Aspirations of Greatness: Mapping the Midlife Leader's Reconnection to Self and Soul

Aspirations of Greatness: Mapping the Midlife Leader's Reconnection to Self and Soul

by Jim Warner


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Aspirations of Greatness

Are you Living the Illusion of Success?

Many successful people find themselves rudderless, and joyless once they reach midlife. Their race for success – often defined as the accumulation of wealth and power – has dulled their sense of purpose. It’s undermined their happiness and crippled their relationships with their families.

The passion of youth exhausted, many midlife achievers run their lives on a treadmill of activity, haunted by unresolved baggage from their past, constantly trying to out-pace their fears. Often having no friends or mentors to guide them, many seek to escape rather than face their issues around money, identity, sexuality, and love. Most are open to spiritual connection, but don’t know how or where to begin. They feel alone and scared.

Jim Warner writes with the authority of one who has been there and worked his way through to clarity and a rediscovery of self and purpose. In Aspirations of Greatness he shares the inspiring life stories of nine high-profile people. These business and professional leaders typify the disillusionment of people in midlife who appear to “have it all,” yet yearn for purpose, connection, inner peace – along with a renewed energy and “aliveness.” Like many others, they have attained affluence and power, but confess to little sense of mission or meaning in their lives. These nine stories, backed by research conducted by Warner in intimate retreat settings with thousands of other “successful” midlife leaders, amplify the piercing questions of people in midlife: Who am I outside of my vocation? What is my destiny? What is the role of money in my life? How do I achieve greater intimacy and communion with my spouse, family, friends and God?

The book introduces several models for navigating the treacherous rapids of midlife, with principles that apply to anyone who feels lost, lonely, or unloved. His book is a blueprint for positive change and offers uplifting, practical guidelines for living out your innate genius with gratitude, wisdom and serenity.

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ISBN-13: 9781483573144
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 10/13/2016
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jim Warner attended the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School. At age 29 he founded a software company on a shoestring, grew it, and sold it successfully at age 42. He then took a 3-year sabbatical to reconnect with his family and with himself, and to begin his personal transformation from businessman to whole-life guide.

Today, Jim’s mission is to guide committed individuals, couples, and families through core-level, whole-life transformations leading to greater personal awareness, a passionate sense of life purpose, authentic, intimate relationships. He has counseled and guided over 2,500 CEOs, executives, and professionals who are navigating difficult personal and business transitions.

Jim's other publications include: "Facing Pain -- Embracing Love" and "The Drama-Free Office," and the audio series, "When Having It All Isn't Enough."

Jim and his family live in Boulder, Colorado -- USA.

Table of Contents

The Author's Rise and Fall.
The Betrayed Executive.
The Breakaway Entrepreneur.
The Professional.
The Family Business Heir.
The Maverick.
The Small Company Partner.
The Minister.
The Manager.
Commitment, Focus, Success.
Disillusionment and Breakdowns.
Denial, Diversions, Escapes, Explosions.
The Edge, Numbness, and Breakthroughs.
Understanding the Soul--Introduction.
Our Inner Advisors.
The Sovereign.
The Warrior.
The Magician.
The Lover.
Appendix A: Research Summary.
Appendix B: Leadership Skills and Shadows Assessment.
Appendix C: Clean Talk: A Model for Dealing with Conflict.
Appendix D: OnCourse International -- Retreats and Coaching.

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