Alpha Squad: The Complete Collection

Alpha Squad: The Complete Collection

by Lorelei Moone
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Alpha Squad: The Complete Collection by Lorelei Moone

It has only been a few months since humanity found out about the various shifters that live among them. This brave new world is not without its challenges; neither for the humans or the shifters. Alpha Squad is formed to help law enforcement agencies deal with shifter related matters, and not a moment too soon! Follow the brave men and women of the squad as they try to come to terms with their new reality, catch criminals and find love along the way.

Join Alpha Squad in this steamy paranormal romance you won't want to put down. If you like Alpha City by Bryce Evans or Bear Patrol by Scarlett Grove, then you will love the Alpha Squad Series by Lorelei Moone!

Boot Camp
Bear shifter Eric King is asked to join Alpha Squad; a task force meant to promote cooperation between shifters and humans in law enforcement, but there are problems: Is Alpha Squad even a serious initiative? And how will he focus on his training when his inner bear insists that the squad leader is his mate?

Friends & Foes
Alpha Squad has received its very first assignment and bear shifter Adam King is excited to jump head-first into the action. Upon investigating a string of seemingly shifter related murders, he finds himself torn between his job and the local police's main suspect; Felicity Weir; female bear shifter and Adam's fated mate...

For the past six months, Thomas Blackwood has been serving two masters: he's been an active part of Alpha Squad, but only on his old alpha's say-so. When he finds himself stuck in between two sets of clashing orders, he must make a choice: who does he truly serve? And what would the woman of his dreams, Private Callahan, think of him if she knew he was a traitor?

Upon joining Alpha Squad, bear shifter hybrid Sean McMillan realizes there's a lot more to being a shifter than occasionally sprouting some fur. His first mission: a double murder. That shouldn't be too hard for the experienced former police detective, but he didn't count on coming across lab assistant Erin Reid who shows an unusual amount of interest in him. Strangely, the feeling is mutual...

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Publication date: 09/22/2017
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About the Author

Lorelei Moone is an author of paranormal romance based in London. Her first book, Scottish Werebear: An Unexpected Affair hit the virtual shelves on Amazon on 25 September 2015, with the remainder of the six part series following during 2015-2016. A lover of all things sweet and caffeinated, when she's not writing about sexy bear shifters and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.

