All Fired Up

All Fired Up

by Lori Foster

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He’s tantalizing trouble she can’t resist…

Charlotte Parrish has always wanted a certain kind of man: someone responsible, settled, boring. Bad boys need not apply. But when her car leaves her stranded and a mysterious stranger with brooding eyes and a protective streak comes to her rescue, she can’t deny how drawn she is to him. In town searching for family he’s never met, Mitch is everything she never thought she wanted—and suddenly everything she craves.

Finding his half brothers after all these years is more than Mitch Crews has allowed himself to wish for. Finding love never even crossed his mind…until he meets Charlotte. She’s sweet, warmhearted, sexier than she knows—and too damn good for an ex-con like him. But when his past comes back to haunt him, putting Charlotte—and the family he’s come to care for—in danger, Mitch isn’t playing by the rules. He’s already surrendered his heart, but now he’ll risk his life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781488085949
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Series: Road to Love , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 1,986
File size: 992 KB

About the Author

Lori Foster is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author with books from a variety of publishers, including Berkley/Jove, Kensington, St. Martin's, Harlequin and Silhouette. Lori has been a recipient of the prestigious RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Series Romantic Fantasy, and for Contemporary Romance. For more about Lori, visit her Web site at

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The warm, muggy night closed around him, leaving his shirt damp in places. Sweat prickled the back of his neck. Inside Freddie's he'd find air-conditioning, but he'd never again take fresh air for granted. He valued every single breath of humid air that filled his lungs.

The moon climbed the black sky as time slipped by. How much time, he didn't know: he'd stopped keeping track the second he saw her.

Headlights from the occasional passing car came near him but didn't intrude on the shadows where he stood.

Transfixed by her.

Damn, he wanted that mouth.

In the short time he'd locked eyes on her, a dozen fantasies had formed — most of them based on her naked lips, the way she occasionally pursed them, how she twisted her lips to the side in frustration, even how she blew out a breath. The whole package was nice ... but it was her mouth that kept him unmoving, staring. Imagining.

Slight of build, she served as a bright spot in the dark gloom. Understated and yet something struck him as undeniably sexy.

Once he'd noticed her, he couldn't look away.

After speaking softly into a phone, she bit her plump bottom lip, and her expression showed frustrated defeat.

The lady had made several consecutive calls. Was she in need of assistance? Given the way she'd circled a car, occasionally glaring at it, he thought she did. Judging by her frown, there wouldn't be any help on the way.

Since getting out of prison a year ago, Mitch had spent an excess of time with women. Hell, next to fresh air, freedom and steak, sex topped his list. He'd immersed himself in human contact, the gentleness, the carnality.

He'd taken satisfaction in pleasing someone else while abating a base need. Hell, watching a woman come gave him as much pleasure as his own release.

So he'd gotten his fill and then some — all while making plans to change the course of his life. To make it better. To carve out a meaningful future.

Here he was, where he needed to be, determined, resolute ... and sidetracked by a gorgeous woman.

That in itself left him edgy with curiosity. No other woman had snagged his attention this way. He knew zip about her, and yet seeing her had heat building beneath his skin.

He tried to look away, but his attention kept zeroing back.

Freaking bizarre.

It was like seeing something you hadn't known you wanted, but immediately recognizing it as necessary.

Even dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and flip-flops, he knew the lady had nothing in common with him. Innocence all but screamed from her slender body and reserved manner. To someone with his jaded background, that put her in the "do not touch" category.

His fingers curled and his palms burned. Yeah, he wanted to touch her despite that.

And he didn't look away.

From the shadowed corner just outside the bar, he watched her thumb dial another number into her phone. While holding the phone to her ear, she paced. The overhead glow of the security light touched her in select places, alternately highlighting and then shadowing her understated curves.

High cheekbones framed a slender, straight nose. She tucked a few drifting curls behind a small ear. Though rounded, he saw the mulish determination in her stubborn little chin.

And that mouth ... thoughts of it under his mouth — and on his body — tightened his jaw until his molars ached.

For the first time in years, he wondered if he could put off his agenda for a bit, say something to her, see if there was something between them despite the seemingly obvious roadblocks.

Opposites attract, and all that.

He'd made this trip a center point for a new future.

In this Podunk town he'd subtly uncovered what he could about Brodie and Jack Crews. That was the priority after all. Moving forward, leaving the past behind. It started with the Crews brothers. Hitting the bar tonight might have gained him more insight into them.

