Bread of Shame

Bread of Shame

by W.K. "Jake" Wehrell
Bread of Shame

Bread of Shame

by W.K. "Jake" Wehrell



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Bread of Shame is a revealing and startling tale of action, intimacy, and final irony. Throughout, whether man or woman, young or old, married or single, you will be rooting for Roger, waiting and hoping, with fingers crossed. 

It is a true account of one man's journey, fraught with excitement, suspense, and warranted fear. Key to it is that Roger is haunted by the tragic belief that-with no idea what it may be (and irrespective of the merit of his current pursuit) a better more exciting and deserved life awaits him. And worse (much worse) he is plagued by a rare male curse: even with the most voluptuous partner he remains unarmed. He is thus condemned to a desperate search for that one woman with the "right chemistry" to unlock his manhood. This quest dictates his every decision, causing repeated ill-advised undertakings that bring about dire predicaments.

To avoid being drafted as a rifleman he volunteers for the naval aviation cadet program, only to discover he lacks the bold confidence being demonstrated by his fellow cadets. Confiding his shortcomings with you and with your support he earns his wings of gold. Never having spent the night with her, he rashly marries at twenty-two, only to realize that Sara is not the woman with the right chemistry.

As a Marine Corps carrier-pilot in the Mediterranean, Roger blunders through Europe's most glamorous cities, forever changed by the continental lifestyle. He is whisked through after-hours Barcelona on the coattails of the girls of the Stafford Ballet; has lunch with an exiled king in his vacation home on the island of Rhodes; spends the night in an Istanbul jail cell with a German movie star and a Middle Eastern princess; and accompanies an international arms dealer into Bulgaria to buy guns from the KGB. All the while (as you are sure to see) he is still tethered to the search for that one woman. Standby for a well-intentioned but truly breath-taking, chaotic career; in the jungle and although awkward-between the sheets.

After years of flying strange aircraft in remote locations, Roger returns to the States. With no stateside connections he must accept the least desired and perilous jobs: piloting small puddle-jumper aircraft across the Atlantic. After one such crossing, in West Africa he has his knees weakened and his soul shaken when through no planning on his part (just a plot by her entourage) he finds himself alone in a Dakar, Senegal hotel room with a beautiful French Supermodel. This life-changing event and urgent hope for a life with Mireille will have the reader gasping at the unfolding events and unanticipated outcome! You will be at his side as he is forced to seek even wilder employment options, such as working undercover for (and against) the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA); delivering planes to Angolan guerrillas; midnight flights between hidden Cuban airstrips and dikes deep in the Everglades; dropping guns and ammo to the Contras in Nicaragua; and flying for the Saudi Air Force during the Iraqi "Desert Storm." (Not to mention heart-wrenching trysts with Erica, Ingrid, wonderful June, and possibly mercifully-Mireille.) Standby for a finality of staggering irony.

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ISBN-13: 9780998763293
Publisher: Afterwit Books
Publication date: 11/18/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 474
File size: 687 KB

About the Author

W. K. "Jake" Wehrell's head-shaking array of adult activities result in him appearing in three TV documentaries, his photo in weekly news magazines, being portrayed by Robert Downey in a 1990 movie, and having residences everywhere from a bougainvillea-draped cottage on the French Riviera to a bamboo cage in Laos.
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