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Alpha Squad: The Complete Collection 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Rhianona More than 1 year ago
Alpha Squad: Complete Collection by Lorelie Moon brings together the four novellas that make up this series into one collection. The four novellas – Boot Camp, Friends & Foes, Infiltrator, and Showdown – follow the adventures and romances of members of Alpha Squad. This squad was created in the wake of shifters outing themselves to humanity as a means of helping law enforcement deal with shifter-related problems. There is an overarching plot that flows through all four of the novellas. In Boot Camp, the reader is introduced to Eric and Janine. Janine is the major placed in charge of Alpha Squad and has been given specific instructions by the general of the base. Eric has been asked to join Alpha Squad by the Minister of Shifter Relations. He does because he feels it’s his duty, but once there, he’s not even sure if Alpha Squad is meant to succeed or fail. What’s worse, he recognizes that his new commanding officer is his mate. The follow up, Friends & Foes, takes Alpha Squad to Sevenoaks, where a series of nasty murders is leading to tension between the shifter refugee camp and the locals. Adam, Eric’s brother, while excited to finally have an assignment, is torn between finding the ones responsible for the murders and his mate – who just so happens to be the local law enforcement’s main suspect. In the third book, Infiltrator, Ms Moone introduces the reader to wolf shifters and the internal politics of packs. While Thomas is a part of Alpha Squad, he is only there because his alpha told him to join. His alpha wants to know what is going on and at some point, alpha’s orders are going to clash with his duties on Alpha Squad. Plus, there’s his serious attraction to Jill. Will his loyalty to his pack override the life he’s building in Alpha Squad? Lastly, there is the aptly named Showdown, which concludes the overarching plot. Sean is new to the squad and feels like he’s stuck between two worlds. When the squad is tasked to go undercover to investigate a series of murders, he doesn’t expect his attraction to pretty lab tech, Erin. With danger rising, the only question is whether he can come to grips with who he is. Overall, this is an enjoyable series. The characters are interesting and while the plots are a bit predictable (especially in Boot Camp) that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment. The writing is a little stilted at times and sometimes the plot feels a bit rushed. My only true complaint is that Alpha Squad is made up of a mix of humans and shifters, and well a couple of the novellas include the female humans in the plot, I would have enjoyed seeing a novella that focuses on one of the male humans in the squad. Nonetheless, if you like shifters and the idea of the aftermath of shifters outing themselves to humans, this is a really good place to start. One last note: I could not help but compare the current immigration crisis in Europe with the opening scenes of Boot Camp or the current political rhetoric involving immigration with the arguments against shifters in the populace Ms. Moone describes. While this interpretation may be a little highbrow for a romance series, shifters have long been portrayed as “the other” and Ms. Moone has happened upon a plot that echoes arguments made today about “the other” in our societies. 4 stars for this box set. NB: I was given a copy of this book by the author and chose to review it.
ViperSpaulding More than 1 year ago
This is one of my favorite shifter series of all time! I love the way the author seamlessly melds the action and suspense with the heartwarming love story. Each book stands alone as a love story, but the overall threat that the Alpha Squad is facing unfolds over each of the books, making for a rewarding story arc that brings together all our young couples. Each member of the Squad is as unique as their love stories, but each one is invaluable to the Squad and brings something different to the case. Each of their mates also plays an important role in the investigation. The romances are solid, the characters are strong and likable, the stories are captivating from the start and the resolutions are perfect. This is a set that I'll be rereading often. I voluntarily reviewed ARC copies of each of these books.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
I have read of these books separately and I am choosing to put my reviews on this bundle. Boot Camp: If you read the previous series by this author then you will know where some of the characters in this book come from. The shifters came out and now they are building a Alpha Squad to help ease fears and to keep the peace. The problem is not all are on-board or honest in this endeavor. Eric and his brother Adam are all in and head out to join this squad but Eric is not prepared for what happens. His Major is none other than a woman he has thought about since seeing her in a restaurant. Now what is he to do? Janine is she human? Well she can all of a sudden hear Eric' thoughts. If you love shifters and a bit of action with a touch of spice then pick up this book. It can be read as a stand-alone as it's a first in a new series. I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one. Friends & Foes: This is the second book in this series. We met Adam back in book one when he and his brother were joining Alpha Squad. Alpha Squad is sent out on their first mission. However, someone is killing, brutally murdering not only animals but humans? The first place the authorities are looking to is the shifter refugee camp in Sevenoaks. Felicity is a strong female aka bear shifter. She has been helping the shifters at the camp with transitioning. Somehow the authorities are now looking at her as being their number one suspect. To top that off her bear is in love with another bear. I enjoyed this book. It was an intense story. I loved Adam and Felicity. Infiltrator: This is book three and wow. We get Thomas Blackwood who is in a bad position. He must do what his Alpha has ordered however he is now with a team who he respects and values so what can he do? Enter teammate Jill Callahan at first she blows him off now she is scoping him out why? Some wolves are causing trouble, and it's up to Alpha Team to end it but will it end in more than arrests? Tons of suspense and action in this one. Can't wait to see where this series goes next. Showdown: I have enjoyed this series by this author, and it's a sad day that this is the finale. Alpha Squad may finally get their recognition. We get a blood drive, which Lab Assistant Erin is part of. Sean is undercover as a security guard. When Sean and Erin meet it all goes haywire. Sean has lived his life more human because he is an anomaly. Read the story and find out more. This was a perfect ending to a fantastic series.