Alpha State Writings

Alpha State Writings

by Lloyal High Cloud Walker


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ISBN-13: 9781452515342
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

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Alpha State Writings

By Lloyal High Cloud Walker

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Lloyal High Cloud Walker
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1534-2


Section One: Coming from Source

The "Hi, God" Story

One day,
God imagined himself to be
a single human being.
Why, it must be you!
Hello again, God.

God's Voice

One day I reached out
To touch the face of God.
I called out
To hear his voice.
But he fooled me.
From the highest plane,
He looked at me
With my face.
He spoke to me
In my voice.
Alas, I thought it was just me
Til' one day
It dawned on me
What better face and eyes
To see me with,
What better voice and tongue
To speak to me in,
Than my own.

Many Faceted Faces

Source is the one who,
When you call to him
In your finite voice,
Looks instantly back
With the one facet, large or small,
Of his many, many faceted faces,
That is you,
In instant recognition
Like a long-lost loved one's embrace
And says to you
In your own mental voice
That obvious thing
You somehow couldn't get,
But had to know.

Source of All, Within Us

When I was a youth of fourteen or so in Michigan, I had a deep religious experience. My father and I, on a fall day, took the canoe out on the river. We were wearing heavy coats and big rubber boots. We put flotation cushions on the cold aluminum seats. We paddled downstream to a place in the river where there were rocks, mostly just under the surface, set there to divert water around the water treatment plant nearby.

There was a good spot about three or four feet wide where, if you kept the canoe straight, you could go right through. We started to do just that, but didn't get it quite right, and the canoe caught on a rock, sending us toppling over into the icy water. Dad and I got the canoe to the shore with all of our stuff except a floatation cushion, which was floating away.

I ran along the bank, cold and wet like my father, to go get the cushion. A little farther downstream, since I was already wet, I waded into the stream towards the middle to go get it before the river took it too far. As I waded in, the bottom suddenly dropped off, plunging me again into the icy water, with my heavy coat and rubber boots pulling me down as I tried to swim in the now frightening current.

I could feel my strength rapidly waning and was about to go under when in my head I called out to God to help me. From my heart, and the heart of every cell of my being, a new energy surged. My life force, the inspiration from source within, welled up and infused me with new strength.

I saw the cushion only a few feet from me, and with new strength swam to it, pulling my rubber boots, sodden coat, clothes and all, along. I took it and floated, swimming safely to shore, and answering my dad very tiredly, but loud enough, when he very worriedly called me, from some distance upstream now.

I went back with the cushion but only one boot, I had kicked the other off in the struggle, better it than me, and the river had still gotten its payment for our mistake. At the time, I thought, Wow! There really is a God.

I didn't realize 'til many years later that God (Goddess if you're a woman) is the wellspring of our life force within us, manifesting in our lives and our very existence. He manifests through our sanity and inner strength, giving us life as his children, to mirror all human aspects of himself through our lives.

The concept of being "the one true god" is limiting to that being. God, as the All and the All within us, cares not for the separation of numbers categorizing our separation from him and one another.

I experience God as the Source beyond counting, while being all that is, including myself.

A Reverent Purpose

The main purpose in being a reverend
Is NOT to be revered,
But to inspire realizations
About spirituality
In people
And their relationships
With themselves
As Source.

God's Evolution

Self-awareness is the key to the evolution
Of mankind
And the evolution
Of God himself
Since he needs us
As his eyes, ears, and,
Differing from his,
In God's image, we evolve ourselves
Through our awareness, and so he
Likewise mirrors us,
And out of the unformed
creative consciousness
Comes the formation of God himself:
More evolved.

God's Favorite

When we each and every one
of us formed ourselves and
Our Universe out of the limitless sea of
Consciousness, which is
the essence of God,
We each and every one of
us had to decide
Which self, in this or any other Universe,
To be.
Naturally, each and every one of us
Chose the best possible self in
the universe to become.
That's why each and every one of us is
God's favorite

Qualms of God

God has no qualms
About each and every one of us
Having the experience of being him.
He considers that we are able to
At will anyway
Whether we need to rediscover that
Or not.

