Blackmailed By The Hero

Blackmailed By The Hero

by Julie Particka

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ISBN-13: 9781633753167
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 08/11/2015
Series: Gone Hollywood , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 219
Sales rank: 304,907
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Julie Particka was told to get serious about her future in Junior High. Several years after getting a bachelor's degree in chemistry, she realized being serious was over-rated and went back to her first love--writing. Now rather than spending her days in the drudgery of the lab or teaching science to high school students, she disappears into worlds of her own creation where monsters sometimes roam, but true love still conquers all.

She can most often be located in the Detroit area with her favorite minions (the ones who know her as Mom) where she is currently hatching a plot for world domination. It involves cookies for everyone, so she's pretty sure there's no way it can fail...except the minions keep eating the cookies.

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Blackmailed by the Hero (Gone Hollywood)

A Gone Hollywood Novel

By Julie Particka

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Julie Particka
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-316-7


Dinner break was almost over, and Vicky felt like she hadn't rested at all. As excited as she was about her new career possibilities, working her way up the ladder at Elegant Entertainment was no walk in the park. Phone calls like this from her best friend didn't help, either. She clutched the phone tighter, wishing she hadn't picked up at all. As Jade chattered about all the reasons their deal was important, Vicky remembered the original discussion like it had happened yesterday, rather than over three months ago.

"You've been divorced more than a year, Vicky. It's time for you to get yourself laid."

Vicky rolled her eyes at Jade. "I don't need a man."

"I know, I know, you're on this whole independent woman thing, which I wholeheartedly applaud. You don't need a man. What you do need is an orgasm."

"Did you forget BOB? He's given me plenty of orgasms."

"If you can say that with a straight face, you're worse off than I thought." Jade sipped her vodka cranberry. "It's not the same thing, and you know it."

She did know it. She knew hiding in her apartment and only coming out for work or to hang with Jade wasn't moving forward. No matter how many convincing arguments she could make to the contrary, she'd never been very good at lying to herself. And the truth was, Brandon had shattered her self-esteem to the point that she didn't think she deserved happiness. Much less a career and her independence and a romantic relationship.

So, she'd prioritized. Career first to gain her independence, and then, if she felt the urge, she'd go looking for love in something vaguely resembling the right place. But she'd stalled out at career. A year in and she was finally on track for her first promotion. It'd take at least four more to get where she wanted to be, but she'd make it. After all, the only thing she had left was her determination to go it alone — something Brandon had said she'd never be able to do.

Once upon a time he'd told her he loved how much she needed him, said it made him feel like her knight in shining armor. Somewhere along the way, though, that love had turned bitter. And from that point forward, he reminded her at every turn that she needed to grow up and take care of herself — among other things.

The other things had eventually led to the divorce, and Vicky had been forced to go it alone. Now she was determined to rise or fall without any knights, thank you very much.

But even this get-a-non-battery-induced-orgasm pact was a way for Jade to take care of her. Everyone had always taken care of her. First Mom, then Evan, then she'd married Brandon ... and now Jade had stepped in on the sex thing. Vicky wanted to bail on the bargain, but as much as her friend had shoved her toward it, she had to admit that sex with no strings was probably a good thing. She didn't want to belong to someone again, and doing this would prove to her that she could have a guy without it being such an all-consuming thing, like her marriage had been. Just sex.

One and done.

Hit it and quit it.

She could totally do that. Just not tonight.

Her boss, Mathew Collins, poked his head out the door and arched a brow. That was her warning. Time to wrap up the call and get back to work. Vicky nodded at him, and he left. "On a deadline, my three months are up in a couple weeks. Got it. I have to get back to work now. I'll see you tomorrow."

Her thumb was on the end button when Jade said, "You know, you're at a big Hollywood party. One would think you could find a guy there to take care of business."

If she wasn't wearing her I'm-the-help uniform, she probably could, but she shouldn't. "Right. And then I'd get fired."