But would a slight detour — the type with long curly brown hair and a sweet little body — matter so much?

If he listened to his dick, the answer was no. His balls were giving a resounding "go for it" as well.

His head though ... Hell, his head claimed he could afford a delay. In the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't matter.

Since arriving in town, he'd discovered that the men were well liked, each of them married, and they had an odd but interesting business called Mustang Transport. Locals claimed they dealt with mundane shit as well as serial killers and psychopaths. Somewhere in the middle, the truth lurked.

He'd also heard about their mother. He'd been hearing about her for as long as he could remember. For very different reasons she interested him almost as much as Brodie and Jack.

He had no connection to Rosalyn Crews, but meeting the men felt important in a way nothing else ever had. He couldn't explain it, even to himself. He'd gone through life making damn sure he needed no one, and that he wanted only for things he could get for himself. Now, much as it chapped his ass, he wanted something else — and it depended on Brodie and Jack Crews. It didn't have to happen right away, though. He wouldn't mind burning off some energy before making that initial contact — especially if he could convince this woman to give him a few hours of her time.

He noted every small movement as she spoke into her phone. He couldn't catch every word, but the low murmur of her voice stroked over him. He was pretty sure she left a message.

Suddenly she held the phone back and stared at it. Hot annoyance tightened her mouth and brought down her brows.

"Perfect. Just freaking perfect."

He heard that loud and clear.

Jamming the phone into a back pocket — a tight fit over that sweetly rounded backside — she dropped her head with a throaty groan that traveled along his spine like a sensual stroke. Her eyes closed, her mouth flattened, and the damp night drew her long, light brown hair into coiling curls.

He'd love to tangle his fingers in her unruly hair.

As if spurred by her innate energy, the curls moved, bouncing a little, drifting with the breeze. Judging people had kept him alive. With this woman, he sensed she didn't indulge in downtime very often. Even standing still, she seemed to ... spark with energy.

Curiosity cut into him, mingling with the carnal interest.

Had she been stood up? Walked out on a date?

Just then she growled, "Dead. Stupid phone." The thump of her hand to a metal lamppost sent a dull clang ringing over the area. "Now what?"

Ah, well that answered his question.

White teeth nibbled her bottom lip in consideration. Considering, she glanced at the bar, shook her head once, and returned to pacing.

Clouds covered the moon, amplifying the darkness.

She was far too petite to be stranded alone.

Doesn't mean she wants a quick fuck, he argued with himself.

The young woman stewing in front of him might be more likely to sell brownies at a local bake sale, but engage in a hot one-night stand? Probably not.

Sure, she was standing outside a rowdy bar all alone on a late night — but then, so was he.

So what should he do? Be smart and turn away, or see if she needed help? He remained undecided when two men exited the bar with a lot of noisy fanfare.

Drunken asses.

The woman glanced up, then quickly away with a roll of her eyes — but not quickly enough to avoid notice.

"Charlotte, hey! Whatssup?" With a leer, a mop-headed man added, "You waitin' for me, sugar?"

Mitch caught the way his unshaven bud snickered, proving the irony in the question.

"Definitely not," she replied, her tone crisp and clear.

Mitch liked the sound of her voice. Not all girly or too sweet, but firm and no-nonsense.

He did not like how the two dunces eyeballed her anyway, stumbling in her direction despite her preferences. "Ah, c'mon now, don't be like that," the talkative one said.

His idiot friend guffawed, stumbled and heckled some more.

Charlotte — nice name — propped her hands on slim hips and issued a dire warning. "You'd be smart to keep walking, Bernie."

"How come you're here alone?" He tried a teasing voice that Mitch suspected did the opposite of entice. "You know where to find me this time of night."

"Drunk, as usual. Yes, I know." Annoyance squared her narrow shoulders. "Not that it's any of your business, but I finished a late delivery and was heading home, then had car trouble." She added with menace, "Help is on the way."

"I'll keep ya company until then."

"No, you will not."

"But I'm already here." Intent brought Bernie closer.

She didn't exactly look afraid, but more like fed up. Before Mitch gave it enough thought, his feet carried him out of the shadows and immediately drew her attention.

Soft blue. Now that he saw her eyes more clearly, he found them every bit as compelling as her mouth.

Alert, maybe a little wary, she zeroed in on him. Her lips parted and she blinked twice.

You're sealing your fate, sugar. He tried a smile of part interest, part reassurance.

Her gaze went beyond him, searching the darkness, and then snapped back again. "Where did you come from?"

