Biogeochemistry of Major World Rivers

Biogeochemistry of Major World Rivers


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ISBN-13: 9780471926764
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/06/1991
Series: SCOPE Series , #46
Pages: 382
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Table of Contents

Spatial Variability of River Plumes and Eutrophication (K. Szekielda & D. McGinnis).

Remote Sensing of Water Substances in Rivers, Estuarine and Coastal Waters (J. Fischer, et al.).

The Biogeochemistry of a Major River System: The Amazon Case Study (J. Richey, et al.).

Carbon and Mineral Transport in Major North American, Russian Arctic, and Siberian Rivers: The St.

Lawrence, the Mackenzie, the Yukon, the Arctic Alaskan Rivers, the Arctic Basin Rivers in the Soviet Union, and the Yenisei (S. Telang, et al.).

Biogeochemical Aspects of South American Rivers: The Paraná and the Orinoco (P. Depetris & J. Paolini).

Biogeochemistry of Major African Rivers: Carbon and Mineral Transport (O. Martins & J. Probst).

Carbon Transport by the Himalayan Rivers (V. Subramanian & V. Ittekkot).

Biogeochemistry of European Rivers (S. Kempe, et al.).

Dissolved Organic Carbon in Rivers (A. Spitzy & J. Leenheer).

Fate of Riverine Particulate Organic Matter (V. Ittekkot & R. Laane).

Stable Carbon Isotopes in Rivers and Estuaries (W. Mook & F. Tan).

Minerals in Rivers (G. Irion).

Particulate Matter Processes in Estuaries (D. Eisma & G. Cadée).

Modeling Terrestrial Sources of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulphur and Organic Carbon to Rivers (G. Esser & G. Kohlmaier).

Summary: Biogeochemistry of Major World Rivers (E. Degens, et al.).

Index of Rivers, Lakes and Estuaries.

Subject Index.

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