Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel

Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel

by Nicole Edwards

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Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel by Nicole Edwards

Meet the most wanted players in sports . . . one ridiculously hot alpha male at a time.

Chase: With a nickname like “Sin,” it’s no wonder they call me the bad boy of hockey. Opponents curse me. Fans scream my name—in the arena and in other, much more private places. Penalties or not, I’m not afraid to dish out a little pain. But pleasure? That’s my weakness. And no one knows it better than my best friend, Cassie Desrosiers. I’d have to be blind not to notice her rocking body and teasing grin. So when she invites me along on a trip to Vegas, my curiosity isn’t the only thing that’s aroused.

Cassie: Chase Barrett is a world-class A-hole. As his best friend, I’m allowed to call him on his BS. Who else is going to do it? Certainly not the puck bunnies swooning at every flex of his biceps. Everyone knows that Chase is the love-’em-and-leave-’em type. There’s no such thing as commitment for the king of casual hookups. So why should I care? Maybe because all work and no play makes me a sexually frustrated girl. It’s time to put the hockey stud at my beck and call to good use . . . but after a week in Vegas with Chase, I might never want to go back to the real world.

Praise for Bad Reputation

“[Nicole] Edwards opens the Bad Boys of Sports contemporary romance series with a steamy, fun novel. . . . Readers will appreciate that Chase and Cassie are more than just two hot bodies going horizontal at the first opportunity. They are surrounded by friends and family who add nuance and depth (and some family drama) to their passionate romance.”Publishers Weekly

“The friends-to-lovers trope is a tricky one, and Edwards manages it well in her first Bad Boys of Sports novel.”RT Book Reviews

“Sinfully fun and exciting! The chemistry was off the charts. Nicole Edwards sure does know how to write the bad boys of sports!”New York Times bestselling author L. P. Dover

“An incredibly sexy story with some fun and exciting twists. . . . Bad Reputation was a fun escape from my day.”—Red Cheeks Reads

“It’s the gentle looks and touches, the subtleties that make Bad Reputation so magnetic.”—Heroes and Heartbreakers
“I adore the last few chapters of this book! If you enjoy friends-to-lovers stories, make sure to read Bad Reputation.”—Shh Moms Reading

This sexy standalone novel includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781524796570
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Series: Bad Boys of Sports , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 29,338
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nicole Edwards lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, their three kids, and four rambunctious dogs. When she’s not writing about sexy alpha males, Nicole can often be found with a book in hand or making an attempt to keep the dogs happy. You can find her hanging out on Facebook and interacting with her readers—even when she’s supposed to be writing.

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As I pull my Dodge Charger Hellcat into my best friend’s driveway the following night, I briefly scan the car parked directly behind Cassie’s BMW. I’m thinking Cass might have company. A good friend would probably put the car in reverse and head home.

I’m not that friend.

Grinning, I unfold myself from the car, hit the key fob to lock it, and stroll up to the front door, choosing to ignore the things I don’t care about. Namely, the tricked-out Lexus in the driveway.

I don’t even pause as I insert my key into the lock, twist, and then let myself into the house.

And, okay, fine. The car behind Cassie’s isn’t a Lexus and it’s not tricked out. More like a Jaguar. Base model. Small dent, front fender—probably crappy driver.

“At least she didn’t change the locks like she threatened to do,” I mumble when I walk into the foyer, not even bothering to knock. If the woman wanted me to exhibit manners, she wouldn’t have given me a key. I mean, Cassie Desrosiers knows me better than anyone else. We’ve been friends for a whopping nine years. If she knows nothing else, she’s at least aware that I’m not big on social niceties and all that crap.

Closing the door, I give a one-sided knuckle bump to the weird iron sculpture sitting on a marble table in the foyer. Cassie has some sort of fascination with abstract art. And by abstract, I mean awful. Shaking my head because I still haven’t figured out what the damn thing is, I hang my keys on what very well could be a metal dick before pausing in the living room.

