Arlo's Treasure

Arlo's Treasure

by Anthony Zarb


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Arlo, a hard working little mole, finds himself unprepared for the responsibilities life presents. With three little pups on the way, Arlo sets out in search of the treasure that will bring happiness to both himself and his family.

Arlo is a great provider. However, he gets lost with what is important. In his search, Arlo discovers a lost treasure chest and the true wealth his heart desires.

For ages 4 to 12, Arlo's Treasure has adventure, mystery and surprise, with a family oriented moral value. The appeal also extends to those adults who love storytelling.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781922440037
Publisher: Mosher's Business Support Pty Ltd
Publication date: 07/24/2020
Pages: 42
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.11(d)

About the Author

At the foot of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, Anthony was blessed with a loving family: Mum, Dad and five brothers, of which he was the fifth. Six boys in the space of seven years.

Anthony's parents were both educators. Mum was a primary school teacher and Dad was a lecturer at Hawkesbury University, both supporting and nurturing creativity and a peaceful childhood for the six boys and also five cousins who lived next door. It was a lot of fun. Every afternoon while Mum prepared dinner for the masses, the boys would be sent out of the house to play. With acres to explore and homework to neglect they were always happy to comply and in a heartbeat they would be outside in the dirt, wearing no shoes and not looking back until they were called in for a bath and dinner. Tadpoles, frogs, dogs, goats, bulls, cows, worms, mud, creeks and guppies were a large part of Anthony's childhood. It was wonderful.

Now Anthony is a dad with seven beautiful children. Four adult children of his own and three more being his lovely partner's wonderful children, all seven of whom continue to provide Anthony with a life that is filled with pure love and joy.

Most nights Anthony would tell his children bedtime stories that he would create on the spot, in the hope that they would go to sleep with the magic of fairy tales, little creatures, knights, horses, heroes and rescues all spinning in their beautiful little minds as they would drift off to sleep. Storytelling and play have always been a way for Anthony to create fun, excitement, mystery and adventure and, of course, most importantly a way for this passionate author to connect with people.

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