Beautiful Broken

Beautiful Broken

by Nazarea Andrews

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She's been broken by her past. He's been breaking for as long as he can remember.
Together, they can make each other whole--or destroy each other.

When his best friend asks for something, Dane rarely says no. But babysitting a newly sober Scout Grimes for three weeks isn't exactly a normal request. And with their history, it's a recipe for disaster. Not to mention, she's drop dead gorgeous and he can't touch her.

There are few people Scout trusts as much as Dane Guillot. He's always been her safe place, where nothing can hurt her. He's also been the only man she's never let herself want--screwing up their friendship isn't worth one amazing night together.

They have too much history, and too much personal baggage to ever work. But if they are willing to take a chance on love--it might be worth the risk.

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BN ID: 2940148761983
Publisher: A&A Literary
Publication date: 09/20/2013
Series: Unversity of Branton , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 273
Sales rank: 744,245
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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Beautiful Broken 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
NerdAlertBL More than 1 year ago
****I was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Nerd Alert Book Love Blog**** Scout Grimes is Atticus' little sister. She is and has more problems than she is worth. One night 6 years ago, Scout's safety, trust, and happiness was taken from her. For the past 6 years, she has turned to drugs to cope with her life. But now she's being released from rehab into the hands and safety of her brother's best friend Dane. Will she be able to pull her life together?  Dane Guillot is a sexy, gorgeous,  but also broken man. He is a lawyer and owns his own practice but outside of work he has issues from his past that haunt him. Dane is a recovering addict as well but now he uses sex to hide from what is really going on in his life and in his head. And how the beautiful little sister of his best friend is left in his care. Can he keep it together to help her out or will he let the past destroy him?  "...Scout,  I want to help you. I would kill to help you - this isn't me doing Atti a favor. Don't ever think that..." Scout and Dane completely understand each other. They both know what it's like to be broken by their pasts. Can they face their past demons or will they turn back to drugs? Can they help each other piece together what has been broken or will they break each other further?  And what will happen when Scout's past comes crashing back in?  Beautiful Broken is the second book in The University of Branton series. This is a well written and played out story. I really like Scout. I love how strong and brave she is,  and how determined she is. Dane is one hot damaged alpha male that you just want to surround and comfort him. I really liked everything about this book but Atticus and Avery's behavior in it. So with that being said I give it a Nerd Alert B or 4 stars!  
chucha_13 More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars  She was broken, lost and scared – and he was always her safe. Scout had just came out from rehab, and she was thrown into Dane’s. Not exactly what she expected, but her brother was busy. She had always trusted him, she never felt more secure and safe than in his arms, it was only him who could fight all her nightmares away. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, and no one, even her brother, could understand her the way he does. He had been through it, and survived it unscathed. She wished she could do it too. But, Dane is also the man she could never want. He is her brother’s best friend, and destroying their friendship because of something not sure would not be a good idea. Dane can never say no to Atti, especially when it comes to Scout. So bringing Scout into his home for three weeks isn’t really something out of the ordinary. He had been taking care of her since then, but looking at her right now, all grown up and pretty – it will just stir up trouble, especially when he needed to put his hands off her. Is he strong enough to do it? When two broken people who had too much baggage, too much history and too much issue find their way into each other’s arms – will it ever work? Will the risk be ever worth it? They can’t be together – he was a manwhore who sleeps around and leave girls, and he was to valuable in her life for her to lose him. Dane’s fear was Atti – how can he possibly tell his best friend that he wanted his sister when all he ever asked him was to keep her safe and sober? They were a bomb waiting to explode. And don’t hate me if I tell you, I was waiting for her to slip – after all, she had been slipping in the past. The darkness in her past was too much, and it was too painful for her to share to anyone else. She even couldn’t share it with Dane, which I really feel sad about. The fact that she felt safe around him, and he’s the only person she could trust and still she couldn’t tell him about that night. I wasn’t really happy with Atti in this novel. He cares about his sister, enough to