Hmm. All is quiet.

Time to announce my presence.

“Honey, I’m home!” I glance right, then left, then make a beeline for the refrigerator. I need a beer.

Still no Cassie.

Where the heck is she?

I know she’s got my Leinenkugel’s in the fridge because she’s good like that, and I intend to make myself acquainted with one while I wait. I twist off the top, then turn when I hear footsteps on the hardwood in the hallway.

“Chase. I . . . uh . . . What are you doing here?” Cassie steps into the living room, her blue-gray eyes wide with what I can only assume is surprise. I’m not sure why she’s shocked to see me, I stop by all the damn time just to chill, watch TV, play pool, talk. We’ve been hanging out pretty much since the day I met her, so you’d think she would be used to me dropping in for the hell of it.

“You invited me?”

Cassie’s dark eyebrows dart downward. “I did not.”

“Well, you should have.” I’m curious as to what she’s doing, why she’s acting so damn weird.


She’s cute when she chastises me.

“What? I needed a beer. I’m out.” I hold up the bottle to show her that I’ve retrieved one on my own. I’ve noticed her hostess skills are lacking.

“Chase! You can’t just barge in without calling me first.”

Ever hear someone shout when whispering? Well, Cassie has clearly perfected the art. Her voice is so low, it’s a wonder any sound comes out at all, her eyes darting down the hall.


I’m smart. I know what’s going on here, even if I choose to pretend otherwise. Based on my deductions, the shitty driver of the crappy Jaguar is down the hall.

I don’t speak, choosing to take a long pull on my beer and watch while Cassie has a minor freak-out moment.
I mean, seriously. She looks to be in a panic. Mind you, I’m probably a good twenty feet away, across the spacious open-concept living room that acts as the center of the house, so it very well could be a trick of the lighting.

I squint to be sure.

Nah. I doubt the recessed lights are putting that glimmer of alarm in her eyes.

While I sip my beer, I move closer, bypassing the marble-covered island and the bizarre barstools she found at a flea market. Then over to the sectional sofa that separates the living room from the hallway that leads to her bedroom.

I lift my head slightly so I can see over the back of the black leather cushions.

That’s when I notice she’s not wearing any pants.

Interesting development.

I give her a good once-over, starting with her bare feet on the Travertine tile and working my way up. Past her sexy calves, then higher. I quickly become aware of the fact that the woman is wearing a man’s button-down shirt, the tails hovering right at her cute little dimpled knees.

Oh, shit.

I laugh, can’t help it.

“Did I interrupt a booty call?” My eyes immediately dart to the hallway.

That explains the Jaguar out front. And her weirdness.

And it also proves that my timing is impeccable. I’m good like that.

“Shut up,” she hisses. “Now go away before he sees you.”

“Aww, come on, Cass. You can’t throw me out. Where will I go?”

She frowns. “You have your own house, if I do recall.”

I shrug, then tilt the beer to my lips. “Worried he’ll be freaked out and think your husband’s home?”

Suddenly a man appears at her side, his eyes wide as he glances over at me. His attire is opposite of Cassie’s. I mean, obviously, since Cassie’s wearing his shirt, but thankfully the douchebag has on pants.

That could have been awkward.

“Husband?” The guy’s eyes enlarge, practically bulging out of their sockets.

Dude is rocking some seriously messed-up hair. Now that I think about it, he looks like one of those troll doll things.