"Only if you got caught."

"Good night, Jade." Vicky disconnected the call and fought the urge to scrub at her face. Looking good was part of her job, so smeared makeup wasn't an option. All too often she wondered if she wouldn't have been better off getting a job at Hooters, but the opportunities for advancement with Elegant Entertainment had been too good to pass up. With this job, she could build a career — and a new life — if she played her cards right, and she wouldn't have to rely on being a pretty face forever.

Too bad the game meant starting as a glorified waitress. Soon, though — soon she'd be taking the next step. No one ever said climbing the ladder would be fun or fast — only that everyone had to do it.

Stowing her phone out of sight, she stood and straightened the black skirt that stopped a good four inches above her knees. God, she hated these parties. Someone needed to tell producers that the waitstaff weren't supposed to be eye candy — they were supposed to be invisible. Instead, they were ogled. Some of the women loved it, but she didn't want to be someone's golden girl anymore. She just wanted to earn her paycheck and go home. Give her a nice wedding or bar mitzvah any day. At least at those, she could be fully clothed.

A couple more months, then I can get into billing. No more short skirts or late parties.

In the kitchen, Vicky picked up a tray of hors d'oeuvres — this time it was foie gras with date puree and pomegranate. Her face twisted into a frown; there went her appetite. People would just have to deal with her growling stomach. Starving or not, goose liver really didn't appeal enough to risk a reprimand for sneaking a couple of them for dinner. When was she going to learn to keep protein bars in her purse?

Plastering a smile on her face, she strode from the kitchen into Saul Mortensen's birthday party. He was a producer, so the place was awash in movie stars, wannabe movie stars, directors, musicians, and who knew who else. Basically she was swimming upstream in a river of the rich and famous. Periodically, she'd pause and offer people food, but she tried not to notice who she talked to. Every time she met someone's eyes, there was a risk they'd recognize her from the occasions her brother had invited her to attend premieres and parties with him. And then the whispers would start.

Evan Stone's sister is a waitress?

What is she doing here?

It wasn't that she minded being the sister of a movie star; she just didn't want that to be her identity any more than she'd wanted Evan footing the bill to keep her in L.A. When Mom had announced her plan to sell the house and relocate to the Midwest, Evan had offered to buy the place for Vicky. A post-divorce gift, he'd called it.

A post-divorce handout, more like.

Nope. Vicky was going to make it on her own, and she was going to make it in Los Angeles if it killed her. Brandon had walked away from their life together, but somehow the idea of leaving felt too much like running — too much like proving him right. She had no intention of letting him chase her out of town.

So she did the parties, regardless of how short the skirts were, and she kept her eyes down to keep people from making the connection to Evan. Her apartment might be tiny, but it was hers, paid for with her own money, and that was good enough as far as she was concerned. Another couple months as waitstaff and she'd be eligible to move into Elegant's billing department. Baby steps. That's all it would take, and soon enough she would no longer be on the front lines of the business and she could become invisible, or at least invisible enough.

She was so busy avoiding line of sight with one of Evan's ex-girlfriends that her heel caught on a rug and she fell into the arms of Reed Russell, leading man extraordinaire. She'd never met him before, but Vicky had seen some of his films. He was a decent actor with the body of a runner and a face that looked like it should have been carved from marble. Leave it to her to fall into the arms of one of Hollywood's hottest. Luckily her tray was almost empty, or they both would have smelled like goose liver the rest of the night. And that was something she wasn't sure even he could pull off.

Reed caught the one remaining appetizer as it slid off the tray and held it near her lips. "Foie gras?"

"Sorry, I don't French this early."

His lips quirked at the joke, and she found herself smiling along with him despite herself. Placing the food back on her now steady tray, he stood her upright and said, "How about when you get off later? Interested in some French then?"

