Bizarre Crimes: Dastardly Deeds, Devious Schemes, Bumbling Burglars, & Other Foolish Felons

Bizarre Crimes: Dastardly Deeds, Devious Schemes, Bumbling Burglars, & Other Foolish Felons

by Joe Rhatigan

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The execution of the perfect crime can leave you flabbergasted, thrilled, chilled, amazed, or just downright impressed. But let’s face it: most lawbreakers end up shooting themselves in the foot, and that’s way more fun to read about. Here we pay tribute to the comic blunderers whose antics land them in police cuffs faster than you can say "He went thatta way!" And if it won’t solve the mystery of why these miscreants do what they do, at least it will aid and abet you in the laughter department. There’s a diverse and crazy crowd of fumblers and bumblers in our wacky lineup. Some fools call the cops on themselves, or dial 9-1-1 to ask where they can buy drugs. There’s even a real-life Cinderella story about a girl forced to stay outdoors and do all the work while her stepsisters lived in comfort.

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ISBN-13: 9781607345398
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication date: 02/01/2012
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

Joe Rhatigan has authored more than fifteen books for children and adults, including DON'T UNRAVEL WHEN YOU TRAVEL and OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD ASTRONOMY. He has also produced several best-selling books and series, including 101 PLACES YOU GOTTA SEE BEFORE YOU'RE 12!, WHITE HOUSE KIDS, and the My Very Favorite Art Book series. Joe has been a poet, a teacher, a marketing manager, and a newspaper boy. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his wife and three children.

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With 24-7 news, Facebook, Twitter, and more, we’ve all become a bit obsessed with (and perhaps tired of) giggling babies, ticklish animals, celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, and oddballs committing stupid crimes. So consider yourself lucky that I spent days and days combing the interwebs for the ridiculous crime stories you haven’t heard a thousand times or heard about a thousand different criminals committing. Because really, how bizarre is it if everybody’s doing it? So, cow tipping, which is so last century, is out. However, tipping fiberglass art cows is totally now.
The Young and the Lawless
            A Covington, Louisiana, man arrived home one day to find three young children burglarizing his house. How young? Two of the suspects were six and the other was three. They made off with two hammers, a box of fudge, a Candy Land game, some money, cigarettes, and a jar of vegetables. Police officers arrived at the scene to find the children playing across the street. When they approached, one of the six-year-olds pulled out what looked like a handgun and placed it on the ground. (It turned out to be a BB gun, but still . . .)
            The boys were too young to be arrested; however, their mother could face charges. She wasn’t home at the time of the crime. She was attending a parenting class. (Perhaps she can get a refund.)

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