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Bad Reputation: A Bad Boys of Sports Novel 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
5 Star review of Bag Reputation (Bad Boys of Sports #1) by Nicole Edwards What's a girl to do when her best friend is Chase “Sin” Barrett, a hot, alpha bad boy of ice hockey? Invite him to Vegas; well that's what Cassie Desrosiers decides to do, she works hard and now has decided it is time to play hard and who better to help her than Chase. Chase has puck bunnies swooning at his feet, all wanting to hook up with the love em and leave em bad boy and of course being known as “Sin” gives you an indication of just how naughty he can be, both on and off the ice. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Not always. The chemistry between Chase and Cassie is smoldering. I loved the build up and how they build on their friendship until they simply sizzle together.. One of the things I most enjoy about Nicole Edwards’ books is that she doesn’t just focus on the two main characters; she always ensures we get an overall story with no one being left out. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.
DaneWeimMama More than 1 year ago
Bad Reputation was an ok read for me. I liked the story & I thought the characters were well rounded & interesting. There was just a lot of repeating- by the 4th page it had been established several times that they were just friends. The sexy time was smoking & I loved their happy ending. I just think it could have been reached a lot earlier. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Ginka More than 1 year ago
5 stars. Loved it! Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. Chase, star hockey player and his bestfriend Cassie have been friends since college. Chase is the player with the ladies and Cassie rarely dates concentrating on her career. Chase has secretly been in love with Cassie as his dads know, but Cassie has him in the friend zone since she doesn't want to be another notch on his bedpost and the horrific relationship she has with her mom who is on husband number 5 keeps Cassie from believing in love or longterm relationships. Trip to Vegas and things take a turn. Wow the books was so good I couldn't put it down. I know have a new author to check out books from.
lisareads More than 1 year ago
This book has good writing and Cassie and Chase go from friends to lovers, one of my favorite genres. I did get a little irritated with Cassie for her oblivious nature and somewhat selfishness, but Chase also known as Sin was sexy and likeable. The banter between them was fun and even quirky.
voraciousreaderKB More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this friends to lovers story. It is a mixture of sweetness, sexiness and laughter. This is a fun and entertaining story about two friends who are afraid to show their true feelings for each other because they are sure it will ruin their friendship. Chase plays professional hockey for the Texas Tornados. He is a big, gruff guy with a charming, protective and caring side. Chase has had a secret crush on his best friend, Cassie for years but he keeps her in the friend zone because he is afraid if they started a romantic relationship and it didn't work out, he would lose his best friend. Chase is funny, and just an all around nice guy. He is the bad boy of hockey and has a reputation as a manwhore. Women are always falling all over Chase. He uses the women for sex but it is his best friend, Cassie who he spends all his time with. Cassie is smart and driven and has a successful career with a software company. She is a workaholic and doesn't have time to date and would never think of having a one night stand. She is prim and proper and the exact opposite of Chase in every way. She refuses to depend on anyone, especially a man. This is a captivating storyline with engaging characters. I like both Chase and Cassie. They have a great friendship and they care about each other but have to continually fight their mutual attraction to each other. Since meeting in college, they have always been there for each other and even though they are total opposites, they bring out the best each other. I also enjoyed Cassie's best friend Natalie and all the other secondary characters in this story. The story is told from alternate POV’s so we know what both the characters are feeling. This is the first book in the the Bad Boy of Sports series and I can't wait to read more. I was given an advanced copy of this book to write an honest review for Netgalley and Cocktails and Books.
Momma_Becky More than 1 year ago
Bad Reputation grabs the reader's attention pretty quickly as characters are introduced and we learn about the friendship between Chase and Cassie. The characters are interesting and the dialogue is often witty and fun. While Chase is a bad boy on the ice, I wouldn't necessarily call him that when it comes to romance. A playboy, yes, but that doesn't make him a bad boy. His best friend who, according to the blurb, calls him on his BS, even mentions what a great guy he is and how well he treats women. That aside, the story is engaging at the beginning, but begins to fizzle soon thereafter. The pacing is almost agonizingly slow at times and I found myself wondering if there was actually going to be any romance. Things do start to heat up between Cassie and Chase, but the turnaround in Cassie's behavior seemed a bit much, considering how career driven she is up to that point. The writer is certainly talented and the premise is good, but the pacing made it too easy to set aside for something else.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