He was ... hitting on her? Vicky cast a covert glance around. There were at least a hundred eligible women at this party, most of whom would give their left eye to have Reed look at them. Why the hell would he be flirting with a waitress? "Sorry, but you know I'm part of the staff, right?" At his shrug, she continued, "My boss has a rule about foreign-language lessons on the job."

"Ah," he said, a twinkle in his green eyes, "but I'm talking about after the job. Something more along the lines of you coming back once everyone else is gone."

Definitely hitting on her. Which was flattering as hell, but not exactly a foreign occurrence. She and Evan had grown up getting more than their share of attention because of their looks, and even here in Hollywood, people sometimes mistook her for an ingénue. But flirting with Reed Russell, no matter how pretty he was, screamed bad idea. Vicky was about to make some excuse to get out of the situation when Jade's reminder came back to haunt her. She only had a few weeks left to fulfill her part of their deal, and Reed would definitely be a one-time thing. He wasn't exactly the type to date a waitress, no matter who her brother was. So, it wasn't really an entanglement situation, and he was incredibly attractive.

If she could just guarantee not getting caught ... "How would one go about coming back?"

"Simple. A bunch of us have to be here for a meeting tomorrow morning, so Saul offered to let us stay the night. I'll make sure the slider over there is unlocked." He tipped his head to the left. "My room is down the hall directly next to the door. Third room on the right. No muss. No fuss. No one needs to know a thing."

Though away from the party would have been better, the suggested plan was easy. She'd say too easy, but this wasn't like infiltrating some enemy base to gather intel, it was sex. And clearly she'd been watching too many of Evan's movies lately if she was thinking in those terms. "And getting caught? How do I avoid that?"

"If you wait until the rest of the staff is gone, I can pretty much guarantee this part of the house will be empty. As long as you can be a quiet little kitten while you come back in, I promise to have you purring once you're in my room."

The first part was true enough. Hosts and guests rarely, if ever, stuck around for cleanup. That was Elegant's job. So once everyone else on staff dispersed, getting in would be no problem. The kitten thing, though ... She found his confidence sexy as hell, but the not-so-veiled pussy reference? Not as much. Still, he was gorgeous, and the way he was looking at her sent a little trill of excitement down her spine. She bit her lip, leaned in close, and said, "Purr."

Reed's hand slid down her arm, thumb grazing the curve of her breast on the way. "Good kitty. I can't wait to see what other noises you make."

With the way her insides tightened, Vicky had to admit Jade was right. She did need to get laid. And a one-and-done with Reed Russell was just about the best option she could see in her future. As he said, no muss, no fuss — just no getting caught. She could totally do that. "I hope you're as good as you claim. I haven't had anyone make me scream in a long time."

"I'm better than that, but I don't like to boast. Though, when you scream, you should know I'll be putting something in your mouth so we don't wake anyone."

Vicky couldn't help the giggle that escaped, but when she saw Mathew heading their way, she realized the time for playful banter had ended. Reed would just have to wait until she finished her shift if he wanted more. "I have to get back to work right now, Mr. Russell, but I hope you don't fall asleep on me later."

She turned to leave, followed only by the whispered words, "There won't be any sleeping involved. I can guarantee that."

On an average day, she'd have given him grief about being so forward, especially with her boss hot on her tail. But today wasn't average. Today was the day she was going to give up the ghost of her ex and finally have sex again. Just get it over and done with so she could close that chapter of her life for good. Jade would get off her back, and Vicky could resume her stay-away-from-relationships-at-all-cost-until-she-got-her-shit-together plan. As long as no one ever found out about her and Reed, it would work out perfectly.

With a little more bounce to her step, she moved through the mass of people and back to the kitchen. She didn't bother noticing what tray she picked up this time — it wasn't like she was going to risk nicking food and having sex with a guest. Too bad the not noticing things continued as she left the kitchen. That was when a disturbingly familiar voice made heat rush to all the right places, and she almost dropped the hors d'oeuvres entirely.