Working Hands

We are the hands of Source, working.
We are the voice of Source, speaking.
We are the mind of Source, reasoning.
We are the heart of Source, loving.
We are the will of Source, Creating.

Feeling Godlike

As the me that exists in the finite,
To the me that lives as the infinite pool
Of creative consciousness, I can
Always deny myself to myself,
Thereby frustrating myself.
Or maybe I could just reach
on up to that light
And have that me give me
more of myself from there.
After all, I don't miss it there,
Being infinite and all.
And I could use a lot more of that me
Down here, it makes me

Mile in My Shoes

I heard it through the grapevine
That Source will walk
A mile in my shoes one day.
But I don't know which day,
And I don't want to ruin it for him ...
So I guess I'll just have to
Make every day my best.

The Sparkle

Our Individuality and free will
Has, to Source observing it,
The value of the sparkle in the eyes
Of the one we love most,
When we see that it is there
Because it's mutual.

The Anointed One

An anointed one wanted to be human for a while. The weight of the world's sins on his shoulders was just wrong. Whenever he incarnated and tried to teach people about their own godhead, they killed that incarnation of him. He couldn't use that identity afterward either. The people would be guilty and remorseful and put weird psychic energy lines into him. It tired him. They kept getting him to heal them, but they refused to stay healed.

So he rejected his old identities, deciding to be a warrior. He got shot down over France. So he became a commando next time. Another commando executed him; high command thought he knew too much. Okay, he'd go to America, away from the wars, and be a metal smith. It was a pretty good life, but he never fit in well with the other humans. They couldn't remember their past incarnations for one thing, and they thought in short term because of it. He wasn't going to forget his past if he could help it. Just to fit in? NO WAY! It was a nice life anyway though. A few decades in however, he couldn't deny his own nature. It was getting to be a decently long life and it was the information age. People were actually accepting him now. He didn't always talk about metalsmithing and the weather just to get along. He could actually speak about the nature of mankind and God with people. No one tried to kill him and it was fun. Some were learning from him, and most refreshingly, he was learning from them!

One day he had a big upset though. Someone told him about a spiritual group she was in and how wonderful it was. At the meeting members divulged who they invoked when they engaged in a healing. With the majority of the group it was one of his old incarnations! Thousands of years later! He knew from memory that he had always wanted people to invoke God within themselves. He still wanted them to, it was his nature. And he knew God wanted them to also. Imagine invoking another man for healing power. "Oh great Kavorkyan, bless my healing and give it sacred energy." Give me a break, please! He thought. He asked them why they didn't invoke the source, the infinite one, first creator of all. They said that it was the same thing. The anointed one was crestfallen. Would even the more enlightened ones not learn? They were all incarnations of infinite source and could invoke infinite source! How could they try to give that away to someone who didn't even want to be anything but human anymore? What were they thinking?

He went home and asked God. "Why am I trying to enlighten these people? They are unbelievable. They say they know they are incarnations of your essence and they not only don't invoke Godhead but instead invoke somebody who never even existed as the image they have of him." God patiently replied, "I can see this is a game that is not at all fun for you, but if it were too easy and not a challenge, you would not have wanted the game." The anointed one laughed uproariously until he cried, and he felt better. When the anointed one told me this story, I laughed until I cried and I felt better too.


Section Two: Pretty, Useful Stuff in Life

Breath of Morning

Waking freshly in your
bright morning calm,
Breathe in the freshness,
The warm, yet cool, glow
Of the white-gold life light,
Pouring, streaming down,
Floating in trillions of molecule sized
Bits that vivify you,
From lungs outward,
Expanding your consciousness,
Your prana, your ITLχITL.
Let it take you to that ecstatic place
Where no symbols exist, and feel the all,
Conceptualizing it in wordless,
Blissful acceptance.
Breathe the breath out
now, letting it carry
The product of your living out
into the world with it,
Your will, the impetus of
your hearts desires,
For the universe to receive
and be shaped by.
Continue in a cycle of universal breath
And life that will shape positively
In an upward spiral, this
life and all it touches.


