Beware the Four, Book 2: Abracadabra 1, 2, 3, 4

Beware the Four, Book 2: Abracadabra 1, 2, 3, 4

by K. R. Woodring


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BEWARE THE FOUR, Book 2, continues the quest to discover the truth about who's out there and what 'they' may be doing here, as defined in BEWARE THE FOUR.

No longer are these students just the average teenaged kids next door. Not only do they follow the clues presented to them (which are few), but they persist, relentlessly digging into what may be possible, in defense of those we call human beings.

What damage 'they' may do to us and our very way of life is yet to be realized.

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ISBN-13: 9781477290361
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/15/2012
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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Abracadabra 1, 2, 3, 4
By K.R. Woodring


Copyright © 2012 K.R. Woodring
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-9036-1

Chapter One

Tyler Epsy was in a quandary. He had been listening to his mom's recorder for a few days now ... not knowing what to do about the information that was on it. Tyler knew in his heart that there was something very wrong. So wrong, so shocking, that he didn't even want his mom to hear it ... at least not for now. Even though he was just sixteen he had a good perception of right and wrong; and could always sense risk or danger.

Tyler and his mom, Ursula, had just recently returned from a short vacation. They had been to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Ursula had been interviewing for a teaching position. Although she didn't get the job, they both had a wonderful time and enjoyed touring the city. Tyler was especially happy because he didn't want to face the possibility of moving away from home and leaving all his boyhood friends. Now he looked forward to relaxing and having fun for the rest of the summer ... except for that darned recorder!

Since his mom wasn't home right now he played the whole recording again, desperately trying to make some sense of it. It went: "Sorry I missed you, Mom. I've met three new friends: Beverly Whyte, from Cutting, New York; Fili Ruiz, from Terra Alta, West Virginia and Adam Elkins from Creslo, Pennsylvania. They're all visiting here too! Isn't that a coincidence? Don't worry about me, we're gonna hang-out at the park. I'll tell you all about them later. Call me."

He stopped the recorder, and again reiterated that it was indeed himself speaking on the recording ... just as he had done many times over the past several days. Ty was annoyed that he couldn't recall making this recording for his mother nor could he remember meeting these three 'new friends'. Taking a deep breath he pushed the "Forward" button and listened one more time to the most disturbing part of the message: "This isn't making much sense to me. Why are we so important to you?"(this was his own voice!)

Then another male's voice said: "I really don't understand either, Ty."

Immediately another, older, masculine voice, cleared his throat and said: "I'm sorry I'm not being very clear. Our people have a heightened sense of telepathy, we keep forgetting that you people don't."

Next a young, feminine voice questioned: "Why do you keep saying 'you' people and 'our' people?"

The same, older, masculine voice was heard, again: "We're not from your world, exactly, although we've been here a very long time. Our mission was and still is—to clear the earth of your people."

Ty listened again to some noise in the background but still couldn't tell what was happening and tried to make out some voices that just weren't loud enough. The older male voice went right on: "Let me continue, please. Don't try to move—you can't right now, but that will pass."

"What are you going to do with us?" yet another male voice asked. Again the masculine voice answered: "We really don't know that yet, but I can tell you we will be keeping in touch. You see, you are our mistakes—the four of you."

The recording ended. And Tyler was just as baffled as he was the first time he heard it!

"I have to figure this out," he said aloud as he stomped around his bedroom in frustration. "I just have to! What am I missing that could start me down the right path?" All of a sudden a thought hit him like a 'ton of bricks'! He stopped in mid stride. "The four of you" he repeated.... 'The four of you'—could be me and my three new friends!"

Immediately his mind started running a hundred miles an hour. "That could be them that I'm hearing on the recording! They were in Pittsburgh too, I said so myself! I know their names and where they live ... well, what towns they live in ... so I should be able to find them! I'll call them!" Ty was so proud of himself! The last few days of worry and agitation had finally paid off. 'Why didn't I realize this before? I bet they are just as confused as I am! I don't want to act like I don't remember them, but I don't! I hope I don't 'come off ' like a dork ... but I have to talk to one of them!'