With his attention only on her, Mitch held up his hands and avoided a direct answer. "Just seeing if you need any help."

Emboldened by liquid courage, the two men blustered at him. "G'lost, asshole. She don't need nothin' from you."

As if Bernie and his bad grammar didn't hover there beside her, Charlotte asked, "You're new around here?"

Mitch gave her a long look. What, did she know everyone in Red Oak, Ohio? Probably. He could jog the main street, one end to the other, without breaking a sweat. "I've been here a few days." Whether he was passing through, or sticking around, wasn't her business. Besides, for now, he wasn't sure.

Brazen stupidity urged Bernie to step up in front of him. "You ain't listening. I told you to —"

Disgust curved Mitch's mouth into a mean smile meant to intimidate. "You're right. I'm not listening to you." Insulting disregard took his gaze over the smaller man before he dismissed him. "I'm talking only to her."

By size difference alone, it was beyond ludicrous for Bernie to issue a challenge.

And yet, he did. "Are you fuckin' stupid?"

Charlotte's voice, now edged with anger, interrupted anything Mitch might have replied or done. "You've been warned, Bernie. If you don't knock it off right now, you are not going to like the consequences."

Still, the fool didn't listen. "I said," Bernie blasted, his breath putrid, "for you to get lost." A scrawny fist, aiming for Mitch's face, swatted through the air.

Bad move, asshole.

Instincts could be a son of a bitch. Mitch leaned away from the weak hit ... and at the same time automatically jabbed with his right.

His fist landed right on Bernie's chin.

Eyes rolling back, the smaller man started to drop.

Infuriated that he'd lost his grip in front of Charlotte, Mitch caught the front of Bernie's shirt and held him on his tiptoes. "You," he whispered between barely moving lips, "need to learn when to quit." Familiar anger surfaced despite his efforts to tamp it down ...

And a small, cool hand touched him.

Struck clean down to his toes, Mitch peered first at those pale, tapered fingers with short, neat nails resting lightly against the roped muscles of his sun-darkened forearm.

Fucking sexy, that's what it was, highlighting all their differences, especially those of strength and capability.

Her face drew him next, the delicate lines, smooth skin ... that mouth and those eyes.

That wild hair.

"I think," she said softly, a smile teasing her mouth, "if you let Bernie go now, he'll make a hasty retreat." Slanting those mesmerizing eyes toward old Bernie, she added with silky menace, "At least, he better."

Keen awareness nudged out anger.

Everything about her appealed to him.

She stood to his left, and the heady scent of her skin and hair — like baby powder and flowers — teased his nose.

He drew a deeper, fuller breath, filling his lungs with her and knew he could happily drown on that scent.

Slowly, wanting to keep her close, Mitch unclenched his fingers and allowed Bernie to stumble back to where his buddy helped to prop him up.

Unconcerned with that, Charlotte's fingers shifted in the lightest of explorations before she snatched her hand away.

Interesting — especially that splash of color on her cheeks.

She looked up at him, gave a wan smile, and whispered, "Thank you."

"For popping him?"

Curls bounced as she gave a quick shake of her head. "For not doing him more damage." She wrinkled her nose, leaning closer to confide, "You could have, I know."

Huh. No recriminations?

She actually thanked him?

Not what he was used to, but he'd take it. "So —"

Eyes almost crossed, Bernie spat. "You used ta be such a nice girl."

And just that easy, he fractured Mitch's newfound calm. Fury brought him forward a step. "You'd be wise to leave now."

Too drunk to see the danger, Bernie glared at Charlotte.

In what felt like a gentle reminder, she touched his arm again.

Their eyes met — and she smiled.

Son of a bitch, how had she known? No, he didn't punish smaller men for idiocy. He didn't settle things with his fists — unless he had to. Annoyance narrowed his eyes, but otherwise, he hid the churning confusion.

"You okay?" she asked, her eyes big and sincere.

Jesus. She wanted to soothe him? An abrupt nod eased her worried frown.

"Good." She gave him a pat.

Mitch stewed. It grated that even out of prison, some things hung with him. Like react first, think later, rather than take chances.

Behind bars, it was safer that way.

I'm no longer in prison. Eventually that'd sink in. Coming here, to this small town, would be yet another step to ensuring that it did.

Bernie's friend, helping to hold him upright, muttered, "Fuck 'em. Lez go," in an effort to save face for them both.

"Do," Charlotte said in quiet command, and with audacity she shooed them away.

