BEING LIGHT Beyond the Veil of The Golden Age: A Light Server's Guide to Harnessing the Energies of the New Earth

BEING LIGHT Beyond the Veil of The Golden Age: A Light Server's Guide to Harnessing the Energies of the New Earth

by Gia Govinda Marie
BEING LIGHT Beyond the Veil of The Golden Age: A Light Server's Guide to Harnessing the Energies of the New Earth

BEING LIGHT Beyond the Veil of The Golden Age: A Light Server's Guide to Harnessing the Energies of the New Earth

by Gia Govinda Marie


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BEING LIGHT brings forth incredible channeled information and guidance to support the evolution of humanity, and assist the reader in raising their frequency and building their Body of Light as planet earth continues its emergence into The Golden Age. Author Gia Govinda Marie shares knowledge and insight from the Beings of Light, Aurora, and Ascended Masters in this incomparable message of hope to humanity.

A must-read for all who wish to ignite their multidimensional capacities, merge with their I AM Presence, and awaken to the realization that we are one with All That Is as Mother Earth journeys beyond the veil of The Golden Age.

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ISBN-13: 9781452599670
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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Being Light

Beyond the Veil of the Golden Age A Light Server's Guide to Harnessing the Energies of the New Earth

By Gia Govinda Marie

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Gia Govinda Marie
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9967-0



I AM Aurora. I serve on the Air Fleet of The Most Radiant One, beside the "Beings of Light". The "Beings of Light" encompass Archangels, The Great White Brotherhood, Christed ET's, Elementals, Cosmic Angels and Ascended Masters, a Sky Branch of The Great White Brotherhood, if you will. I have different assignments in different dimensions, working also with the I AM Presence and the violet flame teachings. I also guide the Star Fleet of The Most Radiant One, familiarly known to you as Master Jesus or "Sananda", and have taken a vow to assist in the most vital mission of assisting Planet Earth in its transition into a star.

As Aurora of Light, I come to bring you messages of PEACE, FAITH and LOVE. I work primarily from the 9th and 11th dimensions, at the right hand of The Most Radiant One, assisting all who wish to heal, transmute, and ascend. From our vantage point, we see the humans struggling to attain the light of consciousness, negating their circumstances through self-sabotage and fear. Have faith, Children of Light, for it is your Divine Destiny to walk hand-in-hand in the Light of Spirit, where ALL things are possible, as you most joyfully create the much anticipated and long-awaited Heaven on Earth, as your beautiful planet evolves beyond the veil of The Golden Age.


Cosmic Nova:

The energetic matrix that surrounds the physical vessel as it prepares to shift into its perfected light body operates at an immense speed spinning, interacting and intertwining with the multidimensional layers of the Universe, radiating and rippling across all space and time ... This multidimensional matrix houses the codes and keys to the entire Galaxy and Universe, and the power lies within YOU to activate and ignite the ancient memory of self. THE TIME IS NOW to awaken and tap into this infinite sea of knowledge, to at last merge with the Cosmic Pillar of Divine Light, to expand and reveal your true spiritual identity, your Divine Blueprint, your calling.

The cells and subatomic molecular structure of the human vessel hold the supreme intelligence of All That Is ... As you nourish and fill your cells with light, you ignite the memory that is encapsulated throughout your Beingness. As you consciously work to build your Body of Light, you raise your frequency, allowing your soul to communicate with the cells in all living things around you. As you share your light with others, you increase the vibration of the planet; you become a precious link in the Great Shift.

Light is the most vital source on the planet and when you fill your vessel with LIGHT, you begin your activation process, restructuring, recalibrating, recoding your energetic matrix back to its original framework ... You begin the process of shifting into your perfected LIGHT BODY.

Affirmation: I AM flooding my body with Christed Cosmic White Light now.

I AM living in my perfected light body now.


Each new stream of energy saturating the earth plane raises the vibratory rate of humanity, preparing you for the Ascension process. As you bring more LIGHT into your body, you activate higher dimensional coding, reconnecting and reactivating your 12-strand DNA.

Streams of light shower the planet, adjusting and fine tuning the energies of All That Is in preparation for The Golden Age and beyond. As you merge with these energies and pull more light into your body, you oxygenate your nervous system, awakening ancient codes and keys within your soul, activating latent abilities that have laid dormant for decades, maybe even centuries, in your soul's blueprint. This is the time to awaken, to remember, to break down the barriers of illusion that have held you back from evolving into the highest aspect of your natural essence, your super-conscious state, your I AM Presence, to RADIATE. As you integrate these beams of light, you transform into your highest state of Being and your multidimensional soul emerges, accelerating your evolution. As you fill your body with light, you become a Transmitter of higher light energy. The vibratory frequency of humanity is raised, preparing mankind for its catapult into The Golden Age. I AM Aurora.