put her Dane’s care since he won’t be around much because he was too busy with his book. But he never asked her what happened, what drove her into to do it. I wish he took the time to be with his sister, and talk to her, I knew it would have helped her move on, and bring them closer to each other. Scout had bottled it for a long time, and it was a surprise, when she finally asked for help. She tries her best to stay sober, to clean up her mess, and not to be tempted by Dane. But she had wanted him ever since that night, and ever since she was a kid. Question is – will she be ready to cross that line? I love the both of them – two people who need much love in the world. No matter how they lacked it, and how they seem to be broken, they were already enough for each other. They were the perfect match, and I love watching them jump out and take the leap – well, more of some baby steps because none of them are ever ready to make that major leap with both eyes open, or close. It took one angry Atti, and a fatal accident for them to realize that they were done walking around their emotions. This story is short, and I savored it in one sitting, unable to have myself to set it aside. Reading the blurb, I knew I’d love this part of the series, which thankfully could be read as a stand-alone. The sexual tension gave enough hit to spice up the romance, and the anticipation of the much-needed happy ending gave me all the reason to adore this novel! ¿Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.¿
kimberlyfaye More than 1 year ago
This is one of those series that, with each book I read, the more I kick myself for waiting so long to read it. I love the characters. I love Nazarea's writing. The books are flirty and sexy, but with a bit of an edge. I find myself simultaneously wanting to devour them in one sitting and wanting to savor them. The devouring most often wins out though. Once I start reading, I can't walk away... especially when a book starts off the way this one did. It was unexpected and I wanted to know more. Immediately.  Dane intrigued me in This Love. I was ecstatic to find out he was getting his own book. I wanted to know his story. Boy did I get it with this one. He made me a big ball of conflict. In one scene, I found myself wanting to hug him for being so caring and supportive of Scout and then next thing I knew, I wanted to yell at him for thinking with the brain not in his head. But, as the novel went on and I understood more about him, I felt like I "got" him and then I just wanted to hug him all the time. It didn't take me any time at all to warm up to Scout. The prologue made me empathize with her. No woman should have to go through what I suspected she did... and certainly not at 15 years old. Even though we don't know all of what happens in the years between the prologue and when Dane picked her up from rehab, it's easy to tell she has a wreck during that time. When she came back from rehab, I felt like she was really trying to put her life together. I wanted to see her succeed. I wanted to see Dane manage his demons. I wanted them to fix each other.  This book was both sweet and sexy. Super sexy. I loved watching Dane and Scout's relationship grow. These two beautifully broken people found a way to be whole again, together, and that's my favorite part of it all. Neither of them were perfect. They both made mistakes, but there's no doubt in my mind they're stronger together than they were apart. I hope we get a glimpse of them in the next book in the series.  I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Jazzie More than 1 year ago
Beautiful Broken is a touching story of painful pasts, heartache, anger, escape and coming to terms with it. Nazarea Andrews wrote a compelling story of two people needing each other without realizing it until the truths come out and the masks come off. Of course, there's the hot and bothered sexy parts, too, but Nazarea wrote it so beautifully that it didn't feel dirty and cheap....well, between Dane and Scout...anyways. Beautiful Broken is Dane and Scout's story. Both characters were first introduced in the first book This Love. However, this romance isn't like Atticus and Avery's story. Dane and Scout are both "broken" from their pasts. Before I even begin, I have got to warn you that this touches on some serious issues of drug abuse and sexual abuse that may be triggers for some. With that being said, I thought that Nazarea Andrews wrote a beautiful story about how these characters deal with their pasts. Again, like in This Love, secrets can either break you or make you stronger. Nazarea wrote with a lot of sensitivity and realism in regards to the issue of relationships, drug abuse, sexual abuse, rehab and therapy. There was compassion and empathy in Dane and Scout's story. As for the characters, Dane and Scout are so alike, but, yet, complicated, that they don't see how similar they are. I love how they interact with each other. Dane understands too well about what Scout is going through, and he keeps her secrets. Balancing his friendship with Atticus and love (even though he doesn't want to admit it) for Scout, weighs heavily on his mind. These two wears masks to hide the truth of what they fear and hurt from, but together Dane and Scout broke down and they reveal what they have been hiding. In a short span of time since Scout is released from rehab, both their worlds collide and they come together realizing that Dane and Scout need each other. In the end, both face the truths of their pasts and work on coming back from it. Dane and Scout's story touched my heart, brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh. Beautiful Broken is definitely an emotional whirlwind like Dane and Scout's relationship. Again, Nazarea Andrews wrote a realistic story dealing with complex and real issues.
