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BASE: The Edge of Reality

BASE: The Edge of Reality

by Robert Adamson
BASE: The Edge of Reality

BASE: The Edge of Reality

by Robert Adamson



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Have you ever felt as if your reality is an illusion? Have you ever wondered why we are alone in the universe?

BASE: The Edge of Reality 2nd Edition is a must-read if you want answers. But be warned, this book is a mind-bender.

Skyler Anderson is a handsome young tour guide sailing the Napali Coast in Kauai. One day a mysterious, inexplicable rainbow leads him on a journey where he encounters a team of software engineers and scientists secretly working on a solution for interstellar flight.

He teams up with a beautiful astronomer and finds island romance, friendship, and a breathtaking adventure to the stars.

Yet only one original Base Civilization would be the first. Who was the old Monk that called himself the Keeper of the Gateless Gate? What caused the rainbow aberration?

Imagine a future from where you explore endless worlds and repeatedly live an entire life anywhere and at any time of your choosing.

----------- Excerpts -----------

James paused and surveyed the shocked silent press. Then taking his time, he smiled before continuing.
"In honor of an ancestor of mine, Robert Louis Stevenson, we named the first starship Hispaniola. We are going treasure hunting, and the treasure we seek is an island in the sky. We intend to explore the wonders of a vast new star system."


Reaching the falls, he washed the sand from the front of his body but couldn't get to all the sand on his back. He heard a girl's voice from behind.
"Looks like you got hit by a big one," she said.
He turned around to see a gorgeous, completely naked girl standing in the waterfall with him. "Oh yeah, got burned by that one. Wasn't paying enough attention."
"You need any help getting the sand off your back? I've got a sponge. I'll wash yours if you'll wash mine."
"Okay," said Skyler.
After helping each other, he thanked the friendly girl and ran back to where Anchor was sitting, and unfortunately for him, watching. He plopped down onto the blanket with a big smile. "I'm starved."
Nothing but silence—his clue that something bad was coming.
"What was that all about?" asked Anchor with an onerous glare.
"What?" Skyler answered nonchalantly and kicked at the sand with his bare feet.


Pulling even closer, Skyler studied his friend, whose young clear blue eyes permeated with a wild, almost fearful, curiosity. "For two hundred thousand years, we've underestimated the creativity of the original explorers. Given what these Base Civilization inhabitants accomplished, we should have been more diligent. We have uncovered an advanced neutrino shield on Varuna. It has a Babylonian diaglyph on the surface! We've found them, Strant."


"Sorry, old-timer. I didn't mean to scare you."
Strant kneeled and pulled open the man's right hand. He folded in the Admiral's wad of cash and gently closed the wrinkled fingers. "Sleep well tonight," Strant whispered.
The Keeper watched as the carefree surfer turned and strolled whistling through the shadows toward the beach. He continued watching with curiosity as the young man paddled out to sea.

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About the Author

Robert Adamson is a software engineer and writer. He was born in Utah and graduated from the University of Utah in Computer Science. He is married with six adventurous children. He loves the island of
Kauai and science fiction and mountain biking.

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