"What's the matter, Vicks? Not going to offer an old friend a snack?"

She allowed herself two seconds to close her eyes and collect herself before turning around. Not only had she been discovered, but it was by the one guy she'd prayed never to run into — mainly because she wasn't so sure she'd be able to walk away twice. "Dante. I didn't know you were here."

Her brother's best friend shoved off from the wall and stepped closer. Like most men, he wasn't that much taller than her, only five or six inches above her own five-eight, but all his muscles made him seem like he was towering. Yet he managed to pick up one of the pieces from her new tray without shifting it at all. The finger food nearly disappeared in his big hands, but she caught a glimpse, and recognition kept her grounded, kept her from thinking about other things he could do with those magnificent hands.

Crostini with butternut squash and ricotta.

Dante popped it in his mouth and chewed slowly, watching her as she watched him. Just like always, she found herself unable to turn away, even though she knew better. Something about the man compelled her to look, whether it was the full lips that begged to be nibbled or the strong jaw with its hint of scruff or the muscles that wouldn't quit ... she didn't know. He was so unlike the guys she was normally drawn to that the attraction she'd found curious years ago reached overwhelming now. The urge to move closer was almost impossible to resist; he was like a magnet and she was made of iron. She needed to walk away — and not just because she had a job to do. She'd wanted him for too long. Strong and independent women didn't run to the next knight in shining armor — or tarnished armor in his case, at least according to Evan.

One step back, her feet ready to pivot, she froze again as he said, "I've been here all night, watching you, trying to decide if I should say hello or not."

Nope. A whole lot of nope. The deal she'd made with Jade was for a one-time thing she could walk away from, and that wasn't Dante. He was her kryptonite, the guy who made her want to be the damsel in distress, and she couldn't be that anymore. Wouldn't be that anymore — no matter how much her body was screaming yes, she had to say no. She wasn't about to belong to him any more than she wanted to belong to Brandon. "Well, I am working, so some other time might be better."

"I'm sure your boss won't mind you hanging out here as long as I keep eating his food." He took another piece from the tray. "How have you been?"

It should have been an easy question to answer. For most people it would be, but not for her. And especially not talking to him. All the things she wanted to say were the very things she needed to keep shut inside. Because regardless of what she'd been told, her first instinct with Dante had always been to tell him everything, to trust him, to let him be her rock.

She'd met him a few months before her wedding. She'd gone to visit Evan, and he'd been working out with Dante. They'd talked, she'd been drawn to him, and she'd left, thinking nothing of it. For a couple weeks, she kept running into him, whether alone or out with Brandon. And it was always the same. She'd tried to write it off as just a burgeoning new friendship that might have been more flirty than necessary, but nothing worse than that. Then suddenly Evan had told her to keep her distance.


