Blogging: Innovative Ways To Promote Your Business

Blogging: Innovative Ways To Promote Your Business

by Stephen Williams
4.2 10

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Blogging: Innovative Ways To Promote Your Business by Stephen Williams

Learn new marketing through social media!

Now you can have new business ways to make money!

Do you want to make good money in blogging?‘These tips on how to make a good blog were very helpful. Thanks!’ – Jun

T.The Internet can give you vast amounts of opportunites. All you need is to focus on a certain point and learn to

utilize it.This book shows you how to use blogging as a good marketing tool. This gives you that edge for your

business to prosper by interacting with clients the social media way.

Here are some of the topic that you can see on this book:

Information why people use and do blogs
Information on how to make a good domain
Information on focusing on certain audience
Information on how to make an appealing blog
Information on backlinking as a good tool
Information on how to use social networking
And so much more!
This book provides you the straight to the point information on how to make a blog become a powerful marketing tool.

Get this book now and have your business boom in no time!

You can also answer some questions in this book such as:

"Will this book make me a millionaire?"
"How this will help me in putting up good marketing for my business?"
"Should I have to monitor all my blogs for it to be effective?"

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“Doing all the little tricky things it takes to grow up, step by step, into an anxious and unsettling world.” Sylvia Plath

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Blogging: Promote Your Business With the "In" Thing 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
This is a book that all business men and women should read. I have to say that I really liked this book and it is worth reading if you are lost on how to promote and get your business out there. I am a writer and there are times when you want to help someone else get out there in the world, so I use blogging. There is so much I did not know about blogging until I read this book. There was a lot of helpful information when it came to this book that I took to heart. I am here to let everyone know that if you have something to say or you want to get your business out there then make sure that you read this book. This is a great book that you can read and pass on to others. The Author of this book wrote a lot of good advice and a lot of great things when it came to blogging to promote your business. The only way to get out there is to promote yourself and then let others help you as well in my opinion, so if you need some good advice please read this book and see if you get a lot of good information out of it. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to blog about their business and any other job that they are passionate about. Make sure to check this book out and pass it on to your friends as well.
MaryAbigail More than 1 year ago
Finally Someone Read My Mind Unlike many bloggers out there just seeking an avenue to express themselves, I think of blogging as a way to earn money. The problem is there just wasn't enough literature out there that told you what you needed to know to get started and earn revenue in return. Stephen provides the answers to the one question that I have been saying yes to for quite sometime. Just like 'branding' blogging has evolved into a marketing strategy. I is a now a way for individuals to earn money and for businesses to get there messages out there while increasing revenue. I appreciated the informative messages in this book. It clarified some of the questions I had and gave me an idea of how to go forward incorporating blogging in my marketing initiatives. I had a little business that barely had a voice, now I am able to turn up the volume and be heard. The best thing of all is that I can earn additional money doing it.  There is a disclaimer at the beginning of the book that although I understand the legal reasons for its inclusion, I hardly believe that readers would go so far as to take the content as guaranteed. As with any 'advice' its how you apply it that makes all the difference. This guide was written with very good intentions. It is meant to educate the reader on the possible ways to earn money through blogging.  Stephen keeps all his 'how to' books short and with good reason. No one wants to be bogged down with large text books these days. We always opted for the condensed version. The business world is a very busy and loud place and the only way to stand out in the crowd is to open you mouth. Stephen teaches you that being as loud as the rest of the businesses vying for the attention of consumers is not necessarily the answer. The best way to stand out is to be unique. You can be very creative with your blog and as a result command the attention you need. Technology has truly advanced the way we do business and market them. The internet has open possibilities for expansion and increasing revenue that did not exist in the brick and mortar era. More and more businesses are turning to the virtual world to trade. Marketing strategies are continually evolving and now that blogging seems to be more prevalent and permanent, it is only a matter of time before we get with the program. Blogging itself has evolved from just text to interactive fonts. Its up to you to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity that it currently presents before a new method of promotion becomes available.  My only concern about this book is that it was too focused on the money making possibilities and missed the mark in terms of qualitative benefits that blogging provides as well. This is the thing with 'how to' books, you need to strike a balance when presenting your views. Not everyone will be reading for the sole purpose of what the book promises so there should always be those bits that serves that niche.  