Ty looked all over the house for his mom. She still wasn't home, which was good. He didn't want her to know anything about the man who was threatening to 'clear the earth of your people', that would really freak her out. He wanted to talk to Beverly Whyte or Fili Ruiz or Adam Elkins before he confessed to his mother that he may be on to a plot to destroy the earth's human population! How nuts did that sound? Ty went into the kitchen and sat down. He could watch the driveway from there and wanted to see his mom before she heard him.

"I can't believe that I'm actually accepting that this recording is genuine! Oh, it has to be. Didn't I bring it home myself? Who could have had it? That's crazy! It has to be real!" Rationalizing out loud seemed to help his thinking process, but Ty was getting a headache from all the confusion. Calling one of the others seemed the only way to clear up these questions and ease the tension that was building up in his head.

He rummaged through the "junk" drawer for a pencil and paper. He wrote the name 'Elkins' first and dialed the operator.

"Hello, Operator. I want Information for Creslo, Pennsylvania. The number for an Elkins. I don't have the first name. Thanks, I'll wait." Ty drummed his fingertips on the table as he waited. He was looking forward to speaking to Adam, and hoped that he might know something about this plot, as well. "No! No Elkins?! ... Ok, thank you."

Trying not to be too disappointed, he moved on to Fili. "Operator, I'd like Information for Terra Alta, West Virginia. Yes, I'll wait.... I'd like the number for a Ruiz. I'm sorry I don't know the first name." Ty hoped that Fili was at home and could help him. "What, no Ruiz?! Are you sure? Ok, thanks."

Ty was upset, but decided to try Beverly as a last resort. "Yes, Operator, I need Information for Cutting, New York. Ok, the number for a White. White, like the color. I don't have a first name. Yes, I'll wait." Ty started to lose heart. 'What's taking so long? White is a common name ... there must be lots of them,' he thought. "Oh, thank you, Operator. Yes, I'm ready." Ty sat up quickly and began to write. The operator gave him four numbers in the Cutting area, and Ty was anxious to try them all.

The first number rang for some time before an elderly gentleman answered. "Hello."

"I'm looking for Beverly White. Do I have the right number?" Ty asked.

"Beverly, you say? No, no Beverly lives here."

"Do you know Beverly White?" Ty asked. "I really need to find her."

"No, I don't know who that is. Sorry," the old man hung up.

"Shoot! Well, I'll try the next number. Maybe it'll be the right one. Ty dialed the second possibility. "Hello. Is Beverly there?"

The woman on the other end answered: "I'm sorry. You must have a wrong number.

What number are you calling?"

"I'm just trying to find Beverly White. Do you know her?" Ty wondered.

"No I don't. I'm sorry," the woman hung up.

"Well, I'll keep going ... maybe the next number will be right." Ty tried the third number.

The phone rang so long that Ty was about to hang up. "Hello," a breathless feminine voice answered.

"Beverly, is that you?" Ty hoped with all his might that it was her.

"No, this isn't Beverly. There's no Beverly at this number!" The woman sounded annoyed to Ty.

"I'm sorry to have disturbed you. It sounds like you had to run for the phone. You don't know Beverly White, do you?" he questioned her in a friendly manner, hoping that she wasn't angry and would continue talking to him.

"Yes, I did have to run. No, I don't know her," she added, curtly.

"Ok, I'll try the other number the operator gave me, thank you for your time," Ty said politely.

"Don't bother ... we're all related. There is no Beverly White in Cutting. You were probably given the numbers for Benjamin, Ezra, Matthew and myself. There are no more Whites in Cutting. Are you sure you have the spelling right? It could be W-H-Y-T-E."

"No, I never thought of that! Thank you so much. You don't know how much you may have helped me. Thank you, thank you!" Ty was elated. 'That has to be it. I have the spelling wrong,' he thought.