Excerpted from Blackmailed by the Hero (Gone Hollywood) by Julie Particka. Copyright © 2015 Julie Particka. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Blackmailed By The Hero (Entangled Brazen) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Not good. I didn't care for this book at all. ****SPOILER ALERTS: ***** The whole blackmail angle seemed contrived to me. How do you fall for a guy that threatened to get you fired from a job you desperately need? Doesn't that tell you something about his character (or lack thereof)? Then, the 'burning the hero with hot wax' scene was extremely bizarre. And this heroine annoyed me to no end. She kept saying how independent she was now. NOT. She was needy beyond belief. After a couple of days, she's already asking: what are we to each other?...Gah. I was embarrased for her character. Of course most importantly, these two characters lacked chemistry. And that's just too big to overlook. Skip this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you want deep and meaningful pass this one up. Why do the women always seem to have issues?!! If I whined as much as this lead character, i'd disown myself!
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
This is book # 2 in the Gone Hollywood series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding of the characters and series, I recommend reading in the order intended. Vicky and Dante have had a flame sitting dormant between them since before her bad marriage. Now divorced, she runs into him at an event she is working. He is happy to see her, but she is unsure how to react to him. After her brothers warning about him - his best friend seems both appealing and not. Dante has waited years for Vicky to notice him again. Not sure why she always turns away from him, he is determined to find a way to get her to open up. He may have to use drastic measures to get her to look his way. This is a story full of hot men, job choices, & big brothers who interfere. There is such heat between these characters. I loved every page! ***This ARC copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Vicky Stone is trying hard to make a new life after her divorce. She is working for Elegant Entertainment as a server. If she keeps out of trouble, she may get a promotion. She runs into problems when she flirts with a sexy actor at an event she is working. She tries to sneak into his room, but goes to the wrong room. It's the room of her brother's best friend, Dante Palladino. He tries to rescues her. She's not happy and leaves. To keep her secret, he blackmails her into seeing him. Now the fun begins. I loved Vicky and her determination to be her own person. She won't rely on a man for protection. Dante is a swoon-worthy hero. He is a truly good man who lives up to his hype. He wants to help Vicky succeed. The chemistry between them is amazing. Sparks fly. This is a fast-paced humorous story that made me smile. I loved the setting and the sparkling dialogue. I wanted these two to get their HEA. Julie Particka did a wonderful job pulling me into this sexy romance. I was hooked. Blackmailed by the Hero is a great addition to the Gone Hollywood series.
TheSassyBookster More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars Vicky Stone is on a quest to do something out of the ordinary for her in celebration of her divorce: indulge in a one-night stand and she has just the perfect person in mind. Due to a mistake, she finds herself in the wrong bed, with her brother's best friend. Five years ago, Dante Palladino met and fell for his friend's sister but her upcoming wedding prevented him from pursing the attraction. Now by a stroke of luck, she is in his bed and he's definitely not letting go this time, even if he has to resort to blackmail to get her to spend time with him. Dante was portrayed as the bad boy ex-fighter by the media but he was in fact more. He knew the value of hard work but also learned that a helping hand made the struggle for success easier and so he was willing to lend Julie a hand in getting her career off the ground. Vicky's ex-husband had demolished her self-esteem, so that she felt that she had to make it all by herself and Dante's tendency to swoop in and play hero was not something she liked, but with time she realized that accepting Dante's help was not such a bad thing after all. BLACKMAILED BY THE HERO was sweet, fun and entertaining. My favorite character is Vicky's best friend Jade, with her lack of filter and I really hope she gets her story. Disclaimer: I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
This is the second in the Gone Hollywood Series and here we have Vicky and Dante’s story. Vicky is on a mission for some hot hook-up sex but when the guy intends to indulge with gives her the wrong directions she ends up in the bed of her brother’s hot best friend, Dante. When he finds out she risked her job for some meaningless sex he decides to blackmail her into dating him. I really liked the chemistry between Dante and Vicky the story is good and the sex steamy. A fun read!
BottlesAndBooksReviewsJA More than 1 year ago