chase "sin" barrett is a bad boy on and off the ice. his favorite thing to do in the whole world besides playing hockey is hang out with his best friend cassie and give her sass. he says it's because she the one person in the world he knows he can count on. but it's more than that. because chase really wants in her pants. he just happens to be self-aware enough to realize that it's not a very good idea. and cassie is a smart girl. she knows better than to get entangled with her best friend with the bad reputation. but when cassie brings chase on a work trip to vegas all bets are off. because what happens in vegas, stays in vegas, right? except maybe the sizzle between them is too strong to keep denying and after vegas how can they go back to the friend zone? especially when chase realizes that maybe cassie is it for him. and he knows that he's the only one for her. he just has to prove it. **bad reputation will publish on october 3, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing group (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.
JoannaDursi More than 1 year ago
TBH some of the early reviews I read had me worried because they weren’t very favorable. But I always stick to my guns and like to form my own opinions. I really enjoyed Chase & Cassie’s story. It wasn’t the “same old” friends to lovers romance. I truly love when the typical roles are reversed and the man is the one that has feelings for his female friend. They really have a great relationship and have me rolling from laughter most of the time. I can’t wait to meet the stars of the next installment.
SaraBetty More than 1 year ago
Friends to Lovers Story ~ Enjoyed the book but found it to be totally predictable - knew page content before I turned the page - some threads were left hanging and the second book in the series has nothing to do with the first... Even the sex was redundant in this one... Between delete and archive this one, for me, is a delete..
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
A new sports series from Nicole Edwards and if Bad Reputation is anything to go by she has another hit series on her hands. Chase and Cassie have been best friends for nine years, he is living the playboy lifestyle of a hockey superstar, the man known as Sin is a love and leave them type of guy the only woman who has been in is life for more than a few nights is Cassie, Cassie is a VP for an iT company and needs help on a business trip to Vegas and as always Chase is her first point of call, "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas " not so for these besties. What Chase and Cassie share is a friendship I'm sure we would all love to have in our life and I think that's why this story feels so real, the storyline flows and as with all of Nicole Edwards books every character is strong not just the Stars of the book. The chemistry is sizzling and the banter is perfect, I laughed and I shed a tear or two but that's what made this a perfect read for me. I'm looking forward to meeting more Stars from the Bad Boys of Sports because this author knows her sports and she doesn't compromise the game to give us a story.
Colleen_Snibson More than 1 year ago
Every time I pick up a book by this author, I love it. I love how she writes her characters and the stories she spins. This book is no different. I love sports romances (which is strange because I don't follow any sports in real life) and I love friends-to-lover romances (which could be because my husband and I had that), and this story has both, so I was in heaven reading this. I loved Chase and Cassie's whole relationship. I could have just kept reading about their story, so I was sad when I got to the end and it finished.
whatsbetterthanbooks More than 1 year ago
Witty, sexy, and delightfully romantic! Bad Reputation is a passionate friends-to-more rom-com about the sinfully, delicious Chase, who finds it harder and harder to keep his attraction for his best friend a secret, and the focused and determined Cassie who realizes that sometimes things happen for a reason, and everything she's ever wanted may be standing right in front of her. The writing is crisp. The characters, including all the supporting characters, are fun-loving, charismatic, and lovable. And the plot is a perfect blend of emotion, drama, heat, sassy dialogue, hilarious hijinks, sporty action, unconditional friendship and true love.  I would have to say that this is definitely one of my favourite reads of the year. I loved the story, I loved the chemistry, and I loved the characters. It had everything I look for in a light-hearted rom-com and more. Bad Reputation is a fantastic start to the new Bad Boys of Sports series by Edwards, and now I will have to patiently wait for the next novel in the series, Bad Business, not due to be published until March 2018.