Break Rank, Make Bank

Break Rank, Make Bank

by Michael Balboa
Break Rank, Make Bank

Break Rank, Make Bank

by Michael Balboa


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Do you seek to achieve financial independence, to eventually become independently wealthy? Break the mold of relying solely on "climbing the organizational ladder" to increase wealth (Break Rank). Create income stream(s) additional to your military service income, while enjoying the unique aspects of military service (Make Bank). As an Active Duty, Reserve/Guard, or Veteran service member, have you ever assessed your service-connected income, benefits, and/or entitlements? If not, you should. The very process of evaluating your military service benefits/advantages will help you understand your service-connected strengths, in addition to your occupational credentials and capabilities. The Break Rank, Make Bank real-estate investment framework aims to help you succeed at leveraging your service-connected benefits for long-term financial success. The author, Mike Balboa, is a current US Army Special Forces service member, who currently practices and explains his paradigm-shift journey in this inspiring, humble, and humorous book, Break Rank, Make Bank. Mike offers a modern, proven, "turn-key" education on how current/former US Military service members can effectively leverage the "no/low money down" loans such as the Veteran's Affairs (VA) home loan, Navy Federal Credit Union, and similar loan products, via an accurate, digestible, and actionable framework to achieve financial independence. The Break Rank, Make Bank framework enables investors to accumulate wealth faster, requiring substantially less startup investment capital, with repeatable success. The freedom of replacing our financial requirements with income from real-estate (passive income), expands our ability to define how we'll earn active income. Passive income enables us to start a business or perform a job for the actual enjoyment of the work, over the need for its salary. When our passive income can sustain the financial requirements of our lifestyle, we gain far more free-time and willpower to do what we want, when we want; leading our lives on our terms. Break Rank, Make Bank reveals how you can join the "ranks" of the financially independent, while serving in the US Military. Break Rank, Make Bank emphasizes that your life's purpose does not have to be, solely funded and/or defined by your primary profession.

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ISBN-13: 9781956904048
Publisher: Blacksmith Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2022
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.47(d)
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