The_Book_Queen More than 1 year ago
Ms. Andrews took me on a roller-coaster ride with Dane and Scout, ripping my heart out, stomping on it a few times, then crushing it with the hope of their future HEA, before putting it neatly back in my body. And yet I loved this crazy ride. I'm battered and worn, tired from all the problems that Dane and Scout have, but extremely happy. Beautiful Broken is an amazing book, telling the twisted tale of two “screw-ups” finding a way to cope, to heal, and to love. Know this—Beautiful Broken will not be the perfect book for every reader. It's not light, it's not fluffy and carefree. It is gritty, dark and full of angst and serious issues. Many readers may find it hard to read, or may find that some of the emotions and situations are triggers, pulling them out of the story. I almost had that response a few times—but Andrews kept my hooked, made me believe in these two. I'll be honest: I had a hard time with some of Dane's early actions, had a rough time believing in Scout, as her drug use is so different from the choices I have made in my life. But it was all needed to tell this story—and Andrews did a beautiful job at telling their story. Dane....he's complicated, messed up, with a past that drives him to do jerk-ish things. But he's sexy, he's strong enough to make something of his life, he's loyal to his best friend...and to Atticus' little sister, who should be off limits, but instead helps him to heal. I almost didn't want to love him, as his careless screws at the clubs pissed me off, but I soon understood part of the reason why he does these things. Andrews created a tortured hero who is sometimes a total ass, but who wants to be better for Scout, and I soon found myself in love with him. Tattoos, piercings, and all! As I said, I had a difficult time relating to Scout, but I came to respect her and even understand some of her problems. I was happy to see her stand up and take control of her sobriety, and could see that she was able to help Dane just as he was able to help her. They belonged together, it was as simple as that. I adored Andrews previous book (This Love), but I absolutely LOVED Beautiful Broken, and I will be rereading this one again and again. Reading this book broke me, but it also put me back together. Sexy as can be (Dane's a dirty talker at times, and so much of an alpha male, I melted with every smexy scene!), yet so beautiful and sweet, this is not your typical romance, but it's easily one of the best NA Romances I have read! Be prepared when you pick up this book. Your insides will be twisted and yanked, your heart broken a few times, but in the end, it's all worth it. WOW 5 STARS! ~ * ~ * ~ For my full review, including favorite book quotes, please visit my blog, TBQ's Book Palace. I received an e-ARC of this book from the author, via the tour host, in exchange for my honest opinion. TheBookQueen
lissasue25 More than 1 year ago
This is the 2nd book in the University of Branton series and it focuses on Dane - Atticus's best friend - and Scout - Atticus's sister. Scout is just getting out of rehab and trying to make it stick this time. Dane is letting her stay with him since Atticus is out of town so that he can finish his paper. To be honest, I absolutely adored Dane in This Love, even though he was a major a**. These two have a definite chemistry from the beginning and it is so interesting to see them tap dance around each other for awhile. But once they get past that, I love the storyline even more. Andrews is a wonderful writer who has a flare for making a book interesting even with no action between the two main characters. I'll be the first to admit that the prologue completely threw me and I was desperately trying to figure out exactly what went on. I was taken back by the mention if Dane's prior issues because I couldn't remember whether or not the topic was raised in book 1. But, I am definitely hoping that there is more to come from this author and this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KatelynTorrey More than 1 year ago