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Oh my goodness I loved this story! Chase is freaking hilarious in this book. I laughed out loud several times. He was unreal. I loved how he acted with Cassie. Their best friendship was beautiful, honest, fun, and simply perfect. It really makes you want what they have. Cassie was such a strong, independent woman. I liked her throughout the book. There wasn't a time when I didn't like these characters. I was saddened when they were not communicating honestly with each other. But when it all worked out, it was heartwarming. Plus there was a side story with Cassie's best friend with Chase' s best friend. This was my first book of Ms. Edwards to read, but I know it won't be my last. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
CLPetit1956 More than 1 year ago
An outstanding best friends to lovers sports romance story with a bit of sweetness and a whole lotta steaminess. Bad Reputation is one book that will have you hooked from the get go. I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Sizzling Chemistry! This is the first story by Nicole Edwards that I have read and it definitely won’t be my last. This was a fast paced friends to lovers Romance. This story was so freaking entertaining. I loved the flirty fun vibe this story had going on. Everything about it was great from their trusting and close friendship to one another as well as Chase’s secret feelings for Cassie. I had so much fun reading it. I was smiling and laughing and l really enjoyed getting to know both Cassie and Chase and watch their relationship grow into more. If you want to read something entertaining, sweet and sexy, with a nice amount of heat and some mild drama this is it. I voluntarily requested and reviewed an ARC of this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow - fun fun fun! Friends to lovers story - I highly recommend. Kudos to the author for a great start to a new series.
micharch More than 1 year ago
Chase and Cassie have been friends since college. Now Cassie is 28 and working towards her goal to lead her entire department at the tech company she works for. Chase is pursuing his dream and is a left-winger on the Texas Tornadoes NHL team. They eat dinner together, go out together and enjoy the company of each other. They each have defined their relationship as being in the friend-zone only. Cassie has issues that stem from her mother looking for husband no. 5 in the hopes that he will make all of her dreams come true. Cassie knows her mother is crazy but projects her mother's bad decision making into her mantra to never have a relationship or get married. She was very intelligent in her business, but not in her personal life. Chase knows he feels more for Cassie but buries it because he knows she would not be receptive. It was a shame how much he kept his feelings to himself because of Cassie's inability to act like a grown-up when it came to relationships. Chase has two dads, has grown up accepting of others and although he has a bad reputation for fighting on the ice, he really is a good guy. He puts Cassie before himself over and over again. Cassie pretty much had no friends, no social interactions and thought that she was doing fine because she had her work. I struggled to like her at points because she was self-centered to the point that she didn't even notice other people, let alone what they were feeling. Her work ethic was beyond reproach but the fact she was doing it because it was the opposite of her mother was not a good thing. She definitely had to deal with her issues and grow up and concede that she was not her mother and never would be. Chase agrees to go to Vegas at a conference where Cassie is the keynote speaker. Things do not go as planned and something unexpected occurs there. The fact that Cassie was the one who pushed for it and then acted like it was a dare later didn't strike me as being truthful to herself or Chase. Chase was afraid to confront her after he realizes what happened and it spoke volumes to me of how much Cassie caused him to stress out over his true feelings. Cassie finds herself at a crossroads and acted like a toddler at points. She honestly thought she could walk in and salvage her career because of her past performance. That was naive beyond words. Chase knows he has to tread carefully and I did like his patience. I also liked how he called her on her BS when warranted and stood up for himself. It was interesting how it all played out. The book was an easy read and kept me interested throughout the story. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
