Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

by Steve Randazzo
Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World

by Steve Randazzo


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Build Connections + Stand Out in a Digitally Cluttered World!

Are your marketing efforts not bringing in the results you hoped? Are you struggling to make meaningful connections with your customers? Well, Brand Experiences by Steve Randazzo may just be the book you’ve been looking for.

The truth is…

Every day, humans are bombarded by marketing messages. By some accounts, over 4,000 per day! Think about it, what social posts do you remember from yesterday? This morning? Our brains are being trained to only pay attention for less than 8 seconds and then move on to the next message. So, as a brand marketer, how do you get your brand to stand out and get the attention it needs and deserves.

The simple answer is by building a memorable experience around your brand.

While content may be king, the online kingdom is overly crowded. Your consumers are inundated with advertisements every time they log on to their computers – and those that slip through ad blockers tend to get “skipped” or flat-out ignored, depending on the medium.

No wonder it is hard to stand out!

Think about your brand for a minute. Does one of these sound like you?

  • Is your brand struggling to stand out in a really crowded market?

  • Is your marketing stuck in the past? Are you looking for a strategy that will drive tangible ROI?

  • You know more people would buy your brand if they could just experience it

  • When people understand how valuable your brand is, they buy it

  • Once people buy your brand, they become loyal

With this being the reality, it has never been more important for brands to provide consumers with engaging, emotionally stimulating experiences they will not want to avoid – and science proves that experiential marketing holds the ticket to achieving this goal!

If this is resonating at all, this book has 9 chapters to help YOU achieve the attention, sales, engagement, and differentiation you crave.

Seriously, pick up this book today and start learning about how to get the attention in the marketplace your brand deserves. If you do,

your brand’s story will be memorable and long-lasting.

You will also gain fresh perspective strategies utilized by recognizable brands such as The Walt Disney Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, NBA, Tractor Supply Company, REI, Patagonia, Corona, Budweiser, Adidas, and more.

Oh, one more thing.

Brand Experiences by Steve Randazzo will teach you how to last as a brand with upcoming and current generations. To insert yourself right in the middle of the word of mouth, activism, and trends.

Through this easy read, you will gain a driver’s-seat view to the lessons learned and relevant examples of Steve Randazzo’s, president of Pro Motion Inc., 30 years of experience.

Steve explains why and how – today more than ever – YOU need to educate, engage, and inspire your target audiences through experiential marketing.

What are you waiting for?

SCROLL UP and click that BUY BUTTON to get your copy of Brand Experiences NOW!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733874502
Publisher: Paiphen Publishing
Publication date: 05/14/2019
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Steve Randazzo is the founder and president of Pro Motion, Inc., a trusted, award winning experiential marketing agency located in St. Louis, Missouri since 1995. Pro Motion helps B2B and B2C brands and Agency partners cut through the clutter and drive real tangible results. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Steve has lead his agency's relationships with big-name clients, including, The Walt Disney Company, Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group, Hewlett-Packard, Duck Tape, Anheuser-Busch, Fiskars, Citgo, NBA, Tractor Supply Company, and many top notch agency partners. Steve has over 50 published articles and is known as a thought leader in his industry. He has been awarded such accolades as Top 100 People You Should Know in St. Louis and one of Fortune Small Business' Best Bosses.

Steve Randazzo is the the Founder and President of Pro Motion Inc, an award-wining experiential marketing agency. Since 1995, brands like The Walt Disney Company, Dr. Pepper- Snapple Group, Hewlett-Packard, Duck Tape, Anheuser-Busch, Fiskars, Citgo, NBA, Tractor Supply Company, and many top-notch agency partners have trusted Steve and his team to produce highly successful and memorable experiences for their customers.

A highly regarded thought leader and masterful storyteller, Steve has been published over 50 times in Entrepreneur, AdWeek, CMO.Com and Chief Marketer and more.

Table of Contents

Foreword – x

INTRODUCTION Finding My Roots in Experiential Marketing- 1

The Power of Experiential - 4

The Perfect Match: Experiential Marketing and Emotional Connections- 5

Educate, Engage, and Inspire for Experiential Marketing Success- 7


Chapter 1: Make a Splash- 10

Find Open Minds - 13

Samples and Keepsakes and Discounts, Oh My!- 14

Bringing Your Product to Life- 18

Induce an “A-ha” Moment- 22

Chapter 2: Go Where the Ducks Are 25

Targeting Done Right- 28

Right Place, Right Time, Right Appearance- 34

Choose Your Own Adventure - 36

Chapter 3: Provide a Professional Field Trip- 40

Take the Trade Show to the Decision Maker- 41

The Beauty of B2B Mobile Roadshows- 43

Supplementing Your Field Sales- 48

The Past, Present, and Future of Mobile Roadshows - 5


Chapter 4: Activate Your Brand- 58

Flat Ads Are Forgettable Ads - 60

Evolving from Passive to Active- 63

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team- 66

Efficacy Through Engagement - 69

Chapter 5: Extend the Moment - 71

Multiple Eggs in Multiple Baskets- 74

Be There or Be Square- 78

Join Social Circles- 84

Take Charge of Your Transformation- 86

Chapter 6: Steal the Show- 88

Turn Some Heads - 92

Ride Someone Else’s Wave - 94

Become the Talk of the Town - 97

Finding the Right Opportunity- 100


Chapter 7: Lend a Helping Hand Become the Beacon of Hope- 107

Why Authenticity Matters- 110

The ROI of Doing Good for the Right Reasons - 113

Chapter 8: Align With a Cause- 115

Show the World You Care- 118

Find a Cause That Sticks - 122

For the Long Haul - 126

Chapter 9: Spark Activism- 128

All You Have to Do Is Ask - 130

Make a Trade- 133

Empower the Instinct to Act- 137

CONCLUSION Predicting the Future of Experiential Marketing 139

References – 143

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