Un-fucking-believable. But what mattered to Mitch was seeing them go.

And that left him alone with her.

After a second deep breath, something new occurred to him: Charlotte had gotten dangerously close to a volatile situation.

She didn't know him — if she did, she wouldn't have dared.

She shouldn't trust him — but she hadn't hesitated to intercede.

Ballsy. Also foolish.

And why that impressed him, he couldn't say.

Even though she now stepped out of reach, Mitch felt her, her concern, the sizzling contact where her flesh had met his — on your arm, you ass — and the inquisitiveness in the wide eyes that kept peeking at him.

Get it together. To help with that, he watched the two men travel the sidewalk until they disappeared out of sight.

Would they come back? He didn't think so. Cowards never did.

"Sorry about that," Charlotte offered, her gaze probing. "Bernie is stupid when he drinks."

Mitch had the distinct impression Bernie was always stupid, but whatever. "You scared him." He tried a smile to put her at ease, even though he hadn't yet relaxed.

Her laugh was as nice as her voice. "Oh, it's not me he has to fear."

Well, shit. She meant him? Had his harsh reaction bothered her after all? "I didn't mean to —"

"You were justified, but I really was impressed with the way you pulled the punch. Not many men could do that."

Unsure what to say, he tugged at his ear. It wasn't bragging to say he could've destroyed Bernie with very little effort. Instead, he'd left him with a face, so maybe his reaction wasn't so bad after all.

"I wasn't talking about you, though." Charlotte's lips teased into a small smile and her voice went husky, as if to share a secret. "Bernie didn't want me to tell on him."

Barely able to get his gaze off her mouth, Mitch asked, "Because.?"

"He'd get more than a punch."

Well, if she had someone that protective, she had to be in a relationship, which meant he shouldn't be flirting with her. Disappointment settled in his gut, but hell, he was used to disappointment. As cavalier as he could manage, he asked, "Husband?"

"Men I work for, actually." She tucked back a curl, hitched her purse strap up her arm, and laced her fingers together. Watching him, she stated, "I'm not married."

A charge of relief rocked through him and he knew right then, he'd figure out a way to have her. With new intent, he stepped closer. "Glad to hear it."

His nearness caused a catch in her breath. "You?"

"Free and clear." In more ways than one. Shifting closer, Mitch deliberately inhaled her scent. God, he'd missed that, a woman's musk, the fresh stirring fragrance of her skin and hair.

Maybe sensing his intent, Charlotte touched her throat, flustered, surprised, and if her smile was anything to go by, pleased with his interest.

"I look forward to getting to know you better." Right now would suit him fine. "Hopefully sooner rather than later?"


