BOSS: A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

BOSS: A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

by Katy Evans

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ISBN-13: 9781488046414
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 03/01/2019
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 20,292
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About the Author

Katy Evans grew up with books and book-boyfriends until she found a real sexy boyfriend to love. They married and are now hard at work on their own happily ever after. Katy loves her family and friends, and she also loves reading, walking, baking, and being consumed by her characters until she reaches “The End.” Which is, hopefully, only the beginning...

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Boss 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
JWright57 4 months ago
This is an author I always jump at the chance to read and Boss did not disappoint and if you love light hearted easy to read romance this book will be right up your street. Alexandra Colt is a woman very focused on her career but when her boss announces he is about to retire and his son Kit Walker will be taking over, things start to change and Alexandra finds herself crossing lines with her swoon worthy British boss..... Kit Walker comes across as an arrogant playboy when we first meet him but as he starts to open up to Alexandra we see the man behind the front he has put up and that’s one hot charismatic man. Boss was an enjoyable read that was read in one sitting, I loved the characters and the story flowed. This book has the perfect mix of love, passion and humour with plenty of friendly witty banter.
MaimeosAngelsEL 24 days ago
This was a light hearted, easy to read and flirty story that was also a quick read. I really enjoyed this office romance and the main characters of Kit Walker and Alexandra Holt. Just the idea of a British hero is enough to get me one clicking, I just love them. Kit is about to become Alex's new boss as his father is retiring and he is taking over the company. Sparks fly and the chemistry between Kit and Alex is smoking hot. One of the biggest issues between Kit and Alex is that they both want to be the one in charge. Boss is full of passion, humour, love and yet at times was also quite emotional. Well written and engaging I had no trouble reading this one in one sitting. Who will come out on top in this struggle between Kit and Alex?
onemused 26 days ago
If you love forbidden boss romances, you are in for a treat! "Boss" follows Alexandra (Alex), a self-proclaimed workaholic who has dedicated herself to working for a dating site/app which has become hugely successful, thanks in large part to her efforts. Her boss and owner of the company is a kind older man- who has just announced he is retiring and putting his attractive, young son, Kit, in charge. However, he asks Alex to watch Kit and report back with how he is doing. Alex is not sure how she feels about the new boss- he's inexperienced and they are butting heads. However, she also feels undeniably attracted to him. After a series of after-work events where she gets to know him better, she starts to feel like maybe she should act on those feelings. With a slowish burn and an added enemies-turned-more trope, this book is mindless and delicious fun. A fast read, this was easy to devour in a single sitting and a great beachy read. Highly recommend for anyone interested in the boss romance, as this is well done and very fun. Please note that I voluntarily read a copy which I received from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous 28 days ago
LynnB888 3 months ago
4 1/2 STARS! Confidant characters, steamy attraction and secret liaisons make for a delectable read from Katy Evans as she makes her debut in the Harlequin Desire line! It didn't take me long to fall under the spell of their story and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them work towards their happily ever after! Alexandra Croft loves her job of creating the hottest dating app around right now, but when the boss she adores announces he's stepping down and his playboy, never held down a job in his life son is stepping in, she knows things are about to change. Kit Walker is determined to show his dad that he can step into his shoes and things won't fall apart. He knows he has Alex looking over his shoulder and resents it a bit, but when they sit down and decide to start fresh after their resentment of each other, the attraction that's been flaring since day one comes back out in full force.
ljtljtljt 3 months ago
I love a good office romance and BOSS by Katy Evans does not disappoint. The two main characters both work for Cupid’s Arrow, the area’s premier dating app. At only twenty-four years old, design manager Alexandra Croft is a force to be reckoned with. She is talented, a workaholic, and well respected by her boss and colleagues. Kit Walker was just appointed CEO of Cupid’s Arrow, his father’s company. With little to no business experience, Kit has big shoes to fill. He has spent most of his life living the life of luxury. He is extremely good-looking and a quick learner. Alex does not cut Kit any slack, especially because she believes he has no clue about the workings of a corporation. However, they share a sexual spark that cannot be denied. I did not like Alex for a good portion of the book, since her attraction to Kit overtakes her common sense and ability to do her job. However, at the same time I completely understood her infatuation, it was genuine and true to life. Kit’s good-looks, personality and fairness in the workplace is an irresistible combination. Their sexy times are hot and passionate. This is a nicely written love story with an engaging plot and well-defined characters. I found Alex and Kit to be intelligent and real. Their time together was replete with lustful attraction, while Kit’s romantic gestures made me swoon. Overall, this is a solid romantic read. LJT, Romance Junkies