Taking Ms. White's word for it, he didn't call the last number, but instead called the operator back. "Operator, I need Information for Cutting, New York. The number for a person named Whyte, I think its spelled W-H-Y-T-E. Yes, thank you, I'll hold." Pen in hand Ty waited impatiently for the number.

"There is no Whyte listed in Cutting?! Is there one that's 'unlisted', can you tell me that?" he asked, crossing his fingers and hoping that the answer was "Yes". "There is! Oh, thank you, so much." Ty disconnected and jumped out of his seat in delight! He had a renewed sense of accomplishment and was now more driven than ever to talk to Beverly or one of the other boys.

Just then it struck Ty that he hadn't thought to ask the operator if there were any 'unlisted' Elkins or Ruiz families in their hometowns of Creslo, Pennsylvania or Terra Alta, West Virginia. Connecting with the Information Operator again, he found that he was right in both cases. "Is nobody 'listed' but us?" he shouted into the air, pleased at the possibility that he may have found all three of his "new friends"; and anxious to make that happen just as soon as possible. What he didn't know was how to engage them in a conversation as none of them have a listed number; or how to physically locate them since he didn't have an address. Or, how to get them to listen to him when he knew how crazy it all sounded! "How am I going to accomplish this?" he asked himself out loud.

At that very moment he heard a car approach. It was his mom and she would need some help unloading the car.

Tearing off the list of phone numbers and names from the tablet, he shoved the paper into his pocket and ran outside to assist his mother with the groceries. Ty would need time and careful consideration to come up with a "do-able" plan and maybe even a little innocent conniving, too. He would think long and hard, and well into the night.

Chapter Two

The next morning dawned bright and sunny. Ty woke up still thinking about how he could talk to Adam, Fili or Beverly. He washed and went downstairs for breakfast. His mom, Ursula, was making sausage gravy and biscuits and it smelled wonderful to him.

"What's the occasion? We don't usually have all this on a weekday," he asked her curiously, stirring the sausage gravy.

"Dianne (his mom's best friend and colleague) and I are going to go in to Steubenville to shop for the day. I think I told you that she would be teaching third grade this year. Anyway, she wants to look for bargains on stickers, crayons and pencils, you know, "kids stuff " for her new class."

Ursula looked wistful for a moment, but went on. "I hope you don't mind, but I won't be home until late. We'll have something for supper when I get back. This will have to hold you till then." She placed a big bowl of sausage gravy in front of him on the table. "I don't know what I'm after. Taking advantage of the Fourth of July Sales seemed like a good idea to me. Maybe I'll get a new outfit or two for school."

Ty knew she was thinking about the job in Pittsburgh that she didn't get. "That's a great idea! You haven't bought a new outfit in a long time." He thought she deserved a new one. "Mom, I think I'll spend the day with Donny (his next-door neighbor) or Jon. ( Jon Clarke is his best friend). I'll call one of them after breakfast and see if that's ok."

"Sure, honey, you do that. I'll call you later to see if you need anything before I come home. Gee, look at the time! I have to go get ready. Dianne will be here any minute now," she left the kitchen quickly, adding, "take your key if you're leaving the house."

Ty called Donny on the phone. "Hi, Mrs. Simms, is Donny up yet? He's not? Oh ... I just thought maybe we could hang-out today. My mom's going shopping with a friend. It's ok? Great, I'll be over later. Thank you."

Clearing away the dishes, Ty heard a car in the driveway. "Mom, Dianne's here."

"Tell her I'll be right down," Ursula called down the stairs. "I'm looking for my recorder. I haven't seen it since we were in Pittsburgh!"

Ty swallowed hard. 'If mom could see me right now, she'd know I have it!' He felt guilty and was glad she was still upstairs. "Should I ask Dianne if she wants to come in?" he shouted back up to her. There was no answer. Ty stepped out of the kitchen and onto the back porch. "Good morning, Mrs. Dunn. Mom will be right out. She's looking for her recorder, but she's ready. Would you like to wait inside?"