RussellG More than 1 year ago
Blogging is ubiquitous these days. It seems that, no matter where you go in this world, there is someone who has taken the time to sit down and, depending upon the topic at hand as well as the thought and effort expended, compose a lengthy screed detailing as much information as they can conceivably fathom about the pros and cons of drinking oolong tea from Sri Lanka, or reminiscing about life in a summer treehouse on Manitoulin Island in Canada, or offering some timely tips for improving a resume. All of which is valuable to someone out there with access to the internet. Stephen Williams has written a tome for his "Business Collection" series, entitled "Blogging: Promote Your Business with the 'In' Thing." The author has taken the time to explain the significance of blogging and how it has exponentially grown to include countless writing styles and topics, which are expounded upon and explained by the blogs' authors, all of whom, by virtue of being able to compose said blog(s), demonstrate varied writing styles. "Blogging" acknowledges how quickly technology has allowed the average Web surfer to amass the technological tools and know-how to build Web sites devoted exclusively to the blogs' topics of the day. Whereas one blogger, for example, may focus entirely upon the subject of CBS' 'Two and a Half Men' with countless links to the actors and characters provided herein, another blogger may elect to do a journal-style blog and compose entries for their viewers to read and enjoy. The sheer number of topics, coupled with the countless choices given to people, literally contribute to thousands of blogs being written and viewed online. Williams writes about topics with which he is familiar, and also provides the reader with different suggestions for self-improvement. A prolific writer with a practical bent, Williams discusses within "Blogging" the numerous financial ideas and opportunities for putting good writing and grammar skills to good use. He encourages his readers to take the initiative and to trust your abilities: "Be the kind of entrepreneur who keeps up with the times, the kind of business owner who actually (cares) about what (their) customers think and your efforts will be rewarded. . .anyone can become a real pro in this field with enough determination and sweat" (Ch. 1). In doing so, the reader who has been inspired by Williams's words will be able to practice for as often and as much as they want. "Blogging" is written from a capitalist viewpoint, and that is certainly okay. It might have served some of the author's audience better had the emphasis upon money-making also include blogs that featured opinions, e.g. op-ed sites such as The Huffington Post. It is important to provide readers the assurance that one does not always have to make money to be a success in the blogging field. Simply composing pieces such as product reviews a la Consumer Reports provide informational knowledge that is often just as valuable as the almighty dollar. As per Williams, the only sure way to become proficient at something is to enjoy what it is that you do, and to practice as often and as consistently as possible. Most proficient writers were novices at one point; one only has to wonder if the horror-genre world would have been just as unnerved by another writer if Stephen King and Dean Koontz had never expressed a desire to write. From Williams's perspecti
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Don't waste your money! This book is about 1,000 words long in a list form telling you what to do but not how to do it. Also, there are no examples of what he is discussing. The book is 37 pages but the last 10 are advertisements for his other books. It one big commercial with basic info you can get for free from the internet. I feel robbed of my money.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this book had some really good information
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
As someone who is setting up an online business myself, this book has worked wonders for me. I have been a blogger for some time and the sheer power that it has as a marketing tool is amazing! I never realised the FULL extent of the usefulness of blogging till I read this book. Anyone is thinking, in process of creating or has a business currently running that needs some extra punch to its marketing campaign I highly suggest reading this book. The writing style is fluid, easy to follow and rewards those with knowledge on the subject matter with more knowledge yet at the same time does not hinder the new comer. Whatever your knowledge base in online marketing, im sure most if not all will get something from the book. Drawbacks? Well, the only drawback that comes to mind is that I now want more. I want a book like this that covers online marketing as a whole, would have been nice to have had more references to further reading maybe. But in essence, the sheer depth it covers blogging as a marketing tool for your business overpowers such a small drawback. I can’t give it anything less than 5 stars! Read it, you won’t regret it.
Lizzy81 More than 1 year ago
 A NEW SUCCESS Nowadays technology and the Internet have really simplified our life; we have almost forgotten the smell of a real written language because of e-mails  or we don't use usual phones to make a call, because we do it via net.  These are simply examples of tools we make use of in our everyday life;  but there's another way to communicate, which is blogging on the Internet, where everybody can deal about different topics, such as books, movies or marketing. Yes, that's what Stephen Williams explains in his book "Blogging": once again, his writing style is so easy, that even who's not very familiar with this kind of subject, so with this language, can understand it. I think that "Blogging" can be a useful tool to really enter the world of  the Internet and its blogging, specially if we want to find another path to success. Williams helps us finding what are the best steps to take, if we want to go straight to the ploint: every chapter hides a new piece of advice, to start  building a new viewpoint in the information world, where everybody can share everything he/she wants with other people, who, as a consequence are free to express  their opinion about it. So, if you are looking for a useful help in the world of blogging and really want to obtain  the desidered visibility, I suggest you to buy "Blogging": it will teach you how to make your ideas fruitful, through blogging, that won't have secrets anymore for you. 