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
3.75stars--BOSS by Katy Evans is a contemporary, adult, stand alone , erotic romance storyline focusing on twenty-seven year old heir Kit Walker , and twenty-four year old, Cupid’s Arrow dating app team leader Alexandra Croft. Told from first person perspective (Alexandra Croft) BOSS follows in the wake of new leadership at Cupid’s Arrow Dating App IT firm when owner and CEO Alastair Walker hands over the reigns to his prodigal son Kit Walker. A party boy and playboy, Kit knows nothing about the business but when Alexandra Croft is assigned to watch over and guide the new entrepreneur, sparks fly and things said in anger and a need to prove who’s in control, push everyone’s proverbial buttons. What ensues is the forbidden relationship and office romance between Kit and Alexandra, and the fall-out as office gossip and jealousy find our heroine on the outside looking in. The relationship between Kit and Alexandra is one of immediate attraction but an attraction tempered by a shift in power, hurt feelings, and a need to prove one’s worthiness and power. Private dinners and business meetings lead to something more that will eventually reveal someone else is willing to push Alexandra and Kit, out of their jobs. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. We are introduced to CEO Alastair Walker, and his son William; design team members Ellie Mason, Tim, Angela, and head of the tech department Ben. BOSS is a story of forbidden romance, of power, of control, of betrayal and redemption. The premise is engaging; the romance is captivating; the characters are sassy, energetic and bold.
chrismom 4 months ago
Alexandra Croft is a workaholic and all about business. She is a designer for Cupid’s Arrow, a dating app. The company is owned by Alistair Walker. Alistair has decided to retire and in his place his playboy son Kit will take his place. Alex is given the job to keep an eye on Kit. They are like oil and water in the beginning until they both realize that they need to work together for the good of the company. Soon sparks begin to fly as they begin spending more time together. Could Alex be wrong about Kit? Will Kit help Alex loosen up and learn there is more to life than work? Alex and Kit butt heads at the beginning of the story, but after several meetings when they learn about each other they realize that there is something there. I liked the chemistry between Alex and Kit as they both realize they balance each other out. This was a quick enjoyable read and I look forward to the next book in this series.
I LOVE STORY TIME Book Blog 4 months ago
I love Katy Evans! I love her stories and ALWAYS her heroes! A possessive alpha gets me every time! Boss was sexy, smart, and super steamy. A quick, angsty read for any day of the week. Fans of Katy Evans’ will devour it! ♥ Review by Lys
Rina_S 4 months ago
4.5 stars If you are after a story that is enjoyable as well as easy to read and light hearted then this will be right up your alley. I really thought it was a great story that had a charming British male character in Kit and the female being her sassy self in Alex...but when she had a few drinks in her, needless to say, anything and everything came out of her mouth, it was rather funny, I thought!!! Talk about foot in mouth issues when intoxicated, lol. As Kit is her new boss, things gets interesting as they navigate a blossoming connection. You can feel the sizzling chemistry leaping off the pages and trying not to mix business with pleasure well lets just say sometimes something has to happen for an issue to arise. I really enjoyed the story and cant wait for more in the series!!!
6703024 4 months ago
Loved Kit and Alexandra! Alex sometimes got on my nerves. She could not spot Ben for the scoundrel he was! She is portrayed as an intelligent woman, but lacks real life experience. Kit more than made up for her shortcoming though. Loved the happily ever after
MelReaderReviews 4 months ago
4 Stars! Alexandra Croft is a gorgeous, ambitious 24 yr. old woman who lives in Chicago and works for the city's top dating app company, Cupid's Arrow. As head of her department she's in charge of the design team, and prides herself on her hard work and dedication to her job. She likes to be in control, and usually has free reign as the CEO's prize employee. Then she learns the owner is retiring and leaving. He's stepping down and filling his position with his youngest son Kit Walker. Alexandra is determined not to let this party boy trust fund heir who's never held an actual job before boss her around. She resents the fact he's done nothing to earn this position, and will now be heading a multimilliondollar company. On top of that she's been asked to be his mentor, and work together as a team. His father is counting on her to make sure this transition goes smoothly. Kit Walker is determined to prove to his father he's his own man. His dad has him on a short leash, and his inheritance hangs in the balance. He has a lot riding on his success at Cupid's Arrow, and he's ready to show everyone just who is in charge now. Alexandra is prepared to suck it up and work together with her hot new British boss. What she isn't prepared for is their crazy chemistry. He's easily the best looking man she's ever seen, and their insane sexual tension rises every time they argue. He's known as the black sheep of the family with a notorious playboy reputation. She soon learns she may have misjudged him. He's arrogant, but also charming and charismatic. His playful side lures her in, and he makes her feel reckless and out of control with just one look. They try to fight their attraction, but when feelings develop they can't resist mixing business with pleasure. Alex was only supposed to guide Kit and keep an eye on him, but could she have found her perfect match? Boss is the first book in this fantastic new Harlequin Desire series by Katy Evans. It was a sexy, fun, love in the workplace romance. I can't wait for the next book about Kit's older brother William!