Affirmation: I AM integrating & assimilating the high vibrational frequencies showering the earth plane now.

I AM activating my dormant inner codings now.


Nature holds the codes and keys to higher light knowledge. As you spend time in Nature, you respond to an inner coding, creating a high vibrational frequency that aligns you with your true remembrance of self and deeper understanding of All That Is.

The philharmonics of the body's energetic matrix are closely connected to nature's rhythm. As you cradle yourself in the arms of nature, you receive divine coding and downloads that support your mission and journey on this plane. As you embrace the crown glory of nature, a whole new tapestry presents, assisting you in resolving any questions or perplexities that may have eluded you for years, decades, or even lifetimes. As you forge the trail of higher consciousness, opening up to Mother Earth and communicating your intention for humanity and your soul's evolution, your path is lit, for nature holds the keys to the gateway of higher cosmic knowledge. As you bless and respect the Earth, you receive coded filaments, supporting your journey on this plane.

Dear Ones, we would ask that you live in harmony with nature, each and every day, for every species on the planet serves a purpose in the divine plan, mirroring back to you all you need to see, supplying you with guidance on your journey. We ask, have you ever really stopped to look at the beauty of nature and seen yourself in the Eyes of God? Have you ever listened to the sweet hum of spring peepers and cicadas, only to find yourself transported to a trance-like state, catapulted to what feels like a higher dimensional parallel reality ...? This is because the essence of nature touches the deepest aspect of your original core blueprint, back to the beginning of time before your flame was separate from the Source. Mother Earth knows when you walk her sacred ground, she awaits your arrival and brings vital information to you through feelings, emotions, and creative insights and downloads. The flowers have messages for you, the birds, the bees, the trees and more. As you see the Spark of God in ALL living things, you awaken to the higher dimensional frequency of who you are and your soul emerges, shining light and awakening others. Accept Mother Earth's invitation to kick off your shoes, sit amongst the flowers and moss, walk the woods, meditate against a tree. Through your energetic connection with the earth, you set templates to anchor in higher light form. As you do so, you strengthen the Planetary Bridge and Crystalline Cosmic Grid, becoming a precious link in the Ascension process of the planet. Even your gentlest gesture of walking the earth and really feeling the grass on your bare feet is an act of merging with the Divine. Can you not feel the presence of God permeate every cell in your being through your state of centeredness, peace and calm, when you are in the arms of nature? This one- centeredness occurs as you merge with the splendid energy of the trees, the earth, the mountains, streams, meadows, and vast seas, for Mother Nature's aura is expansive and forms an elaborate matrix, encapsulating you in the sacredness of her womb. I AM Aurora.

Affirmation: I AM receiving now my Spirit-sanctioned infusions, downloads and mission directives.

I AM one with Nature and all of God's creatures.


You are a MAJESTIC Ray of Light ... Release the illusional chains that bind you and allow your magnificent spirit to SOAR.

How do we measure the concept of time ...? What molecules and subparticles bond together to place us exactly where we are at any given time, including but not limited to, parallel lives ...? You chose to be here in this particular lifetime to hold the frequency of Light, to expand your vision of Love, and to assist as Guardians to usher this beautiful Planet Earth into The Golden Age of Light. You wonder what your role is, what your part in the Play is ... We are here to tell you that as you walk the Earth, you set energetic templates which serve as portals to higher dimensional energy. In this way, the waves of light that shower the Earth, as well as solar flares, eclipses, and other energies associated with astrological alignments can easily be anchored in and grounded. Those of you reading these pages have come to serve as Ambassadors, or Bringers of Light, if you will. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you radiate your light and set energetic templates to assist in transforming places on the planet. There may have been times in your life when you wondered, "Where am I, and what am I doing here" ...? You may have taken what was perceived to be a wrong turn, inadvertently gone around the same block three or four times, or were drawn to travel to a certain geographical location that may have left you feeling daunted or perplexed. However, you were always guided and protected, for in your wanderings, you were not lost. Each of you reading these pages chose to come here at this particular time, to carry the frequency of LIGHT and to move more fully into the frequency of LOVE.