Excerpted from "All Fired Up"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Lori Foster.
Excerpted by permission of Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
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All Fired Up 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 80 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
## Good read. Much better than 'Driven to Distraction'. I deducted a star for two reasons. Mitch was incredibly moody, and Charlotte was much too nosy and more importantly much too clingy for my taste.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I really enjoyed this series and All Fired Up was a nice way to conclude it. Lori Foster is an author whose books I know I will always enjoy.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Liked this story and characters. Mitch had the courage to find a family he had no previous knowledge of. Getting to know and except his place in that family. Finding Charlotte, someone who loves and accepts him in spite of his past. How much care was shown to the family's pets. Just a great story. Plan to read again.
Amanda-Novel-Addiction 7 months ago
I think All Fired Up is the book that made me fall head over heels in love with the Road To Love series. Sure, I loved the previous two books (Driven to Distraction and Slow Ride), but it took this book to rocket this series to the top of my favorite of her works. Lori Foster always has some solid characters, but Mitch and Charlotte - and the amazing cast of secondary characters - made this book for me. The danger and suspense were on point, but nothing compares to Mitch and Charlotte themselves. Cooper's Charm remains my all time favorite of Lori's books, but All Fired Up has worked its way into second place, and I couldn't be more excited!
P2Y7 8 months ago
This has been my favorite book in this series. I thought the characters of Charlotte and Mitch were complex, yet endearing. There were a lot of ups and downs and complicated history to be dealt with, which was accomplished in a very believable way. I loved the interaction between characters from previous books in the series and the message of family that is woven into each one. I received an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
Madm007 8 months ago
A Romance full of surprises! A fantastically fast paced read with a slow burning romance. This was intriguing right from the start with so much revealed, I dropped my jaw a few times. I loved the characters, open, honest and real. Charlotte was not your badass heroine, but what she did have was compassion and fierce protective instincts. Mitch was a lot tougher, but deep down he was an honorable and caring man, who'd had the luck of the hesperus, that is, until he met the Crews family. Family is everything! There's drama, suspense, action all here, with a lot of anticipation to keep you flipping pages, along with a bit of happy heat. The furbabies, especially Brute, Mitch's dog, played a huge part in here and I loved it all. This is a stand alone with it's own HEA. I would, however, suggest reading books 1 and 2 in this series because they are that good, but will also add to the depth of feelings in this book. The whole Crews family is included throughout and now brings up another scenario that I would love Ms. Foster to write into this series.
Charlene Brown 3 months ago
Great book.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Thanks for the Christmas present/deal, Lori! A great read, including all of the brothers, the women, and wrapping up all of their stories.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Thanks for the Christmas present/deal, Lori! A great read, including all of the brothers, the women, and wrapping up all of their stories.
MalkaShayna 5 months ago
I read this book as a stand alone (and peeked at the blurbs of the first 2). But there was plenty of backstory to fill in what was in the first 2 books. Mitch had a terrible childhood, neglected by his mother and abused by her boyfriend, Newman. His mother was a drug addict and his father had another family. However, although Elliot Crews, was an absentee father from both families, but came around to check on all his boys. But Mitch's mother had an abusive boyfriend, Newman, who feed her habit and even though she never gave Mitch much attention, she also refused to let Elliot take him away. He did tell Mitch all about his half brothers, Brodie and Jack and his wife, Rosalyn, hoping some day when he was older that he would seek them out. Although eventually, Mitch left and was living on the streets, Newman forced him to drive for one of his drug deals, and when he was caught and refused to name names, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He left prison, with PTSA, but also with the skills to keep himself alive and not to trust anyone. His mother died while he was in prison and left him her house, a house where Nelson had stashed his drugs in the walls. What Mitch found in the house, before he sold it to the city for a road project, was a starved mother dog chained in the basement, one dead pup and one barely alive. He took the living pup, named him Brute and traveled around until he built up the courage to find his half brothers in Red Oak Ohio. But the first person that he lays eyes on when he hits town is Charlotte, who was raised by Ros and the boys after her mother died, and she is the first thing that he as ever wanted in his entire life. Charlotte is equally drawn to him. He doesn't know what to do with his new family, who quickly embrace him, but soon has second thoughts of coming when he learns that Newman is after him and he doesn't want his family to be collateral damage. But his new family is not about to let him go and teach him what family means. Great character development, easy banter between them all and a compelling story line, which keeps moving forward. Enough back story provided for those of us reading it as a stand alone. I rad an ARC from This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
HEARomances 5 months ago
