Around the Block in America

Around the Block in America

by Rose Michiko Sato Stults


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Masamori Sato came from a poor family in Japan. It was a caste system society in which the oldest son holds a commanding high position in the family after the father. As the third son in his family, Masamori detested the rank and file system of Japan and felt of the injustice of it. He was a voracious reader. One day he read about a country that believed in "Equality and Justice" for all. This knowledge became the burning answer that gave spawn to the renewed direction of life.

He became a navigator for a huge N.Y.K. line passenger cargo ship. It took two months in those days to reach the United States of America. He jumped ship entering this country without a passport and was hunted by the local authorities for the two weeks while the ship remained in the harbor. He settled in a rural farming community, his father was very proud of him on his maiden trip home to visit his family in Japan. Upon returning back to Washington State, he met his future bride's family as neighbors farming next to his.

While living in rural farming community; Masamori and Masuyo worked very hard as they eked out a living for their family of eight. Masamori was a brilliant and innovative farmer. They became the parents to six very accomplished children. It made them proud as to their relatives in Japan who have taken notice.

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Publication date: 08/20/2012
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