There are some of you who have wondered why you were placed in the particular earth families you are in. When you were younger, some of you may have experienced abuse or been extremely misunderstood by siblings or parents. You may look unlike any of your kin. And, though you were surrounded by many acquaintances growing up, you may have chosen to have just one or two close friends ... confidantes, if you will. You were perhaps a loner and felt homesick for something that you couldn't quite place your finger on or assimilate. Some of you may have had traumatic experiences in your adult life which have led you to a deeper understanding and awakening. All of these circumstances, some tragic and treacherous as they may have been, served to evolve you into your highest potential. To search for the meaning of LIGHT and to bring Light to those around you, for you were placed exactly where you needed to be, to transform, heal and recalibrate the energy of others. To access the ability to understand, serve, and counsel other earthlings more fully, for you are Majestic Beings of Light placed on ASSIGNMENT on this plane. Tap into your soul's blueprint and remember the glorious gifts you came here to share with the world. I AM Aurora of Light and I bring you these messages today. I am here to assist you in awakening & honoring the I AM Presence within and to carry forth the violet flame of spiritual knowledge through remembrance of self and the eminence of light.

Affirmation: I AM a Bringer of Light here to assist humanity's healing and raise Conscious Awareness universally.

I AM Radiating love, peace and harmony to all Beings everywhere.


As you evolve spiritually and drop density, you move into a higher vibrational body that enables you to explore other dimensional realities.

The multidimensional matrix that houses your physical body continues to evolve and prepare you for your emergence into the Light and acceleration into The Golden Age. As your light body upgrades and prepares, it vibrates into a spinning vortex which houses all the molecules and subparticles, containing the codes and keys to Nature and All That Is. As you bring more light into your body, you activate higher light frequencies, recoding, reconnecting and reactivating your DNA blueprint back to its original 12-strand state of being. As you fill your body with light, you help reinforce the Planetary Network of Light, and assist in the mass awakening of humanity.

Some have asked what will happen to electronics as the Golden Age continues to expand and emerge. Earthlings are caught up in the technological age of electronics and instant gratification, if you will. As Light Beings, you house your own inner "computer", so to speak and as you fully merge with the spherical energies of The Golden Age and evolve into the multidimensional being that you came here to be, you will be less interested in such "gadgets". Your body will be your electronic matrix. You will have everything you need within your Beingness, for you will be operating from your Heart Centers, which are infinitely multifaceted. You will be speaking with mental telepathy. You will be transporting yourself, teleporting, in your own personal craft, which is YOU. The demographics of the dark side have encouraged human beings to be distracted from nature, and has placed a candy store of electronics at your disposal to keep you separate from God, the Source, All That Is. We ask, have you ever allowed yourself to spend the day in nature and bask in the energies of the Divine which emanates from the trees, the ocean, the hills, the mountains, the rivers ... For those of you who have, you know the feeling that permeates your consciousness. You feel the peace and Oneness, the calm, the centeredness. Nature was created by God to hold the codes and keys to the Awakening Soul, to nourish and heal you. So encourage your loved ones, your children, your kin, to go outside and spend time with the Elementals, for they are also the Guardians of the Earth and have much to teach you. Spend time communing with the great willow, the oak, the flowers, the velvety moss, for they contain vast information and knowledge waiting to be explored. Feel the tingling vibration of the light streaming through the trees as it speaks to you, for this is all part of your soul's education and evolution into the light.

The multi-crystalline structure of the human energy field contains millions of atoms and particles, vibrating at the speed of light, inviting you to merge with your light body. The technographics of the evolved light body allow you to explore other dimensional realities through astral travel and teleportation, for this is the way of the future in the New Era of Terra. Your body will be your "craft" and as you think of a desired geographical destination, you will be instantaneously transported there. This is possible, because as you transcend linear time, you raise your vibration and exist in a higher dimensional state of reality, which allows you to easily manifest your expansive vision and destination of choice. You will have the ability to travel through many portals of energy with magnificent colors, petals, tones and landscapes.

The goal on planet earth at this time is to fully realize your God Self, to become one with the I AM Presence, the spark of divinity in each and every one of you, to raise the vibration of humanity to a level of exalted spiritual comprehension, allowing you to merge with spherical time and space, to Ascend. As you fill your body with light, you build your frequency, preparing you for this flight. I AM Aurora.

Affirmation: I AM one with my Higher Self, my I AM Presence within.

I AM merging with my Light Body, integrating and assimilating All That I AM.


When you evolve spiritually and raise your frequency, your light body SHIMMERS, emitting energy to all you meet.

As you embrace the waves of light enveloping the planet, you become a magnet for higher consciousness. Light, which is the energy of GOD, is the supreme intelligence of the Universe. When you fill your body with the Light, you raise your vibratory rate and emanate this magnificent frequency to all you meet. Stand or sit in stillness and state, "I AM filling my body with Christed Cosmic White Light now".


Excerpted from Being Light by Gia Govinda Marie. Copyright © 2015 Gia Govinda Marie. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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