Basic Music Theory

Basic Music Theory

by Joe Procopio
Basic Music Theory

Basic Music Theory

by Joe Procopio

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BASIC MUSIC THEORY By Joe Procopio Basic Music Theory by Joe Procopio is the only music theory book to receive the coveted 5 Star Award from the respected International Book Review Company Reader’s Favorite. It is simply the best and easiest to read book about the basics in music. It teaches you how to quickly hear and understand everything essential in the art of sound. Basic Music Theory by Joe Procopio is designed for the non-musician and the musician alike. It is the first step to take for anyone who is not trained as a musician but who wants to become one. It is also a sure step for many musician’s to complete their understanding of the tools of music and the core vocabulary used in the craft. Now, for the first time, an inexpensive, easy to read, easy to understand text is available for everyone to know what chords, scales, keys, notes and intervals are. More importantly, Basic Music Theory by Joe Procopio will not only give you the necessary knowledge needed to know the art of music but it will also provide you with the critical skills required to create your own. In addition, the author has included his own unique 48 Chord System that allows anyone to learn all their chords in one easy enjoyable exercise. This exclusive piece can be played with one hand on the piano ( and on other instruments ) by anyone - as is shown in the book. This exercise alone is worth more than the value of many music textbooks. “Basic Music Theory eliminates all fear of music. It helps you become a musician with confidence; a master musician. It is specifically written to magnify your love of music and, in doing so, will greatly enhance and enrich your life.” “To be sure, I have had more than 50 years of successful teaching and performing for many of the nation’s top recording artists behind me using the techniques found in this book. Thousands of people, many of them successful students and artists from all over the world, have sent me personal testimonials to confirm their musical achievements and their joy.

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ISBN-13: 9781483566962
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 03/31/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 80
File size: 9 MB

Table of Contents

BASIC MUSIC THEORY By Joe Procopio TABLE OF CONTENTS Some Signs And Symbols .... 4 Naming Musical Tones .... 5 Knowing Kinds Of Notes .... 8 Dotted Notes .... 9 Time Signatures .... 10 Understanding All Time Signatures .... 11 The General Meaning Of Step And Stepwise .... 12 Whole Steps And Half Steps .... 13 The Specific Meaning Of Sharps And Flats .... 14 Finding Sharps And Flats .... 15 The Specific Meaning Of Whole Step And Half Step .... 17 Enharmonic Tones .... 19 The Chromatic Scale .... 20 Reviewing Half Steps And Whole Steps .... 21 The Tetrachord .... 22 The Major Scale .... 23 Keys And Key Signatures .... 26 The Major Keys (With The Relative Minor) .... 27 The Relative Minor .... 28 Intervals .... 29 The Specific Naming Of Intervals .... 30 The Harmonic Series .... 31 Naming Altered Intervals .... 32 Further Alterations Of Intervals .... 33 ©2016 Joe Procopio JoeCopio Music LLC International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved BASIC MUSIC THEORY By Joe Procopio TABLE OF CONTENTS Continued Compound Intervals .... 34 Two Methods For The Specific Naming Of Intervals - Method I .... 35 Method II .... 37 A Summary For Naming Intervals .... 41 Chords .... 42 Chord Qualities - The 5 Basic Chord Qualities Of Triads .... 43 A Guide To The Various Letter Names Of Triads .... 45 Seventh Chords .... 46 The 5 Basic Chord Qualities Of Seventh Chords .... 47 Inversions - Naming Chords That Are Inverted .... 50 More Inversions .... 53 A Guide To Some Of The Various Symbols Used To Name 7th Chords .... 54 Naming Chords With No Root The Augmented Triad And The Fully Diminished Seventh Chord .... 55 How Knowing 4 Augmented Chords Means Knowing All 12 .... 56 How Knowing Only 4 Fully Diminished 7th Chords Means Knowing All 12 .... 57 A Guide To A Few Less Frequently Used Chords .... 59 An Easy Method For Learning 7th Chords .... 60 The 48 Chord System .... 61 The 4 Most Common 7th Chord Qualities { Learn All Your Chords }In One Easy Exercise .... 63 ADDENDUM { A Reference For Keys, Scales and Chords } .... 67

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