Lori Foster’s series Road to Love comes to the end, but not without the high intensity that Ms. Foster is known for. I will forever remember the Crews family. Mitch’s childhood hasn’t been a bed of roses, far from it. There was one bright time that was when his dad visited. Now he was where he needed to be, but the question is will he be there in the end? Mitch is a great addition to the Road to Love Series As his story unravels he is my Champion in a lot of ways, but the biggest way is that even when his life looked bleak, you really felt his love and trust for his family. Charlotte now here is an interesting heroine she has the biggest heart, hard worker, loyalty in spades but what amazed me was her strength. From the being she let Brodie and Jack that she would not be put in a corner. Being the honorary daughter in the Crews family was a true blessing in Charlotte eyes. I adored Charlotte from the First book in the “Road to Love Series” she might not be a Crews, but she sure does fight right in with the family. Sparks fly between Mitch and Charlotte from their first chance meeting, but things only get hotter and more intense from there on. Mitch is loyal, and once your a part of his life he has your back. Charlotte is spunky and loves the Crews as her own family. Supporting characters are from the first books in the Road to Love Series Brody, Jack, Ros, Elliott, Mary and Roni I enjoyed catching up with them in All Fired Up. There are a few new characters that made my not so nice list. Newman is down right wicked. All Fired Up is a nice intense ending for The Road to Love Series The Crews family comes full circle, with Elliott finally deciding that family is where he wants to be. Lori Foster thank you for yet another fabulous series that was full of Heart, Family, Hope and Love. Rated 5 Stilettos by Deb!
TinMinuteBookReviews 6 months ago
All Fired Up is a romance novel that doesn’t dive too deep. If you are looking for a quick read that provides pop and fizzle on a cold Friday night in, this is the book for you. If a fleshed out, slow burn romances where the characters are fully developed is your kind of jam, this may not be the read to pick up. ***This review is based on ARC copy received for free via Netgalley***
bjneary 6 months ago
Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Romance (U.S. & Canada) and HQN for the advance reader copy, All Fired Up by favorite romance author, Lori Foster, in exchange for an honest review. I read and loved the first 2 novels in this series! This third book, Road to Love, was awesome, too! Lori Foster excels in writing romance novels that combine sizzle, drama, mystery, and thrills compelling the reader to turn the pages and fall in love with her stories and characters. This novel did not disappoint! From the first page, mysterious Mitch lurking in the shadows grabbed my attention and garnered my trust as he defends Charlotte, finds his family, and allows himself to trust in building a life with Jack, Brodie and mom, Ros Crews, even as his past threatens to destroy his new happiness. Foster’s characters are always strong, interesting, empathetic, and authentic which is why Charlotte is one of my favorite characters in the Foster series; she is honest, sympathetic, but also no nonsense (loved her tart mouth with Jack and Brodie) and her interest in Mitch is immediate and undeniable. Fans of Foster and readers of romance novels will not want to miss this totally satisfying read!
SarkuraCherryBlossom 6 months ago
This is my first time reading this author and I'm hooked, it had me hooked from the very start and had me laughing though it because of the two main characters Mitch and Charlotte, even Mitch's brothers had me laughing at what they got up to, as for the story itself I had no trouble reading it or understand what was going on and even though it's part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, but at some point I do want to read the other books in the series. Another thing I loved was how the author didn't rush things she slowly built up to the romance between them and wrote an amazing suspenseful story that didn't take anything way from it, because at times it was humorous, heart-breaking, as well as heart- warming mixed with tenderness and very steamy at times. "So" if you're looking for well- written suspense romance and family drama then you need to check this out. With that said I want to thank Harpercollins and Harlequin as well as NetGalley for letting me read and review it exchange for my honest opinion.
Tangen 6 months ago
romantic, suspense, contemporary Haven't read the others in the series, but this one is great even if a mite long. Still interesting from beginning to end with sleep and life in between, though. Enough other folks have summarized or done a recap, so I'll just add my praises!
andreajanelreads 7 months ago
I was provided with an ARC of this title from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Mitch is looking for a place to settle. A place that he can establish a support network and make a life for himself. He grew up with a parent completely consumed by her drug addiction, and trying to save her caused him heartache and remorse. Charlotte is drawn to the enigmatic man who fixes her tire in the parking lot. He's intense, insanely good-looking, and acts the role of knight in shining armor with quiet confidence. Mitch's past has followed him and wants to extract vengeance. He must learn to depend on his new family, trust in his feelings, and hold onto the harsh lessons of his childhood as the foundation for the strong, capable man he has become.
Readaholic19 7 months ago