WendyLeGrand 4 months ago
Boss is a fast-paced, entertaining read written as a Harlequin Desire story. These reads are emotional, sexy stories filled with passion and desire, sexy times and ultimately end with Hero and Heroine riding off into the sunset. Okay, they don't really ride off into the sunset, but they do find their happily ever after. Such is the case for Kit and Alexandra. Two people who started off hating each other in that classic enemies to lovers, office romance kind of way, but quickly succumbed to the blazing attraction they felt for one another. Alexandra is a no-nonsense, career driven women whose exacting standards and over the top work ethic has helped her quickly climb the ladder at Cupid's Arrow, a premier dating app. Kit is the son of Alex's boss and has just been handed the keys to the company, which rankles Alex to no end. The animosity between these two is thick in the air at first, but all too quickly it changes to something much more intimate. With this story being in the Harlequin Desire series, it moves at a lightning fast pace. I think because of that fast pace, I didn't feel a solid connection with the characters. Alex acted very wishy washy in my opinion, which was confusing since she was such a force to be reckoned with at work. Kit quickly started pursuing Alex, but I couldn't really figure out why since she was nothing but antagonistic to him initially, and then played coy which came across as sort of smarmy to me. I know the Harlequin stories follow the quick and sexy insta-love format so we aren't going to get all the components of a romance we normally would with a full length novel, and I think that is primarily what I am missing. Fans of Katy's books and readers who love the quick and sexy stories, this book is perfect for you!
RandysGal69 4 months ago
Office Romance ✅ Sexy Boss✅ Chemistry off the hook✅ Squirming in your seat✅ Drama ✅ Emotional Factor✅ Hot & Steamy✅ Author Katy Evans delivers this quick and sexy fun read that will have you breathless! Go warm up tonight with this Sexy Read & be ready to have Kit Walker be the BOSS of you!
DebiDG 4 months ago
Fantastic! Harlequin Desire’s Boss was so well crafted that time flew by. There’s nothing like a bit of humor, drama and sexy time to make my day complete. Katy Evans drew me in and held my attention with her descriptive writing and character development. I absolutely adore Harlequin books and this is definitely worthy of your time.
Teewee125 4 months ago
Definitely not your typical boss and employee romance. This one is so much more. Exciting, enjoyable, romantic, real. When Alex first meets Kit she really doesn't like him, and when she is told she has to be his mentor she isn't too excited. After all he is a rich playboy who hasn't worked a day in his life. Now he is the acting CEO of his father's multibillion dollar company. There is an attraction but she definitely does not want to acknowledge it. But he does surprise her. Kit steps into this role quickly and efficiently. Their relationship does move forward and the attraction is felt by both of them. Katy Evans does such a great job with their relationship. She does it with such class. They keep the relationship private. In the office they are both professionals. This story is such a joy to read. A romance that is special, private and respectful with only each other.
MelissaB 4 months ago
Katy is one of those authors that I can always count on to deliver a book that will monopolize my time because it's unputdownable. Kit and Alex's story was no different with its fast-paced story, sexy as hell chemistry, and seductive characters; no wonder I had it read in a day. If you love boss- employee romance with a side of insta-love that has you inhaling page after page then this is a must read for you!
KHulsey1979 4 months ago
Four stars for Boss. This is a quick read with a some enemies to lovers to it. I was a little worried that the author would be constrained being that it’s a Harlequin novel but she wasn’t. I love a good office romance. Alex and Kit have plenty of chemistry and the book flowed very well. Great read!!
queenzany 4 months ago
Boom Katy Evan did it again!! Really can the women write anything bad! The clear answer is NO!! Boss is a very sexy combination of smart, strong, sensual storytelling at its very best. Which will seduce your mind and leave you drunk off the words for days!!! Now that is the perfect book for me!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Alexandra Croft finds herself with a new boss,Kit Walker is the retiring bosses son. From the moment they are introduced the sparks fly both good and bad. I have always enjoyed a good Harlequin romance and Katy Evans doesn’t disappoint. This is a sweet sexy read full of romance and heat,with a little drama to keep things interesting.