Full moon on silvery, shimmering
Satiny spirit skin, we dance
Through and above the clouds, we dance
Bodies asleep at home in bed, we dance
Attached by shiny silvery
threads, we dance
Through our shadowy sleeping
dreams, we dance
For joy of life, still to live, we dance
Until the morning's call to wake
And some slim glimmerings
Of that joy we take
Out into the world we send
The dance of joy that has no end

Life's Meaning

Anything in this world
Including life itself
Has to you only the meaning
That you yourself,
By your first act of creation,
Create and assign to it.
Make it useful,
Profound, and happy
And so will your life be.

Real Progress

Okay, so the meaning of life is
what you create it to be.
It distills down further to life's purpose,
To create.
The question then arises, create what?
In general, it seems
More and better life.
On a personal level, the
successful creation of self,
Continually improving, is evolution.
You've got to create yourself
continuously anyway,
Better to evolve.
On other levels change is also
inevitable. Do your best
To take control and evolve
things there too,
Moving all toward better life.
I would call that true progress!

Are You Sure?

It's about certainty.
Certainty is what brings
effectiveness to our assertions.
In some religions they call it faith.
One religion even has the concept
hidden in plain sight,
Defining its name as "Knowing
how to know".
More literally, it means the
study of how to know,
Or the study of the subject
of knowledge itself.
For most people, to know
something is to have
Complete understanding and
certainty of its existence,
Through whatever it takes to achieve that.
Some crave the word of
an authority figure.
Others need a PhD, still others
nothing more than a ritual.
Faith, on the other hand,
Doesn't require understanding
or experience; only belief,
That might not match reality.
On a large scale, numbers
of people believing
Can create and change realities.
This phenomenon can be and
is harnessed by religion,
As religious leaders instinctively know.
Those who reject the faith or
refuse the blind belief
Are reviled, excommunicated, killed,
as heretics, infidels, suppressive,
And unbelievers. With good reason.
Realities created by belief without
factual understanding to solidify them
Usually implode when
doubt is introduced.
That doubt destroys a religious
leader's ability to control his flock.
Imagine if everyone knew
what it meant to be
An autonomous extension
of the ultimate creator.

Consciousness Endures

I am immortal.
I have always been.
I always will be
I change, often imperceptibly slowly,
Sometimes blindingly fast,
Enough to disorient.
And my consciousness
tenaciously endures.

Breath of Creation

Out past Saturn where the
formlessness is pure,
I breathe in the fresh void,
craving to form.
I pause, then exhale creations
beyond counting,
Blissfully joyful, to exist.

Old Shadows

Always create your own reality,
For if you don't,
Old shadows and others
Will create it for you,
Can you trust them
To know what you want,
Or to care?

Out of Mass Consciousness

That thing which the collective
Consciousness believes cannot be
Changed, will appear to be immutable
Reality for any individual associated with
That reality.
An escape from this
Is to disassociate from the mass
consciousness reality thus created,
By changing one's viewpoint,
proximity to it,
Energy level, wavelength, job category,
And so on. One may
become less visible to
Others sharing the reality in
this way, which often can
Cause a loss of interaction
for the individual
Not buying into the immutability,
reality, or the belief creating it.
Mass consciousness will
Evolve as individuals within it evolve,
Yielding an evolved shared reality.

For Those Who Pass
On the Knowledge

I've always thought that the best
gift you can ever give someone
Is more of himself.
To pass on knowledge and skills
that give people the ability
To do what they want to
do, or do it better,
Has got to be one of the highest
Purposes in this Universe.
If one considers that God is omnipotent,
And omniscient,
Then moving mankind, even one person,
Even a little bit,
In that direction must be a holy act.
Hats off to those who take it on as a job,
And to all who do it regularly,
A heartfelt thanks from all of us,
Maybe even from God too,
Who benefit from it.
Thank You.

Spirit Touch

The gentle loving touch
Of a still-living (but bodiless) spirit
Upon my warm skin
Reminds me that
Our reach extends far beyond
The realms we see and hear
To places that we think
Are only imagined.

Will Tuning

When two or more are gathered
in the One's name,
The One's will will be done.
Tuned in, the One's will is my will.
The will of the One energy source ...
now formless, Will be my will
It is mine to shape the ONE
energy by my will,
Into forms amenable to it and me,
Which forms come effortlessly when
One, myself, or two too are tuned to it.
Stay tuned to it.