A fun, lighthearted story I enjoyed reading. This romantic comedy sizzles with a story about two people who’ve known each other for close to a decade, have done everything to avoid romantic messes especially one with each other. Bad Reputation is a fun read that balances sexy times and sweet moments. The banter between the protagonists is appealing, which makes the book that much easier to read. We meet Chase Barret who is presented as the bad boy of hockey. An NHL player who’s not afraid to throw down his gloves on the ice, nor use his charm off the ice with the ladies. As of late though, he’s only interested in keeping company with his BFF, Cassie Desrosiers, whose sexy curves and smarts have never escaped his notice. He’d never act on it though because that could ruin their friendship, that is until she invites him on a business trip to Las Vegas and things don’t go exactly as planned. Cassie is a business oriented woman. She’s determined to succeed in her career in order to never have to depend on anyone. When she met Chase in college she made this abundantly clear, thus paving the way for a great friendship. His player ways suit her commitment-phobia perfectly until one drink too many allows them to explore the incredible chemistry between them. But when they don’t just blur the friendship line, they shatter it, can Chase convince Cassie they do actually belong together? I had some trouble with Cassie’s character, although a bit oblivious and selfish up until the half-way point she was of a strong, independent, responsible woman, and then she does a complete one eighty. A sticking point for my reading enjoyment. Chase’s point of view on the other hand was thoroughly amusing and enjoyable. He’s absolutely adorable. He has no qualms in sabotaging Cassie’s dates because from the beginning he knew she’s the one for him. Even though he’s introduced as a player, all his attention is centered on Cassie. I loved the easy rapport between them, it feels very real and absolutely sweet. Bad Reputation is book #1 in the Bad Boys of Sports series by Nicole Edwards. It is a full length contemporary romance, with easy and fun dialogue that keeps you involved and smiling. Told from both points of view with a happy ending.
TerryL56 More than 1 year ago
Chase has been dubbed the Bad Boy of Hockey because he enjoys the single life. Cassie is a top executive in the technology industry and is a workaholic. Chase and Cassie have been best friends for nine years, knowing that if they took it to the next level, they would wreck their friendship. But when Cassie has a conference in Las Vegas, she invites Chase along so they can let loose in Las Vegas at night as her conference is during the day. The first night there, they get really drunk on tequila and neither one remembers the thing. The second night the tequila doesn't flow as well as the first night, but they have a good time and things get out of hand and they have a passion filled night. Then one thing after another goes wrong for Cassie from there on out. Although I really enjoyed the story, I didn't think that Chase was a really "bad boy" because he hadn't been with a woman in six months. And I thought that Cassie was just a bit too prim and proper to turn into a lush in Vegas. They seemed to be polar opposites to be best friends. But the sex scenes were steamy, steamy, steamy! I received an ARC copy from Random House - Loveswept through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. This was a best friend to lovers book. Chase and Cassie were completely opposites but they had been each others best friend for years. Chase was a famous hockey player, and I always love story of hockey players, thru out the book, both Chase and Cassie, insisted that they were just friends, nothing else, however when we read Chase's thoughts, he admitted that he liked Cassie for more than just friendship but he never crossed that line because he did not want to lose her. Cassie, was a big executive, but she finally at a time in her life that she felt like she wanted a relationship, she never thought that she wanted that since she did not have a good example in her mother, but again insisted that Chase was just her friend. They went to Vegas, and everything happened, and I will not give you the details, but all hell broke lose, and the truth comes out, and misunderstandings take place, but eventually we get out HEA. I personally wanted my own Chase...
christy-womack More than 1 year ago
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book Chase Barrett and Cassie Desrosiers have been best friends since they met in college. Cassie is one year older then Chase at 28 and is a workaholic. Chase is a hot as "Sin" Hockey player for the NHL. His nick name is "Sin" because he spends so much time in the penalty box even has held the record for this. Chase LOVES the game and plays with passion with a take no Sh*t attitude. He heckles others until they lose their cool. This story has a little game play in it but it is more about Chase and Cassie's relationship. How they went from BFF"s to Lovers. Chase has always wanted more then just friendship with Cassie but knew her feelings about relationships all due to her mother. But when Cassie invites Chase to go to Vegas with her for a conference where she has been asked to be the keynote speaker for her company. Cassie knows that this is an amazing chance for her to show that she would be wonderful for the promotion she thinks she is getting from VP to President of the company. BUT the first night that they are in Vegas Chase and Cassie go down to the hotel bar and after way to many tequila shots things get a little blurry between them. I dont want to give anything away but OMG I LOVED this story so so so much. Not only did I love Chase's snarky attitude and smart mouth. I LOVED that he had Dad's such a great surprise to read! (do not see that often) and I LOVED how he was about his Dad and Cheif! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book!
