafe. Only problem is the cafe owner, Marshall, has had his eye on Alexa for some time now. Watching all the men coming through the cafe has him going crazy. Alexa won't give him the time of day since he doesn't fit her perfect picture of the man she's looking for. He's younger, dresses casually, and seems to take a laid back view on life. He's determined to show her that he's exactly the kind of man she needs and what fun life could be if she'd give them a chance. Recommended read.
FizzaYounis 3 months ago
It's a great story, romantic, funny, and highly entertaining. Alexa is a single mother raising three sons. She hasn't been able to find love after her divorce and plans to do it now. That's the thing about her, she plans everything. She wants to control every aspect of her life and hates it when things don't go according to her plans. She is a hard worker and has a successful carrier, she is beautiful and by all accounts should be able to find a good guy. Unfortunately, that's not as easy as seems. As a final attempt, she decides to try online dating in a new way. She will arrange dates for twenty minutes and if she doesn't like that guy then no point in wasting any more time on him. But can you really know someone in twenty minutes? Marshall owns a coffee shop. Alexa is his regular customer and now she wants to use his cafe for her experiment. He is so not ok with that, he likes her and hates the thought of her dating some other guy. Unfortunately. he can't do anything about it. She is all wrong for him, at least, that's what she thinks simply because he is a few years younger than her. Maybe he can convince her to give him a chance. But will a relationship between two people who are completely opposite work? Well, find out in this cute story. I definitely recommend this to romance fans. It's a well-written story with great characters and some swoon-worthy scenes.