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At The Robot Zoo

At The Robot Zoo

4.6 11
by Harris Tobias
The little robot is curious to see what goes on at the zoo after closing. He's happy to learn that the robot animals are just like him. A sweet bedtime story with marvelous illustrations that is sure to please parent and child alike.


The little robot is curious to see what goes on at the zoo after closing. He's happy to learn that the robot animals are just like him. A sweet bedtime story with marvelous illustrations that is sure to please parent and child alike.

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Harris Tobias
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Barnes & Noble
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3 MB
Age Range:
3 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Harris Tobias was raised by robots disguised as New Yorkers. Despite an awkward childhood he learned to read and write. To date Mr. Tobias has published two detective novels, The Greer Agency and A Felony of Birds, to critical acclaim. In addition he has published short stories in Down in the Dirt Magazine, Literal Translations, Electric Flash and Ray Gun Revival. He currently lives and writes in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Billy Barden--Drawing is my passion. You name it, I
can draw it - cartoons, caricatures, portraits (humans and
animals), landscapes, water colours, company logo’s and
book illustrations. Freelance artist and illustrator living
and working in Yorkshire. I have loved drawing and art
ever since I was a kid so working as a freelance artist is
effectively my dream job.

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At The Robot Zoo 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great childrens book even my brother and sister also I liked it
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Khim Teoh for Readers Favorite "At the Robot Zoo" is a very unique children's book that narrates from the perspective of a childlike robot. The characters in this book are beautifully illustrated and emotions are injected into these robotic animals. The story is presented in rhymes with humor sprinkled throughout the pages. I liked the vibrant colors used on the illustrations. It really brought the animals to life. Every page was like a happy nursery rhyme. It would have been good to keep a certain format like four lines so that it had more consistency in the pacing. Children could even put their own tune to it or recite it. I think it is a a very creative book and would stimulate any child's imagination. It would have been nice to assign names to these animals. Since this is a book a child would want to read over and over again, it might be a good idea to create some dialogue between the main character and the animals in a robot language perhaps. This can be conveyed through the illustrations. Children like to mimic or animate characters in books. This would give them a chance to really enact the scene and perhaps launch new robot animals in their imagination. I could see the readers drawing their own robot animals. I liked the font used, it is very futuristic. The ending could be punched up more perhaps indicating why the robot animals are like the main character.
BeautifulExcellentBooks More than 1 year ago
I have to give this story an A for originality. It’s a completely different concept from anything I’ve read before, and pretty good writing for a guy who was raised by robots disguised as New Yorkers! I give it an A+ for the artwork. It is filled with illustrations that are a feast for the eyes, and realistic yet with a touch of humor. I also find rhyming stories irresistible and this one delights me with its pleasant rhythms. This is the story of a young robot who sneaks into the zoo after it closes to see what happens “when nobody’s looking.” He watches how the zookeepers take care of the robot animals. The author and illustrator have come up with ingenious ways of showing how nearly-normal looking animals have troubles because of the fact that they are actually robots, but are fixed by kind caretakers. All of these electro-mechanical animals are surprisingly endearing. The first two pages of text seem to have a different rhyming scheme than the rest of the book, but once I figured that out, I got back into a rhythm. I would have loved to have seen a full-page illustration for the cover, but have to admit that the mechanical lettering is quite clever. Kids will get a kick out of this book, especially those with enthusiasm for anything mechanical (a girl like me, for example!). I read the electronic version of the book, and a print version is also available.
KayGibbie More than 1 year ago
I loved reading At the Robot Zoo. I struggled a bit with the beginning, but it picked up quickly. Rhyming words described the scenes at the zoo. The colorful illustrations showed me what the robot animals do. It was a delightful story that I think you will enjoy too.
BeaTambunan More than 1 year ago
This story moves the reader through each page with poetic originality. The curious Robot and his discovery of the robotic zoo animals are relative to how we discover our similarities to the rest of society...in this case, the animal kingdom. The Robot leads the reader into thinking that we are robotic with our daily routines and once in a while it's "nice" to venture into a different world. The illustrations are beautifully done with watercolour artistry. It goes hand in hand with the text and very suitable for children ages 4 and up. It captivates the audience. A children's book well done.
TNewell More than 1 year ago
What a delightful book to read to children. This book teaches children that being different is quite Unique and the rhymes of each zoo animal is described to understand how the zookeeper cares for each animal. The Robot Boy is so amazed that he discovered the Robot Zoo, because the animals there at the zoo are just like him.
BrianRS More than 1 year ago
I am no stranger to Billy Barden's illustrations because when he was a guest at my holiday apartment he sketched various aspects of our property and did a brilliant job. Since then he has done the illustrations on a Puppy and Dog Care eBook I was involved in and now he has done the illustrations for this wonderful children's book. Have to say I thought he excelled himself on the dog care book, but in this one the animations are straight from his imagination and have shown how exceptional a cartoonist he is. A fabulous book for any child and very well accompanied by the textual content provided by the author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just your average zoo outing... Not at all! In this quirky and funny story all the animals are robots. Now you think that would be odd until you discover the little boy visiting the zoo is a robot, too. A mechanical romp that will delight young readers! Rhyming couplets are fun to read!
littleboxofbooks More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a very enjoyable book! The rhyming flows well and tells an interesting tale. Both girls and boys will enjoy the illustrations as they have the awww and awesome factors! Nice work Mr. Tobias!
idscraps More than 1 year ago
This is a great read-aloud book for kids. Fantastic art work and interesting rhyme. So creative and interesting.
authoraileenstewart More than 1 year ago
At first I found it a bit disconcerting that The Robot Zoo had no punctuation to speak of, but I was quickly able to look passed that minor issue and thoroughly enjoy this imaginative story containing beautiful illustrations. The clever rhymes that describe each robot animal the little robot boy visits will be sure to delight parent and child alike, and I would recommend this book for youngsters between the ages of four and eight. Nice Work Mr. Tobias.