All Fired Up, by Lori Foster is the third book in the Road to Love Series. This book follows Mitch, who is an ex-con and Charlotte who works at the local transportation business in town. Mitch has just come in to town to take care of some family business and immediately runs into Charlotte. Sparks fly and you are obviously rooting for these two to get together, but that's exactly when the story becomes complicated. Mitch has known that he's had half brothers for years and is finally on the move to meet them and show himself to them. Unbeknownst to Mitch, Charlotte has known the brothers for years and is like a sister to them. Mitch would love nothing more than to get to know Charlotte better, but the last thing he wants is to taint her with his grimy past. A past that is catching up to him all too soon. I really liked the chemistry between Mitch and Charlotte. They were so sweet around each other and were trying to get to know one another even with everyone constantly interfering in their life. Getting them together was driving me a bit crazy. I kept on wanting these two people who were so attracted to one another finally get some alone time, but there was a constant line of interruptions. I realize that Mitch being an ex-con makes him a very complex man, but I didn't like the way he kept on wanting Charlotte and pursuing her one minute and then backing away the next. I loved Charlotte's character! She had a great backbone and stood up to anyone that thought she needed coddling and I loved it when she showed some sass to Mitch too! Overall I enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading more from Lori Foster. I had not read the previous books in the Road to Love Series, but I read this book as a standalone and didn't have any problem following along with the characters. **ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review**
Kleypas 7 months ago
All Fired Up is the 3rd book in the Road to Love series and my favorite. Lori Foster doesn't disappoint and there is plenty of steamy build up we all crave in a great romance novel. Foster delivers another great romance novel with suspense, action, love, and family drama. Fall in love with Mitch and Charlotte this Holiday season!
Honolulubelle 7 months ago
My Rating: 4.5 Favorite Quotes: Howler’s good with other animals. Basically, he’s an affectionate grandma in a loose suit of fur. If he could bake biscuits, he would. Good times or bad, family hangs on like a too-tight shirt. You don’t get to outgrow it, you can’t wash it when it’s dirty and it clings even worse when you sweat. My Review: This was only my second experience reading the prolific Lori Foster, but I plan to make perusing her engaging stories a frequent habit. I enjoyed her curiously endearing yet flawed characters as much as her compelling storylines with a heinous villain everyone had reason to revile and despise due to his repeated and unthinkable cruelty toward women, children, and animals. The overall emotional tone held a steady thrum of tension and sense of impending peril due to the lurking dangers that were constantly and incrementally building; yet there were also liberal sprinkles of levity, a blossoming romance, curiously tantalizing backstories, steamy sensuality, and captivating family drama interspersed throughout. I had not read the previous books in the series but I adored this extraordinary family and know I would enjoy going back to fully feast on their storylines as well.
christalvp 7 months ago
I'm really enjoying this Road to Love Series, and this book has to be my favorite installment so far. The characters from all of the books have been great, but there was just something so lovable about both main characters, Charlotte and Mitch, in this one! Watching Charlotte and Mitch get to know one another was wonderful, but my favorite part of this book is the way the Crews family so readily accepted Mitch into their fold. He was so prepared for them to reject him, and it was heartwarming to see them pull him right into the family. His astonishment at this was understandable and cute. I found both the characters and storyline to be charming. My interest was held throughout the book, and I liked the way all aspects of the storyline played out. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy.
Kara_Harte 7 months ago
All Fired Up by Lori Foster, the third book in the Road to Love series (though it can easily be read as a standalone), is a story full of steamy romance, familial love, and nail-biting suspense. Charlotte and Mitch first meet on the night Charlotte’s car breaks down and she’s accosted by drunkards leaving a local bar. Mitch, an ex-con in shining armor, comes to Charlotte’s rescue. The attraction is instant, and Charlotte is insanely intrigued by Mitch. When he turns out to be the long-lost half brother of her overprotective pseudo-brothers/bosses, things get really interesting. And adorable – Brodie and Jack are just so sweet with her. I adored the dynamic between Charlotte and the Crews family. They took her in as one of their own after her mother died, and she never felt like she didn’t belong. I would honestly love to be a part of a family like the Crews (even with the bits of drama involved…they actually handled it all pretty well, considering). Roz, matriarch of the Crews crew (haha, had to!), was one of my favorite characters. Her heart was so open, and she was so caring and accepting. She took Mitch right in, no questions asked, no undeserved anger directed at him for the affair that had created him. My favorite aspect of the book, in fact, was the emphasis on the importance of family. While Charlotte is intrigued by Mitch, Mitch is thrown by her. She accepts him just as he is, and after a pretty rough life up to that point, he just isn’t used to kind and decent people. He thinks he isn’t good enough for her. Though his willingness to do anything for his loved ones soon proves that theory wrong. I loved watching Charlotte and not-so-bad-boy Mitch come together. Their love story was as beautiful as it was sizzling. Mitch’s dog, Brute, was the cutest thing on Earth. And when Mitch’s very dangerous past caught up with him – well, let’s just say the stress was real for a little bit there! This is my first Lori Foster book, but it will definitely not be my last! All Fired Up was sweet, raw, suspenseful, funny, heartbreaking and heartwarming – an all-around amazing story that is, at its heart, all about love, belonging, and family. I definitely recommend picking up your own copy yesterday! ** I was provided an eARC copy of this book by Harlequin and Netgalley (thank-you!). All opinions expressed are voluntary and my own.**
Anonymous 7 months ago