When I read the first book in the University of Branton series, This Love, I was introduced to two characters I was dying to know more about. It just so happens that I was not alone! I am thanking the book Gods and Goddesses today because Nazarea thought these two characters deserved their own book as well and thus Beautiful Broken was born…err published. We first meet Dane and Scout in This Love. With that being said, these two books can definitely be enjoyed separately but for the full effect, I do think you should read that one first. Anyways, moving on…in This Love you get little glimpses of just who Dane and Scout are and what their relationship appears to be. And then you start Beautiful Broken and Nazarea shows us that there is so much more to these two characters hiding behind the surface. This particular book starts off sometime after This Love ends. Scout is just getting out of rehab and Dane is there to take care of her just like always. It is easy to tell that Scout has had a troubled, troubled life. From drugs to many failed stints in rehab, to a life of partying and recklessness, and of course that one tragic night long ago that started it all. Even though Scout has tried and failed in the past to stay clean, she really means it this time and she works hard to stay away from drugs despite how hard it is for her. In this book she struggled with her addiction and deep scars from her past…a lot, but that never stopped her from trying to stay clean. Even though she saw herself as this broken person, I couldn’t help but think the opposite, that she was a strong, determined character. What I appreciated most about Scout, even more than her determination and strength, was the fact that she was so very human. She made mistakes, she struggled, she had moments in this book were she was almost at the breaking point. As crazy is it sounds for those things to be my favorite part, it is the truth. Nazarea has such a talent for writing characters that are flawed in the best way possible. Now here I am going on and on about Scout. And as great of a character as she is, I cannot forget about the one and only Dane. Let me start off by saying I HATED him in This Love. Okay, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but he dumped coffee on Avery. It’s hard to forget something like that! Despite my initial feelings regarding Dane, I couldn’t help but fall for him in this book. The same fierce protectiveness he has over his best friend, Atticus in This Love, is perhaps shadowed by his feelings for Scout in Beautiful Broken. I love, love, loved how much he clearly cares for her and how much he wants to protect her from the pain of her past. Dane proved to be as strong of a character as Scout. We learn that he is perhaps just as broken as she is but instead of turning to drugs now, he turns to women to cope with the loss of his mother and sister. Watching him support and take care of Scout during her time of need while also dealing with his own demons definitely redeemed him for me and made me almost totally forget the whole dumping of the coffee incident. The connection between these two was undeniably strong. Dane and Scout have known each other practically their entire lives. Dane has been almost like a second big brother to Scout and considering the fact that he was there to pick up the pieces every time she crumbled apart, you could even say he was much more than a big brother figure to her, he was more like her hero. Dane is just as loyal as he is protective towards his best friend. Seeing how torn he is between his growing feelings for Scout in the not-so-little-sister-way and his promise to Atticus that he would keep Scout safe only solidified that. With a whole lifetime of memories between them and of course Atticus, it would seem like a romance between these two is unlikely. But they each harbor such deep feeling for one another that when the romance does show up, it really shows up. It is no secret that my favorite types of romance is the “I really like you and we shouldn’t be together but we’re going to be anyway” kind and Nazarea hit it head on with these two. I could practically feel their passion for one another through the buttons on my nook. I adored Scout as a character, adored Dane as a character, and of course adored the history between them. And as much as I adored the romance and sexy times between them as well, I wish this story focused a little less than that and a little more on the underlying, deeper issues in the book. I LOVED that Nazarea focused on addiction and I LOVE that she also focused on rape. I thought she handled both topics, which can both be touchy, with such great care but it still felt a bit unfinished for me. The ending came somewhat abruptly and there was a whole lot going on in the last few chapters so perhaps that’s why I am feeling this way but at the same time, Dane’s issues with his father are left unresolved, Scout, drug free, yes, still has what I am assuming are tons of pent-up feelings after facing her rapist, and then there’s the whole Atticus finding out about them thing that still seemed unfinished to me. The story is great regardless, I just wish a few of those things were addressed a bit more in the last few chapters of the book. Beautiful Broken proved to be yet another great NA book by Nazarea Andrews. I didn’t think it would be possible but I fell for Dane and Scout’s story just a bit more than Atticus and Avery’s. I appreciated that there was a past between these two. Knowing each other and being there for one another for so many years allowed for a greater level of understanding between them. I loved the romance that built between Dane and Scout but even more, I loved that these two seemingly broken characters were there for one another when they each needed it most. If you read and loved This Love then you need to do yourself a favor and pick up Beautiful Broken real soon!