Vicki Stone has two missions for herself: 1. land the promotion she wants and 2. have a hot, hot, hot hook up. As Vicki is working a party where a lot of movie stars are, she gets an offer that is hard to refuse. A handsome actor offers to show Vicki a good night and she can't say no to that. At the same party that Vicki is working at is Dante, her brother's best friend. Vicki has always had an attraction to him since they meet, but her brother has always warned Vicki away from Dante. When Vicki sneaks back to the party to meet up with her handsome actor she ends up in the wrong bed and must do whatever it takes to keep her job - including dating Dante and ONLY Dante. Dante first comes off as quite the bad boy, especially with the blackmailing business, but as the book continues I realized what an absolute sweetheart he is underneath the bad boy layer. The chemistry between Vicki and Dante is very real and the steamy scenes between them heated up the pages. Blackmailed by the Hero is simple with not a lot of drama going on and the story line is pretty much straight to the point. Needless to say, it was a bit lackluster, but the book is definitely worth a read and I did enjoy the characters and the book itself. ★★★1/2
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
I wanted to stay in Vicky and Dante's world a little longer. The story was full of the past and the present but it wasn't rushed. It flowed perfectly as we got to know each of the characters and learned what made them tick. They met each other just before she was to marry another. Her brother thought she was happy with her fiance, so he warned her to stay away from Dante. She married her fiance and he turned out to be her worst mistake EVER! Now, a couple years later, she runs into Dante at a Hollywood type party and all those old feelings come right back but she also remembers her brother warning her that he was bad news. Dante is gorgeous, built and quite sentimental and romantic. Vicky is a little hardened by her past divorce and that whole "being dependent on a man" thing. Mistakes were made but you'll have to read this fantastic book find out by who and if they were ever made right. I loved it! This is my first book by this author and I'm now a huge fan. This book was well written and as I already mentioned, has great flow. I can't wait to see what's next. Review copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own
TangledUpInBooks More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating. Sneaking into the wrong bed mixed with a little second chance romance...the promise of laughter and steamy fun were calling out from that blurb. Though it was a bit frustrating at times it was still tons of fun and a whole lot of sexy! My source of frustration within this book was Vicky's character. It's hard to decide how I feel about her because all the things I loved about her character were also the things that drove me crazy. She has this fierce independence due to the number that her ex-husband pulled on her, which is awesome and admirable but at times it was almost too much and over the top. She was so determined to go it on her own and be her own person that even the slightest hint at someone helping her get a leg up would set off her alarms and turn her snark from funny and playful to a wall of defense. She always expected the worst out of people and suspected evil-ish ulterior motives. It got kind of old at times and I just wanted to shake her. And it's not like her independence and determination were a bad thing, they're good, it was just too much. Everyone needs help sometimes. On the other hand Dante who was fierce and charming and incredibly sweet, also had twinges of caveman-like tendencies. His protective, white knight complex would also go a bit far at times, though not quite as annoyingly to me as my issues with Vicky. When it came to Dante I couldn't help but think it was incredibly sweet and know that his heart was in the right place because he likes to do for people, it just clashed with Vicky at times and put a huge wedge between them. One thing that nobody can deny though would be those sparks between Dante and Vicky. When things would get heated between those two it was explosive, of course with a 5 year build up to them inevitably hooking up how could it not be? I liked the bits of backstory that we get for Dante. How his past has kept him grounded and real and full of heart and not some egotistical star. It was one of the things I worried about before starting the book seeing as how the title of the series is Gone Hollywood. I'm always wary when it comes to actors for characters. Thankfully there was nothing to be wary of with Dante. I guess when all I have to complain about with a book is that a character is too independent...there's really not much to complain about! The storyline was fun and sweet and angsty and a whole lot of hot. I'm looking forward to see what else this series has in store. Thanks to Entangled Publishing for the opportunity to read and review this book!
MELHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
