Ambition's Progress Part 1: Fictional Poetic Allegory Sir Ambition Battles Hideous Giants

Ambition's Progress Part 1: Fictional Poetic Allegory Sir Ambition Battles Hideous Giants

by B. Mathew


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Short Description

An allegory written by B Mathew. Written in flowery classical English of prose and verse. It has abundant allusions, bringing to life and excitement the beauty of classical mythology, western legends, Biblical stories, literature and poetry.

Extended Description

This book is a fiction story. But this book is also poetry. And this book is also a philosophy on principles of success. You can read it like a novel or fairytale story. You can also read it like poetry or philosophy.

This allegory is written in classical English language with verses in poetry and allusions. The plot of this fairytale allegory is about a vagabond called Mr. Ambition, who lives in the City of Penury. This city of Penury is ruled by a horrible monster called Lord Poverty. In this city of Penury, this vagabond suffers great disgrace & reproach. One day, a good man by the name of Mr. Think Rich meets Mr. Ambition and encourages him to run away from the city of Penury and escape to another city called the City of Prosperity.

But however, the long journey to that City of Prosperity is filled with great and terrible dangers and deadly snares, where there are many giants, monsters and demons and unimaginable deadly traps. As such, advises Mr. Think Rich, that Mr. Ambition must first make a detour to a mystical labyrinth called the Garden of Sorrow to seek out a mysterious giant called Mr. Other-Self. Because only Mr. Other-Self could safely guide Mr. Ambition to the city of Prosperity.

At the entrance of the mystical Garden of Sorrow, Mr. Ambition meets Mr. Destiny. Mr. Destiny thereafter knights him as Sir Ambition the gallant Argonaut. But however, Sir Ambition finds himself overwhelmed by great misfortunes inside the garden of Sorrow. Where following a terrible battle with the horrible giant called Suicide, Sir Ambition is captured by the monster, Unemployment and imprisoned in a labour camp called, Hard-Manual-Labour Estate. Here the monster Unemployment maims Sir Ambition by digging out one of his eyes. But with the aid of an alter-ego, Sir Auto-Suggestion, Sir Ambition escapes Hard-Manual-Labour estate, but with Unemployment on hot pursued. In Sir Ambition's search for the mysterious man, Other-Self, he accidently stumbles upon a mysterious kingdom called, the Kingdom of Within.

Here he is welcomed and nursed. After his wounds are healed, the king of this Kingdom of Within and his valiant gladiators escort Ambition out in his search for the elusive Mr. Other-Self.
Then once again, the grisly monster, Unemployment confronts Ambition, the valiant king and knights from the kingdom of Within. But the monster, Unemployment easily overpowers and destroys these valiant men and fatally wounds Ambition, leaving him to die a painful and slow death. But with the help of his alter-ego and others, Ambition gathers his feeble strength and continue searching for the mysterious man, Mr. Other-Self.

Finally Ambition stumbles upon a strange glittering Kingdom of GreatWithin and makes a last and final attempt to awaken the mysterious man, Other-Self. Sir Ambition succeeds in setting into motion the awakening process but soon dies from his fatal wounds.
But even though Ambition dies, he dies with anticipated hope of a resurrection from death, knowing that Mr. Other-Self shall raise him up. Part 1 ends with the awakening process of the invincible man Other-Self.

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ISBN-13: 9781482899672
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/20/2014
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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