Becoming Ewe: A Woman's Journey from You to Ewe

Becoming Ewe: A Woman's Journey from You to Ewe

by Rhonda de la Moriniere


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Of all the animals in God's creation, He chose the weakest, most small-minded, timid, and defenseless to characterize us, His children. Yet He calls us, His sheep, to be the victorious conquerors of the earth, to stand in boldness against the rulers of this world and to overcome it.

How can such defenseless creatures ever even stand a chance? The answer is that we don't. Our only chance at victory is the follow the One who has already defeated this world. "If the LORD is my shepherd," do I truly want to follow Him, or am I expecting Him to follow me?

What does it mean to be truly shepherded by Him? That seems so scary and uncertain. It means I must give up my right to myself and allow Him to lead me where He thinks I should go. It means that this "you" must become His "ewe."

If you sense the Shepherd's voice calling out to you, "come and follow me," and yet you are not sure where to start or how, this study is for you. We will learn what it truly means to follow the Great Shepherd through this five-week journey from you to ewe.

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ISBN-13: 9781512718782
Publisher: Westbow Press
Publication date: 07/11/2016
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Rhonda de la Moriniere is a writer, speaker, and bible teacher with a passion to follow the Great Shepherd and bring as many with her as she possibly can. Her study, Becoming Ewe, came after a time of intense struggle in her life with health issues that threatened every facet of her life, incuding her faith. A life changing encounter came when, after one night in prayer, Rhonda heard Jesus remind her, "If the LORD is your Shepherd, you shall not want."
This encounter with Jesus became the call to truly begin to become who it is He had called her to be, a woman who did not doubt Him, no matter what her circumstances were.
Psalm 23 became Rhonda's life passage as she lived out walking with Jesus and dining with Him through some of the most difficult and challenging circumstances one can face, the loss of her health, finances, career, and the ability to care for and support her family. She experienced what is left when we are truly sheared and shorn from this world. To trade in your you for His ewe is truly the most freeing experience one can have in life, and for those of us who know Jesus, it must be ours.
Rhonda holds in M.Ed. in counseling and is a certified Christian counselor, as well as Trauma specialist. On top of teaching bible study, she has led many women through healing from abortion as well as childhood sexual abuse. As a speaker and counselor, she has a heart for the broken and longs to see women in the church move past their own fears in themselves and of one another so that they can truly embrace God's beautiful plan in helping Him redeem everyone He has placed around them.

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