At first I thought this story was going to be about a couple of young guys trying to get one woman, but I was wrong. Vicky is just coming off of a bad divorce where her ex used her and cheated on her. It is hard for Vicky to get over these things and she just wants to work and make a way for herself without having to ask for help from anyone. Vicky is a waitress in a bar that has some pretty famous people come through there from time to time and her boss expects professional behavior from her at all times. When Vicky get lured one night to meet one of the actors in his room after hours, she has no idea what has gotten into her but goes through with it. When Vicky chooses the wrong door to enter, things take a turn for her, but not necessarily for the worst. Vicky accidentally drops her work badge in the room she was in where she meet Dante, her brother's best friend from growing up. Vicky was embarrassed to learn that she was in the bed of her brother's best friend in stead of the guy she thought she was meeting. Her brother had always told her to stay away from Dante because of his past. Well, now Dante was telling her to stay away from this other guy she was supposed to meet because he was nothing but bad news. When Dante hires Vicky to plan a party for he and her brother's birthday, things start heating up for the two of them. Dante is nothing but nice to Vicky and she can not understand how her brother can say that he has a past. I love the way that Julie keeps you guessing as to how things are going to turn out for these two. I am so glad that it ended happily for them and was flipping pages as fast as I could to find out!! Thanks Julie for a great, romantic quick read!! I look forward to more from you soon!!
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
Vicky Stone is recently divorced and finally living her life on her own terms, she is ready to get over her ex-husband, by indulging in a guilt free one night stand. So when a hunky actor offers her just that she is all to eager to take him up on his offer. He gives her all of his room details and tells her to meet him in his room after the party she is working at is over, so she does just that...only to find she has actually wandered into the wrong room, and comes face to face with her long time crush, and brother's best friend. While she would love to give into her desire for Dante, she decides it's best just to walk away, because she knows one night with him will never be enough, and she isn't ready to put her heart on the line... Dante Palladino has admired Vicky Stone from afar for the last five years, and after having to watch her marry another man he has had to settle for his forbidden fantasies about her to get him by. But now armed with the knowledge that she is newly single he has decided it is time to devise a plan to get her into his arms, and hopefully in his bed... This was my first time reading a book by this author, and I have to say that it left a very good first impression, so much so, I plan to revisit this series. One page in and I was immediately hooked, the story was so addictive that I lost track of time and ended up staying up til the wee hours of the morning just to finish it! The characters had amazing chemistry, and the anticipation of them getting together had me on the edge of my seat. One of my favorite tropes is second chance love stories and this one, definitely hit the mark!! Highly recommend you add this one to your reading is HIGHLY satisfying!! ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
Catherines_Reads More than 1 year ago
This was a great story of two broken people finding their way to each other. Between the hero's past and the heroine's ex husband, the two really had a fight with themselves just to decide if they could be a couple. But when someone wanting revenge causes problems they will have to see if they have the trust involved to tough it out, or just walk away.
Danielle_Wegner More than 1 year ago
Another great story from Julie Particka. In this chapter of the Gone Hollywood series, we get to see into the life of Vicky Stone, Evan Stone from book one, Tempting Her Fake Fiance's hero. Vicky is newly divorced and looking for one night of fun to shake her from her dating funk. This book has it all. Humour, sexy, touching, and Dante has a nice little Alpha side that we get to see. Vicky is a very likeable character, and I loved getting to know her, after a brief glimpse of her in book one. This book makes me very excited for book 3, which will feature Jade, Vicky's best friend.
WildHeartReviews More than 1 year ago
I’ve been gathering my thoughts on this one for a few days. Blackmailed by the Hero is the second book in the Gone Hollywood series by Julie Patricka. The book itself is very well written, told from alternative third person point of views, and can be read as a standalone. For me, this was one of the middle of the road books. There is nothing that really sticks out to me as over the top “oh my gosh”, but it’s still a great read. It is in the trope of friends to lovers, which is one of my favorite, but also second chance in a way. I won’t joke, I got anxious as Vicky did when she was tip-toeing down the hallway to the room she was looking for. So the story can immerse you into it. Dante comes off as this bad boy, ex wrestler playboy who makes his way through a sea of women that all want to fall at the Inferno’s feet. He humors them for the most part, but there is more to him then just that. Vicky is coming out of a rocky divorce, her ex husband is a piece of work. She’s fighting to make a life for herself without leaning on anyone and I think that she actually does a pretty good job of it. Sometimes you want to bash her over the head because it seems like things don’t click for her until she sees them an exact way, but outside oft that, I liked her. There is an obvious amount of chemistry and sparks between the pair. It translates well to the reader. So, all in all, I gave it a three star rating. I would honestly like to have given it more, but as I said before, it just wasn’t that memorable for me. Nothing stuck out. I did like the trope, I did like the storyline itself, and the characters. Oddly enough, Vicky’s best friend Jade stuck out to me more than both the main characters. She was hilarious and is the only one that I snagged a quote from in the book. Overall, would I recommend this book? You betcha!