"That's ok, Tyler. Tell her there's no rush ... we have all day." Dianne smiled warmly as she rolled her car window down. "I heard you had a good time in Pittsburgh."

"Yes, we sure did," he confirmed and started back inside, meeting his mom in the doorway. "Bye, Mom. Have a great time bargain hunting." Ty waved good-bye to Dianne, watched as they left the driveway, and looked over towards Donny's house before going back into the kitchen. There was no rush going to Donny's either. He'd give some more thought on how to contact Fili, Adam and Beverly.

Once back in the kitchen, Ty played the recording again. Satisfied that he could learn no more from it, he hunted for Sam, his dog, and they slowly walked over to Donny's house. "You stay out here, Sam. Go lay under the tree. Good boy, Sam," he praised Sam for obeying him and noticed that the old dog had aged even more over the past couple of weeks. How old was Sam now? He must be ten or eleven ... old for a shepherd!

Looking through the screen door Ty could see Donny sitting at his kitchen table. He tapped lightly, knowing how Donny hated noise in the morning.

"Hey, come on in. You must have gone to bed early last night to be up and around so early this morning. My mom said you wanted to hang-out today ... what's going on?" Donny asked, rubbing his face to wake up.

"She didn't wake you, did she? I didn't mean for her to get you up," Ty explained. "My mom was going shopping with Mrs. Dunn and I didn't have anything planned for today, so I thought we'd just 'hang'"

"No, it's ok ... what do you want to do?" Donny was beginning to 'come around.' "You wanna go over to The Pit for lunch?" (The Pit was their favorite 'fast food' hang-out.)

"Sure, whatever ... but you didn't even have your breakfast," Ty observed, pulling out a chair and sitting down across the table from Donny. "Don't you want to eat breakfast?"

"No, I'm not hungry yet; and I like burgers better than cereal!" he smiled devilishly.

"That's for sure!" Donny's mom swept through the kitchen like a whirlwind, gathering up used kitchen towels and napkins as she went. "Donny, if you have any laundry to be done, give it to me now. The electrician is coming soon and will have the power turned off for a couple of hours."

The Simms house seemed to be having a lot of electrical problems lately and needed them addressed immediately. One of their neighbors had an electrical fire last year, and they lost almost everything they had. They were still renovating!

"Mrs. Simms, can Donny come to my house? I feel like I'm just going to be in your way with the electrician coming over and all. I know my mom wouldn't mind. As a matter-of-fact, she brought home some flowers yesterday that she wants planted, and some mulch for the flower beds. We could do that," Ty suggested, shooting a look at Donny, who had his eyes crossed and his lips stretched tightly from one side of his face to the other. It was all Ty could do to keep from bursting out in laughter.

"Oh, I guess so ... since you're going to be doing something worthwhile, go ahead," she gave her approval without looking at either one of them, still cleaning up in the kitchen. "I'll call you when the electrician leaves."

Ty and Donny left immediately. Jumping off the porch, Ty was overcome with hysterics. "How do you do that? You looked so silly!" Trying desperately to contain himself, he called for Sam. "I could tell that you didn't want to plant any flowers, but I thought maybe you'd like to get out of the house for a while, no matter what the reason."

"Yeah, you're right about that. So let's 'get 'er done' and maybe go to The Pit, ok? Love these things you get me into!" Donny affirmed, jokingly, as they crossed the yard onto Ty's property. "Hey, where's Sam?"

Ty wheeled around and saw Sam still laying in the shade under Donny's tree. "Sam, come," he called. Sam reluctantly rose and slowly caught up to them.

"You know, Sam's just not been the same since you went to Pittsburgh. When you called and asked me how he was, I didn't even get a chance to fully answer you before you went right on to something else ... which didn't make any sense at all!"

"What do you mean? What didn't make sense?" Ty asked innocently, placing the flower pots evenly along the flower bed and handing Donny a trowel.

"Whatever you were talking about," he answered. "Hand me that flower pot, will you?" Donny directed, digging a hole in the ground big enough for a six inch plant.


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