Backstage Slave (Gangbang Humiliation)

Backstage Slave (Gangbang Humiliation)

by Lauren Chase

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Amber loves to party more than her budget can afford. When her spending finally catches up with her and she tries to get out of owing a lot of money to a sexy owner, he offers her a deal. Be his personal party favor for one night and he'll forgive her whole debt. The deal sounds too good to be true, and it is. The private party he's throwing involves himself and a group of his wild friends, and Amber is the evening's only entertainment.

+++++++++ EXCERPT +++++++++

"All done?"
"Yup." She handed him the papers and got moved to stand up.
"Hang on a sec. There's one more thing," Gabe said. He tore a page of the paper and folded it carefully before putting it in his pocket. He tossed the other page, what looked like a carbon copy page onto the floor behind him. He stepped closer until his stomach was level with her face.
"What?" she asked, starting to get annoyed.
"If you want to actually meet the guys you gotta help me out with something. If not, no harm no foul I'll take you out the back and you can go."
"What do you want?"
His hand slid over the front of his pants and she noticed a bulge there. "Guess."
"You're fucking kidding."
"Nope. You want to hang with the guys you gotta pay your dues first. "
Lexie froze for a moment. Maybe this was some kind of joke. Like she had to pretend to go along. There was no way he actually expected her to blow him. Not with a dozen people right outside the door. Had to be some kind of inside joke. Hell, the non-disclosure agreement was probably fake too. A little way to have fun with the groupies. She was cool, she could play along.
"Anything to meet the band," she purred. "I've been wanting to for a long time."
"I know. So get on with it."
Lexie put her hands on his hips and looked up, waiting for him to laugh or tell her to stop, but he didn't. He just kept staring patiently, waiting for her to do it.
"Come on, Gabe. Stop messing with me."
In an instant he grabbed her hair and yanked her up and against his body. "I'm not sure how to be any clearer with you, Lexie James from Rehoboth. Suck. My. Dick." At that he shoved her down on her knees and pushed her face into his crotch. She yelled from the pain on her scalp and shock at his behavior.
"Now, slut." All of the niceness was gone from his voice. It was cold and serious and terrifying.
Lexie choked back a scream and whispered, "Okay, just don't hurt me. I'll do it."
"Less talking more sucking."

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