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Vicky Stone just needs one night to really let loose and have a little fun. When she meets a bad boy actor at a party she's working, she decides tonight is that night! When she sneaks into his room and his bed later that night, she's in for a little surprise!! Dante has secretly lusted after Vicky for a long time but due to his friendship with her brother she was strictly hands off! When she mistakenly slips into his bed rather than the bed of the loser she intended he decides he needs to save her from herself! He threatens to tell her employer exactly what happen unless she agrees to date him - only him!! Loved this one! The chemistry between Vicky and Dante was amazing. The story was very well done and grabbed my attention immediately. Couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this one!
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Having just gotten out of a toxic relationship Vicky does not trust herself. Existing in a rut. she has decided that she wants to end her self imposed drought. One night of no strings, blow her mind, sultry fun. That decisions backfires when it brings her face to face with Dante. When she looks at Dante she trouble with a capital T. Her brain tells her no but her body is saying yes. Dante and Vicky are cute. They push each others buttons because they connection has always been strong between them. Listening to others is what interfered with them exploring the magnetic chemistry that has been obvious from the very beginning. I also loved the way Dante was so protective of Vicky. It bordered on obsession. Exploring their feelings may have been a bad decision, but making bad decisions has never hurt so good. Blackmailed by the Hero is attention grabbing, electric, comedic and hot. Very good read. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Am quickly becoming a Julie Particka fan.
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Dante Palladino is her brother’s best friend. Her brother warned her away from him and despite the attraction she heeded the warning. Vicky Stone has a plan. The divorce has been over for a while but Vickie has goals and doesn’t need a man to mess things up. But she hasn’t had sex since the divorce and her bff goads Vickie into agreeing to a post-divorce hot hook-up. When a hot actor makes a pass at Vicky she agrees to come back after work and hook up. She finds her way back but enters Dante’s room by mistake. Dante has always wanted Vicky but she was engaged and then married. She is free now and about to make a terrible error if she goes to the actors bed. Dante blackmails her into dating only him for the duration of his stay. If the attraction is mutual so much the better. Dante is big bad and tattooed. He is dreamy and a really good guy. Vicky senses this about him but she remembers her brothers warning and he knows Dante better. She is so conflicted. It was great fun watching Vicky overcome her fears to fall for Dante. This is the second in a series but can be read stand alone. Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
3.5 "Does this mean i'm special?" stars Having met Evan Stone in the first in this series, this story follows the trials and tribulations of his sister, Vicky Stone. Not wanting any handouts from her family, Vicky finds herself a year on from divorcing her husband, and attempting to make a life for herself, by herself. At Elegant Entertainment, she finds herself swimming upstream in a river of the rich and famous, as she waitresses prestigious events that she may have previously attended alongside her brother. On a particular night, her best friend, Jade, had suggested that she needed to bag a one night stand. That would help get her out of her funk, and give her the impetuous to launch back into the dating game. Dante Pallidino found himself at an affiliated party connected to the film he was currently in. He could do with going home, having had enough of this industry baloney, but to keep the bosses happy... Who should he bump into but the very delectable Vicky, little sister of his best bud, Evan, and oh how she had grown. Having spent many formative years in her company, Vicky was a pure no go area in every sense for Dante. After a shameless flirt with another actor within the film, Vicky psyches herself up for a night of no strings pleasure, until she finds herself directionally challenged and in the wrong place at maybe the right time. This was an amusing, steamy read for me. I enjoyed Dante very much. He depicted the archetypical bad boy, but turned out to be so much more. This couple's chemistry was fizzing on first sight, and coupled with their amusing banter, it proved to be a great addition to this series. "I will give you anything you ever want, but I am not a big, fat man with a white beard."