Alibis & Angels

Alibis & Angels

by Olivia Matthews

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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Giving up murder for Lent won’t be easy . . .
With the Lenten season fast approaching, Sister Louise “Lou” LaSalle looks forward to a final day of indulgence before giving up her favorite sweets. But one Briar Coast resident won’t get the chance to repent. Opal Lorrie, the mayor’s director of finance, was just found in the parking lot of the Board of Ed—with a broken neck.
The sheriff’s deputies are calling the apparent slip-and-fall a freak accident. But Opal was driving her boss’s car and wearing her boss’s red wool coat. Mayor Heather Stanley has been receiving threatening letters and is clearly the real target. Offering her sanctuary could put the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Hermione of Ephesus at risk, but how can Sister Lou turn her back on a neighbor in need? Aided by her loyal sleuthing partners—her well-connected nephew Chris and reporter Shari Henson—Sister Lou must confront the mayor’s myriad detractors during this critical election year. And as the first day of April nears, it’s up to her to unmask an unrepentant killer who has everyone fooled.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496709424
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Series: A Sister Lou Mystery Series , #3
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 182,533
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Olivia Matthews is the cozy mystery pseudonym of national best-selling author Patricia Sargeant. A voracious reader, Patricia has been inspired by writers such as Walter Mosley, Dick Francis and Tami Hoag, who put ordinary characters in extraordinary situations. Her Sister Lou character was inspired by Catholic sisters whose courage, determination and faith have helped build communities and formed rich, lasting legacies. Patricia loves to hear from readers. You can reach her at Visit her Olivia Matthews website,, and sign up for her enewsletter to learn about upcoming releases and events.

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Alibis & Angels 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Zuzi912 9 months ago
I didn't care for this book at all. I bought it in high hopes I had a new author to love. I was so wrong! When the 1st page began with people sitting around a cafe table, and the author names them inserting between 1st and last name, in quotes, the nickname of that person, as if we wouldn't have guessed......I made a frown. If you like a book filled with intimate details of how people look from hair, facial features, earrings, clothes, including any buttons or belts and downward to stockings, shoes, purse or in case of a man all details of what he is wearing and how well it matches this and that. It happens anytime anyone changes an outfit! Also every detail of a room that is entered from carpet to each piece of furniture to knickknacks, etc. I think without all this descriptive material the book would be half its size. I wanted a mystery, not a fashion show. I did not care for the mayor who Sister Lou and her team were protecting. Her two year old attitude and tantrums was making me wish she had been the one killed off in the beginning and not one of her friends from work. If you like murderers to finally make an appearance near almost end of the book and surprise you......where did he come from(?).......then read this book. I'm an avid reader, but even I could not recommend this book to anyone in my book club group. Also. I will be reading more reviews on a book before blindly buying it at a store.
Lisa D. 10 months ago
*I have agreed to write this honest review, in exchange for an advance review copy. Olivia Matthews delivers another great cozy mystery read with, "Alibis and Angels (A Sister Lou Mystery)," the third in the series. This installment takes Sister Lou, reporter and friend, Shari Henson and nephew Chris into another murder, days leading to the Lenten season. This time the victim comes from Briar Coast's mayoral administration with the murder of Opal Lorrie, director of finance under Mayor Heather Stanley. Found in the Board of Education parking lot, Lorrie's cause of death is a broken neck. Authorities rule it an accidental death, but Lorrie was also wearing Mayor Stanley's coat and driving her car. Did I mention that Mayor Stanley's been receiving threatening letters prior to poor Opal's fate? When Mayor Stanley seeks help from Sister Lou, it's a shock to the system, as in the previous novels, the sister was the last person Stanley wanted to deal with. Yeah, this calls for Sister Lou to once again, depend on her gifted detective skills to help an unlikely alibi find Lorrie's killer and the one behind the threatening letters. Alibis and Angels also further explains the personalities of the supportive flock - from Shari's boss, Diego, editor of The Briar Coast Telegraph, Mayor Stanley and Shari. We also see the return of the Briar Coast's 'top' Sheriff deputies, Fran and Ted. Will they continue to give Sister Lou and Shari the cold shoulder routine, or will there be some surprises from them? Shari also has a new nemesis in the form of a new Telegraph reporter, Harold Beckett. Beckett tries Shari's patience as he is determined to be a third wheel of the dynamic crime solving duo by any means necessary. And we cannot leave out my least favorite nemesis, Sister Marianna. Sure, she found herself relying on Sister Lou in the second mystery Peril and Prayer, but she hasn't changed too much. Lenten season may be the perfect time for these characters to give up what holds them back, so to move on. I enjoyed Alibis and Angels because I am a Sister Lou fan and I also love the continuing development and growth of all of the characters. I'm ready for Sis. Lou to put a sign on her door, claiming her second occupation as a crime solver.