Soulless Organization

A soulless organization is defined as
An organization which uses none of the
Attributes one would think of as spiritual
In its decision-making policies.
Some of these spiritual attributes are
Fairness, honor,
Conscience, responsibility,
Accountability, and truthfulness,

As well as
Individual respect, openness,
And a strong inclination to
The greatest good for the
greatest number,

Among others. Beings with
souls working with
And fostering the agenda of organizations
Without, tend to become
As though soulless themselves.
Living robots.

Human Machinery

A machine given a heart
and soul acquires,
For better or worse,
Conscience, honor, principles,
courage, empathy,
a sense of fairness,
And generally,
A desire to effect the greatest good.

Made in Heaven on Earth

Good relationships may be created
By heavenly agreements,
But to expand them
In richness and fulfillment,
We must clear them
Of our own
Limiting beliefs.

Awareness Prayer

Negative statement:

Let me never miss awareness of anything pertinent to an activity of mine, so that it causes me or the activity to suffer, fail, become misdirected, nor cause me to hesitate longer than the appropriate delay for thought.

Positive statement:

Always let me be aware of everything pertinent to a desired activity of mine that can help me or it to succeed, and let my awareness cause me and my endeavor, as well as other desired ones connected, to succeed and win, thus pleasing myself and others.

Tractor Beam Acquisition

If you wish to retrieve something that was lost, misplaced, or stolen, this technique has been effective.

Conceive the signatory vibration of the item's essence, including things you really like or can easily have about the thing.

Envision that vibrational essence and the thing itself as a solid anchor point.

Set your front porch, parking spot, pet's food dish, or yourself up as another solid anchor point.

Hook a line—a beam—between the two points using thought energy or visualization.

Next, have the beam shorten and pull the two points together, using full power. Picture it using the energizing power of all the loose energy floating around the universe at large. That way it can stay turned on, and not give you headaches from the energy and keeping your attention on it all the time. It's a lot of energy, but it's worth it.

Get in touch with several positive friends and have them add energy and reality to the tractor beam and its results.

Go on about your business without keeping your attention on it, and be ready to receive the lost item back. Most things will find their way into your possession within just a few days.

Good Luck!

Get a Mirror

If you are looking for a savior,
Get a mirror.
Nobody can do it better
than you anyway.


Excerpted from Alpha State Writings by Lloyal High Cloud Walker. Copyright © 2014 Lloyal High Cloud Walker. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Prelude: High Cloud's Name,
Section One: Coming from Source,
The "Hi, God" Story, 2,
God's Voice, 5,
Many Faceted Faces, 6,
Source of All, Within Us, 7,
A Reverent Purpose, 11,
God's Evolution, 12,
God's Favorite, 14,
Qualms of God, 15,
Working Hands, 16,
Feeling Godlike, 17,
Mile in My Shoes, 18,
The Sparkle, 19,
The Anointed One, 20,
Section Two: Pretty, Useful Stuff in Life,
Breath of Morning Meditation, 27,
Moondance, 30,
Life's Meaning, 31,
Real Progress, 32,
Are You Sure?, 33,
Consciousness Endures, 36,
Breath of Creation, 37,
Old Shadows, 38,
Out of Mass Consciousness, 39,
For Those Who Pass On the Knowledge, 41,
Spirit Touch, 43,
Will Tuning, 44,
Soulless Organization, 45,
Human Machinery, 47,
Made in Heaven on Earth, 48,
Awareness Prayer, 49,
Tractor Beam Acquisition, 50,
Get a Mirror, 53,
Section Three: In Love, More Pretties,
The Gift, 56,
Love Requited, Breathlessly Excited, 57,
To Sky With Love, 58,
Winter, Whisked Away, 60,
Dreaming, 66,
Sparkling Laughter, 67,
Section Four: Regular Stuff in Alpha State,
I Pilot the Whales, 70,
Pipe's Song, 74,
Dimples Greeting, 75,
Iron Horses, You Say?, 76,
The Sun's Breath, 77,
Whistle Song, 78,
Friends on the Road, 79,
Star Valley, 82,
Inspired by Einstein, 83,
Spark Evolution, 84,

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