Becoming Karl: A Brain-Injured Baby's Journey to Recovery

Becoming Karl: A Brain-Injured Baby's Journey to Recovery

by Norma Delgarno


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Karl was born seriously damaged by toxoplasmosis. Barely alive at birth, he survived, but doctors said he would be ineducable. Today, forty-five-year-old Karl is articulate, talented, and living independently.

In direct and flowing narrative, Norma Delgarno tells the story of her son: his traumatic birth and difficult neonatal months, his early learning struggles, and the cognitive therapy which enabled him to cope with mainstream education and enter the workforce, and finally, his development as an artist.

Poignant and fascinating, this success story with its theme of one child's development against the odds has universal implications: the plasticity of the human brain and its ability to reorganise and repair itself under the right stimuli; the vital role that music and language play in the development of cognitive and motor skills; and the resilience and strength of the human spirit under stress.

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ISBN-13: 9780473195656
Publisher: Wildcat Publications
Publication date: 11/30/2011
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Norma Delgarno was born in 1945, in Levin, New Zealand. She worked as a musician (piano player) for fifty-five years, teaching, and playing music ranging from classical to jazz and standards. She has two children, Karl aged 45, and Natasha aged 42; and three grandchildren: Samantha aged 18, Joe aged 16, and Jasmin 8. Norma lives in Rotorua, New Zealand, and enjoys nature, animals, yoga, walking, cycling, reading, and music.'BECOMING KARL' is her first book and tells the story of Karl, born on New Year's Eve 1966.

Attacked in utero by a rogue parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, Karl was born barely alive. He had massive physical damage, and for nearly six months he lay in a hospital bed; he had suffered anoxia, hypoglycaemia, had progressive hydrocephalus and brain lesions, was partially blinded, and had only a tiny thin brain. He was deemed by his doctors to be too damaged to warrant treatment.

Karl's mother, Norma, took him home, and then began the slow process to restore him to health, and provide what she believed would stimulate the healing of his damaged brain.

This is a remarkable true story of persistence and dogged determination, of hope and love, of success and failure, interspersed with the joys and disappointments of everyday life

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