An Heir For Two Alpha Werewolves Parts 1 & 2

An Heir For Two Alpha Werewolves Parts 1 & 2

by Samantha Francisco

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Part 1:
Henry and Rex von Kamp are both billionaires with a genetic ability to shift into werewolves under the full moon.

They need a strong healthy mate to give them an heir.

Will plump inexperienced Melissa be able to give each of them the heir they both desperately want?

Part 2:
Melissa agreed to marry the billionaire brothers Rex and Henry von Kamp...
But did she really understand what it meant to be their mate and the mother of their pups?

Can Melissa juggle her first year of college with her promise to give the brothers the heir they both desperately want?

Or will she lose everything important in her life by trying to have it all?

Part 1 Excerpt:
"When they reached the bedroom, Henry deposited her on the bed and passionately devoured her mouth. She pulled back from the kiss and panted heavily. Her nerves suddenly got the best of her now that it was finally time to consummate their marriage. She looked up at both Henry and Rex as they stood beside the bed, towering over her with raw naked lust on their faces.

She gulped as the reality sank in. She was going to be taken by both of these men tonight. Completely owned and used. Her core clenched in anticipation, sending a delightful shiver up her spine even as she trembled in fright.

Rex looked down at their new bride. He could tell she was absolutely frightened even in her aroused state. She was untouched and tonight, they would be the ones to teach her the pleasures of the flesh. His groin twitched at the thought that they would be the first ones to plunge into her depths and stretch her tight unused channel."

Part 2 Excerpt:

Melissa lounged contentedly on the sheepskin rug while Rex tended to the fire in the fireplace. She was pleasantly boneless from a wonderful meal and from the two screaming climaxes her mates had coaxed out of her with their mouths.

The dancing flames bathed the room in shadows and an orange glow. The fire filled the room with an earthy scent and chased away the beginning chills of autumn. From the couch, Henry took in the gorgeous sight of his mate's bare curves, the rounded curve of her tummy and her feminine yet firm thighs. Melissa noticed his appreciative stare and posed for him, arching her back to show off the pink flush on top of her chest, spreading her thighs to give him a glimpse of the dampness between her legs.

Henry drank the last drops of scotch in the bottom of his tumbler and swallowed hard. She licked her lips when his Adam's apple bobbed. She rose up onto her feet and approached him, making sure to add a teasing sway to her hips. Melissa straddled his bare thighs, relishing the tickle of his wiry hairs against her smooth skin and reached out to caress his growing need. He looked up at her and pulled her down onto his lap while his other hand reaching up to draw her down for a kiss.

Melissa savored the trace of scotch on his lips mixed with her own musky flavor from earlier in the evening.

"What's wrong? You're quiet tonight." she whispered against his lips.

"He's just feeling sorry for himself," answered Rex from the fireplace where he stoked the fire. Henry glared at his brother over her shoulder as he stood up and put away the poker.

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