tsmb02 More than 1 year ago
Chase Barrett and Cassie Desrosiers are best friends and have been since college. They have NEVER crossed that line because they value their friendship too much, but lately they both have been secretly wondering "what if". Cassie is an executive VP for an IT company and has been selected to be the keynote speaker at the big Technology conference in Las Vegas, NV to talk about her company's new app she is in charge of launching. Chase is the bad boy of hockey and even has the nickname of Sin, both on and off the court! Of course the only person who can put Chase in his place is Cassie. After losing their game that would have put them into the playoffs, Chase heads to Cassie's place for some cheering up. He's not happy when he realizes some guy is already at her place. Chase lets himself into Cassie's place and that's when the fun begins. This scene was so LOL funny! One thing leads to another and all of sudden Chase is going to go with Cassie to Vegas. While in Las Vegas, Chase and Cassie get completely drunk and have the attitude "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". As most people know, that is never the case. Now they both must figure out what is happening and where they should from there. I loved Chase. He was so fun and cocky and such a dirty talker! Cassie is fun and sweet and the responsible one. The journey these two went on to get to their happy ending was fun, adventurous and emotional. I laughed, cried and swooned. I really enjoyed this friends to lovers story.
KindleKat64 More than 1 year ago
I am a huge Nicole Edwards fan and this is a fantastic first book in her newest series!! I just adore Chase and Cassie!! This book had two things I love: the best friends to lovers trope and hockey, doesn't get much better than that for me. This storyline is amazing and I just love the way everything plays out for Chase and Cassie. He is the sexy bad boy of hockey and she has been his best friend since she tutored him in college 9 years earlier. That is where any similarities to other stories ends. Ms. Edwards takes us on a journey I know I won't soon forget. I laughed, I swooned, I teared up some, and I probably even blushed a bit. There are some incredibly sexy steamy scenes between these two. What would you expect after 9 years of bottled up love and passion is finally unleashed. Absolutely LOVE the epilogue! 5 sweet and steamy stars! Pick this one up, you will be happy you did.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
An enjoyable friends to lovers story. I will say I was expecting more of a bad boy in Chase but he was actually a really nice guy and I liked that about him. I love sports romance books and the ones that don't have a player H are always a nice surprise. Cassie was a likeable heroine. She was smart and beautiful, if maybe a little to prim. However, she sure loosened up when they finally got together. I'm not always sold on the friends to lovers scenario but the author did a good job with the reasons they were friends for so long. It made sense and worked for this book. No cheating or abuse and very mild other woman/men drama. ARC provided by NetGalley.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Cassie and Chase have been best friends for ten years. Cassie has never thought to have more with Chase but he can’t say the same. Their relationship is relaxed, comforting and gives them both peace. When a trip to Vegas brings about some drunken decisions, this couple is left reeling. But it’s not what you may think. (Well, it is, but it isn’t.) There is an unexpected surprise that carried this story from predictable to intriguing. I loved Chase and his inner monologues. He knew who he was and accepted it, embraced it and flaunted it. Through it all he’s afraid of losing Cassie. I couldn’t get enough of him. He was perfectly imperfect and that just made me crave him more. Cassie has never seen what fidelity and commitment look like. She’s not looking for a happy ever after because they simply don’t exist. What she can be sure of is that Chase will always be there for her, as long as they remain friends. I loved this book! It was lighthearted and fun, passionate and steamy and written in a style that flowed. I was totally invested in these characters from the very beginning. Friends to lovers don’t always work well for me. I like my hero to be all in with the heroine from the moment they meet. However, I knew going in that this couple had been friends for ten years and the likelihood of that was highly improbable. I was correct. However, this author presented this story and these characters in such a manner that I was okay with that. If you love friends to lovers, hockey players, an awesome male POV, then you are definitely going to want to read this one! This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and Random House – Loveswept. Dual POV No apparent Triggers Safety - (view spoiler)