tigarpanter More than 1 year ago
Advertising can be a fascinating topic, particularly in the era of information. This is the book that Teach you how to gain more satisfied, faithful customers through your blog, with the tips provided in this book, you will become a blog expert point in time! This book is about using blogging to get more business. It will help you to learn what you can do to make this job for you. Williams was able to give a lot of great information without making it sound like he was writing a boring instruction manual or like him was preaching about something. If you own a business then you could definitely use this book to help you get out readily on hand. You'll learn how to tell other people about the benefits of your commerce as well as keeping your current customers up to date on the things that are going on. Blogging presents a new edge for small businesses to advertise their products and services. This is a good way to stay in make contact and get in contact. Blogging is not just for the individual looking to speak to the world online. Most people don't understand the benefits of having a blog if you have that kind of business. It makes excellent sense because the reason most people go online is to find information, goods, or services, informative blog they will be much more likely to use the business that owns the blog. Read the book to grow an understanding of blogging and how to maximize blogs to your advantage in own business work.
CatherinePeters More than 1 year ago
Blogging for business Blogging has become the raging phenomena ever since the internet came streaming into our homes. Initially used for recording of personal information, views and observations , blogging has entered the world of making money. Advertising and  promoting of business has become the in thing as described aptly in Stephen Williams’s book on’Blogging:Promote your Business with the ‘in’ thing. Blogging presents a new interface for small businesses to advertise their products and services. Even stay-at-home moms intending to add to the financial kitty can start a small blog promoting businesses. Same goes for entrepreneurial minded young adults. The only limitation to blogging is your creativity. The advice and tips provided in this book is aligned to the art  of marketing and promoting your product to the world out there. To capture a market which has grown exponentially, a market which is at your finger tips 24/7 can be realized by blogging. And this can achieve maximum yield by following a well planned out strategy which is found in the book. It is important that the message your blog sends out finds the right target market for the services or products you intend to market. The right nuances and keywords which will also grab the attention of search engines and appropriate links will create maximum effect. Read the book to gain an understanding of blogging and how to maximize blogs to your advantage.
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Do you own a business of your own? If you do then you know how you're going to need to find some great ways that you can market to new clients. This is one of the most important things when you are starting a business or even if you've had it for a while and you want to continue expanding. You need to come up with some great ways that are going to draw people in to your business and whatever you are offering. That means getting knowledge on some of the more modern types of marketing. This book is about using blogging to get more business. It will help you to learn what you can do to make this work for you. Each business is a little different and that means you're going to need to tweak the strategy slightly however you're going to be able to use it well to get your business going better than ever. Just like his other books Williams was able to give a lot of great information without making it sound like he was writing a boring instruction manual or like he was preaching about something. He simply tells the information you need in an easy to read and easy to understand style. When you're talking about something technical such as blogging people sometimes have problems understanding the instructions however Williams was able to make it simple. If you own a business then you could definitely use this book to help you get out there. You'll learn how to tell other people about the benefits of your business as well as keeping your current customers up to date on the things that are going on. This is a good way to stay in contact and get in contact. This book goes through a lot of different information that will help you immensely. I thought this book could maybe talk a little more specifically about certain types of business and what they can do. However it gave a lot of key information that, while somewhat general, was easily adjusted to work for a variety of different companies. I think this book does a good job of fulfilling its purpose, which is, of course, to help those that have a business of their own to expand that business through blogging. It helps everyone learn how to do these things no matter how good you are with computers and blogging already. For anyone that owns a business this is good. I have some friends and family that own their own businesses, which I would definitely tell to read this book. They would be able to use a lot of the information that is presented so easily through the book.