Alien Log

Alien Log

by Robert Farrell
Alien Log

Alien Log

by Robert Farrell



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In 1953 an alien artifact was found next to a UFO that crashed near Kingman, Arizona. The captain overseeing the recovery felt the device was more important than the craft itself and hid it on his person. Jump ahead to present time and he is a retired general, dying of cancer. He is concerned because he has been reading about abductees who, under hypnosis, have reveled that the aliens are about to make their presence known. The general sees this as a threat to humanity and takes the device to the President. The President is equally concerned that this is not only a threat to our national security but to all of humanity and commissions a colonel to put together a team of scientists to get the device activated so we can discover what the aliens are up to.

Colonel Mitchell's face paled as he stared into the briefcase the President had just opened. The President's voice seemed to fade into the background as Mitchell became mesmerized by what he saw.

The President forcefully cleared his throat to get Mitchell's attention. "Colonel...there are only three people on this planet who know that thing exists: you, the retired general who found it back in 1953, and me. As I explained earlier, the general, who's dying of cancer, brought that to me only two days ago. After he told me his story, I immediately began the search for the best person I could find to head up an investigating team. You're that person.
"I believe that device you're looking at is a key, not only to our national security but, perhaps, to the survival of humanity as we know it. I want you to know, I will bring to bear all the powers of the President's office to help you with this project. You have carte blanche to assemble the best team you can to unlock the secrets hidden in that device. Of course, security will be of utmost importance; I don't want to set off a world-wide panic. Do you understand what I'm saying, Colonel?"

When Mitchell looked up, the President's eyes were bearing down on him. Mitchell hadn't taken a breath since he set eyes on the device. He almost hissed as the air escaped from his lungs. The room around him came back into focus as he sucked air. His voice quivered, "Yes Sir ...I...I'll begin immediately." He closed the briefcase, clasping it tightly as he left the office, his face still pale.

Alone now, the President looked out of his window and stared across the White House lawn. Life on Pennsylvania Avenue still appeared normal. The usual assortment of protesters was there, pushing their causes by marching in circles and brandishing their pickets. As usual, the press cameras were there too, trying to catch whatever human interest stories they might find. The President was deep in thought. I have a real human interest story to tell, if only I could. I wonder how much time we have? Perhaps it's already too late. Perhaps the general's the lucky one; he'll be dead in three months.

Colonel Mitchell assembles a team to two scientists. Dr. Wendy Ahearn is a world renowned linguist with an innate ability to translate almost any written text. For her, what she does is intuitive. Paired with her is Dr. Corey Newton, a leading expert in gravity propulsion and a passion for ufology. His job is to interpret whatever Wendy translates. The team is sequestered in a secret underground base in Nevada. While working on the project, Wendy and Corey have an opportunity to study wreckage of a crashed UFO and to view the remains of an alien. This is all important for Wendy to do her job.
Through serendipity, Wendy accomplishes her task of activating the device. She also discovers, in a very strange way, what the aliens are up to. Just as the team is about to use the device to access the alien's "mainframe" , the device is stolen. A chase ensues leading the team into the desert where they capture the device and prepare to return back to base and continue their quest.

Pete pulled out his sidearm, stepped out from behind his boulder, and shouted in a commanding voice, "Stop right there, Colonel, and drop that duffel bag. Keep your hands up where we can see them. You are surrounded."
From behind the large boulder on the other side of the wash, Corey called out on cue, "Drop your weapon. You are surrounded."
Colonel Andrews, caught by surprise and not knowing how many other people were there, followed orders and dropped the bag as he raised his hands. As the three made their way toward him, they could see that his right leg was wounded. His lower right pant-leg was torn and soaked in blood. Staggering, he fell to the ground just as they got to him. Pete picked up the bag and inspected its contents.

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About the Author

Dr. Robert E. Farrell received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, his MBA from Western New England College and his Doctor of Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. He is now retired from Penn State University as Associate Professor Emeritus.

For most of his life, Dr. Farrell has been interested in ufology. Twenty years ago, he began doing serious research for his science fiction novel, Alien Log. He believes good science fiction is based on good science. To that extent, Dr. Farrell is trying to follow the style of Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, and many others) and Arthur C. Clarke in his Odyssey series. Recently, he has completed the fourth book of the Alien Log series. It is entitled, Alien Log IV, The Antarctica Affair. In addition to his novels, he has written two nonfiction books titled: The Science Behind Alien Encounters; and The Science Behind Noah's Flood. He has also written numerous technical papers and three science fiction short stories that are included in an anthology, Sonoran Mirage, published by the Writer’s Round Table of Phoenix.

Dr. Farrell has lectured many times at universities, science centers, a MUFON meeting, book stores, clubs, and senior centers around the country and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including Coast-To-Coast AM with George Noory. He lives in Sun City West, Arizona. Having completed Alien Log IV, he is presently working on Alien Log V as well as other nonfiction books in his “Science Behind…” Series.
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