Alter Your Reality: ...Re-Establishing the Divine Connection

Alter Your Reality: ...Re-Establishing the Divine Connection

by Sharmila Rao


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We , the human beings , are divine energy beings residing in a physical body. We have an in-built system in our energy body which connects us to the One divine source. Due to the deviation from the universal laws/principles that govern life , the consciousness of mankind fell gradually from the golden age of light to the iron age of darkness . This resulted in the spiritual DNA being deactivated and mankind lost his direct connection with the Divine. In the dark ages,
the psyche of mankind suffered great damage due to experiencing immense pain and suffering. Now the cycle of human consciousness is on a upward swing , ultimately leading to the golden age of light.
It is now possible for every man to re-establish his divine connection with the help of various energy healing techniques which are now widely practiced and can be easily incorporated in our day to day life. These divine healing energies have the ability to repair the damaged energy field/ aura of man and help him to re-create a life for himself which is a reflection of his dreams. For , reality that is experienced by each man is nothing but a reflection of his thoughts/

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ISBN-13: 9781482811094
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/20/2013
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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ALTER YOUR REALITY: the divine connection 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This    is    a    vivid   book    with    depth;    it  teaches,    challenges,     and   inspires   to   the    fullest.               ALTER   YOUR   REALITY   reminds   us   that   we,   humans,   are   naturally   divine   creatures.         In   this   debut,   Rao    insightfully    says:    “It    is    now    time    to    reclaim    our    divine    destiny    by    coming    into    balance    of    both    the    spiritual    and    material    energy    and    be    co-­¿creator    of   our     life    along    with    our    divine    father-­¿mother    god.”       We    are    not    to    surrender     to     dark    energies    that    are     prevalent    on    this     planet—as    the    author    almost    did    during    a    dark    point    in   her   life.             The   notion    that    anyone    can    do    anything    in   life    is   debatable,    mostly    because    some    do    not    have    the    mindset    to    succeed.       The    idea    that    “life    is    meant    to    be    lived    with    joy    and    happiness—not    pain”    is    not     a   new    notion;    however  only    those    that    harness    this    belief    and    live    it    to    the    fullest    can    bring    themselves    to    do    anything.        ALTER    YOUR    REALITY    can    do    just    this—it’s    a    powerful    book    full    of    insightful    messages,    messages    which    need    to   be   lived   in   order    to  be    understood.               “Humans  are    sparks    of    divine    who    have    come    to    the    realm    of    matter    in    order    to    learn    all    that    is    required    for    our    growth    and    development.”        Humans    are    not    meant    to    live    dull    lives.        Rao    states    that    progress    can    be     slow   due   to   denial,   refusal   to   let   go   of   painful   memories,   fear   of   change,   waiting   for   others   to   change,    multitasking    and    much    more.        Basically,    our    menial    daily    activities    can    get    in    the    way    of    our    progress    and    spirituality.        Overall,     this   book     is   about     growing     at    your   own     pace   and   working     through   new     levels   of   consciousness.    Reaching     one’s     full    potential    doesn’t     happen     by     allowing     depression    and     sub-­¿par     activities   to   take   over    one’s      life.          “Light    is    the    best    defense”    against    anything    that    may    hinder    your    ability    to    reach    your    full    potential.              This   book   is   part   memoir,   part   motivational   tome.         The   author,   Sharmila   Rao,   is   a   Lightworker/energy    therapist     currently   residing   in   India.        Rao,   a   woman   born   to   teach   and   inspire   others   about   their   divine    nature,    is   an   interesting,    and    incredible     thinker.