All Fired Up is the third book in the series and I completely enjoyed this book from start to finish. I really liked how all the characters interacted and grew as one family if not all by blood but by love and support of each other. I also liked all the animals having a special role in the family. Howler and Peanut always warm my heart. I think the pairing of Charlotte with Mitch was a great match both deserved the happiness they give each other, and they are both likable characters. I received an ARC from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
Reenie07470 7 months ago
Another great read by Lori Foster. The third book in the Road to Love Series is true to the big hearted alpha Crews family. Readers may have come to know Charlotte at face value in the first two nooks, but this is her story and we come to know her insecurities about where her place is in this family and who she is beyond the girl the Crews Family took in and works for them. Her confidence comes out as her character grows throughout the book. Her quick wit and banter is still strong but a quiet observance and gentle courageous heart is revealed not only to Mitch Crews but herself. Love her strength and the need for romance and passion he awakens in her and she becomes determined to explore and to keep. Mitch too is on a quest to know more about his place in the world beyond his past. To know where he fits and who he is. Getting to know the half brothers he has in the Crews family is one direction to follow. Haunted by his past and all he feels trapped in he is struggling to reinvent himself and forge won’t hurtle is surprised by the Crews Family of Red Oak Ohio and how intuitive and open they are to getting to know him, to making him feel a part of them. Shocked and apprehensive about the strong connections challenge him.Meeting Charlotte is a surprise to him, she awakens his need for more than just passion but a depth and relationship roots and family would bring. He realizes she’s a puzzle piece needed to grow into the man he knows he can be. All he needs to do is prove to her and his brothers he’s worthy and won’t hurt her. Brodie and Jack true to their alpha nature are protective of Charlotte which can be a safe haven but also a restricted state, Charlotte must put her foot down and the brothers grow in this story as well, learning to let her shine and dare to take a risk. But convincing the brothers is not the only challenge. Mitch has a dangerous enemy coming for what he believes is his. And destroying Mitch and who he has come to be now is his idea of paybacks. Mitch’s Crews’ Alpha personality is helpful. But learning that you can trust others, especially family. Gives him an edge his enemy never will. Action, suspense, passion, wit, humor, all kinds of heart tugging to heart building emotions between characters. not to mention the heart touching bond of a man and his dog make this a magnificent story
book-addictSR 7 months ago
Third time is a charm. This is absolutely an amazing story. This story will keep your attention from the very beginning. When you start reading this story you will not be able to put it down. I just loved watching Charlotte and Mitch's relationship develop and grow. Thank you Lori Foster for a wonderful story full of courageous people and great dogs. I look forward to reading more of your books.
morganna_99 7 months ago
Book 3 in Lori Foster's Road to Love series (Driven to Distraction, Slow Ride) introduces readers to Mitch Crews, the illegitimate half-brother of Brodie and Jake. Mitch has had a rough life, full of neglect and abuse, but has tried to do the right thing throughout. Being a driver once on a deal he thought would protect his addict mother landed him in jail for five years- which honed his self-preservation instincts and left him tough but not cruel. Once out of jail he wants to meet his unknown half-siblings and see if starting a new life might include new people. But he's unprepared for the warm welcome he gets from not only his brothers, but their mother, and their best friend Charlotte as well. He's also unprepared for the instant chemistry he has with Charlotte. You can always count of Lori Foster to include some adorable animals in her books, but this is the first book I can think of where Mitch's rescue dog, a pit bull mix named Brute, is such a perfect reflection of his person. Both have been abused and neglected since childhood, neither trusts easily or has any idea what to do with unthreatening, non-judgmental acceptance. Both might want love, but don't know how to handle family. And both are willing to take a bite out of anyone who threatens the family they do claim. Mitch might have hoped for a chance to build a relationship with Brodie and Jack, but he never expected the acceptance he gets and has no idea what to do with it. It is both sweet and heartbreaking to see Mitch (and Brute) awkwardly try to work out how to interact with their new family when their expectations were so different. Fortunately, the Crews family is pushy enough not to let Mitch back away once they have him and they teach him just what family is supposed to mean. Mitch's relationship to Charlotte is similar: he's sure he's no where near good enough for her and as much as he wants her he backs away for her sake- and Charlotte isn't willing to let him back off too far. Above everything, All Fired Up is a book about family. What it can be, what it should be, and how the really good ones are with you through the bad times as well as the good ones. When a drug dealer from Mitch's past threatens him, the entire Crews family steps up and surrounds him, both with love and with support of whatever violence might be necessary to end the threat. Mitch's new family might be a little kooky and a lot pushy, but he's on the road to learning that true family, like true love, is always willing to help you bury the bodies when needed. Book 3 in a series, All Fired Up doesn't necessarily need to be read in order but could be a stand alone for new readers. The writing isn't as tight as some of Foster's books and drags in a few spots thanks to some repetition, but overall it's full of wonderful chemistry between Mitch and Charlotte, entertaining interactions among the family, and insanely adorable dogs. Grab your furry friend to read alongside you and enjoy! I received an ARC of this book from BetGalley in exchange for an honest review