by Cate Cameron


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Breakaway by Cate Cameron

Eighteen-year-old NHL player Logan Balanchuk came to Corrigan Falls to distract himself from his career-ending injury. He doesn't want to even hear the word " hockey," sowhen he meets Dawn, a beautiful, free-spirited girl who goes skinny-dipping instead of watching the draft, he's intrigued. Neither of them is looking for anything serious, anyway.

Dawn is happy to be a distraction, happy to have an adventurous summer romance with the dashing guy from the big city. She's busy working three jobs and counting the days until she can move away from her tiny, hockey-obsessed town. Plus, she's already done her time as a hockey player's girlfriend-now she wants to live her own life and have her own adventures. But as things heat up with Logan, she realizes they aren't as no-strings-attached as she thought...

This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, melt-the-ice kisses, a drool-worthy hockey player, and a fun summer romance that will leave you smiling.

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ISBN-13: 9781973878971
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/24/2017
Pages: 180
Sales rank: 757,335
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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"That could have been you," my mom said to me. Her voice was a weird mix of regret and spite, which was pretty typical when she talked to me about Toby Cooper. "If you'd played your cards right it could have been you sitting next to him on TV. Your name up there —'Dawn Daley, girlfriend.' You put all that time into the boy and then walked away as soon as it was about to pay off? That's —"

She stopped talking when my dad came into the living room. Either one of them would say anything they felt like to me when it was just the two of us, but they had this weird game of pretending they were loving parents when the other was around. So my mom might tell me I was stupid later, like she had lots of times before, but she wouldn't do it when my dad could hear.

"They're dragging this shit out," my dad muttered, glowering at the TV screen.

It was late June in Ontario, Canada. The sun was still warm even after dinner, and the day had been really hot earlier. I'd written the last exam of my high school life that afternoon, and I'd be working at the beach the next day, trying to stay cool while serving burgers to tourists. It was summertime by any reckoning I could think of, but everyone in Corrigan Falls was still completely obsessed with hockey. Especially this year.

I could almost handle it over the winter months. Let's face it, if you don't like curling or snowmobiling, there isn't a lot else to do in a small town in the dead of an Ontario winter.

But in June? Hockey should have been done with months ago.

From a distance, I got it. Hockey is Corrigan Falls' claim to fame. Smallest market in the OHL and we still always had a great team. Three Raiders were probably going to get drafted to the NHL in the next couple days, and one of them, Tyler MacDonald, was practically guaranteed to go high in the pickings. Not only the three players, but also their girlfriends, had been excused from final exams so they could all go down and be there in person for the draft. So, yeah, it was a big deal.

But you know what? There were a couple hundred other kids doing something pretty important that day, too. That is, if you considered finishing high school to be important.

Which Corrigan Falls apparently didn't.

Two more months, I reminded myself as I sat there with my parents. I had my acceptance to McGill University already sorted out and ready, so it was just two months of working my tail off to save as much money as possible and then I'd be gone, off to Montreal to start my new life, free of hockey.

I know, it's kind of ironic to think of someone moving to Montreal to get away from hockey, but that should make it clear exactly how out-of-control obsessed Corrigan Falls is.

And of course it's kind of weird for me to be bitching about how obsessed about hockey everyone in Corrigan Falls is, when I was sitting there in front of the TV like everyone else. At least I was at home. There was a big screen set up at the arena, and most of the town was down there, watching en masse. No way was I showing up at that, though, and my parents had stayed home, too. Maybe they were trying to be supportive of me, but more likely they were just embarrassed. They were the parents of the girl who'd dated Toby Cooper all through high school and then broken up with him six months before the draft.

The camera was panning over the young prospects then, and I caught a glimpse of Toby, sitting with Nat, his new girlfriend, right behind Tyler. Toby wasn't expected to go first round, which meant his turn wouldn't come until sometime the next day, but of course he'd be there to support his teammate.

"You're so much prettier than she is," my mom said. "She's so fat!"

"She's not fat! Jesus, Mom, she's a serious athlete. She's very fit."

"You wouldn't know it from looking at her."

Which was kind of true. Nat liked to wear baggy clothes — for comfort, not because she was ashamed of her body. "She's a nice person, Mom. It's not her fault Toby and I broke up."

My mom snorted like she couldn't believe how naive I was, then glanced over at Dad to see if he'd caught her slip from the "supportive mom" role. Lucky for her, he was totally captivated by the TV. Tyler MacDonald was on the screen in a pre-recorded interview, feeding his best sports clichés to an earnest young reporter.

I stood up before I'd even known I was going to do it. If I wanted to know what Tyler had to say about anything, I'd just give him a call and ask him. But I damn well wouldn't be asking him about hockey. I was done with hockey, and absolutely done with hockey players.

"Where are you going?" my mom asked. "It's only seventeen minutes until they start picking!"

"Montreal would like to select with their first pick, from the Corrigan Falls Raiders, Tyler MacDonald," I said, trying to imitate the dry voice of an NHL general manager. "It's a no brainer. I don't need to sit around and watch it happen."

"What about the other two?" my dad asked. He hadn't spoken Toby's name out loud since we broke up. I couldn't be sure if he was trying to be sensitive of my feelings or of his own.

"Neither one of them is going first round." It's not like I was psychic or anything, it was just hard to spend as much time as I had around hockey players without soaking up a lot of information. Even after Toby and I had broken up, we'd stayed friends, and no one at school had been talking about anything else for roughly a million years.

"I'm going for a walk," I told my parents, and they didn't argue. It was still broad daylight out, and even if it hadn't been, Corrigan Falls is a safe town. And even if it had been dark, even if it wasn't a safe town, my parents were far too wrapped up in the damn draft to worry about their failure of a daughter, the girl who almost landed an NHL player.

So I left and started walking. Bad timing on my part, of course, or bad direction choice, or maybe just bad tendency toward being a glutton for punishment, but I was walking by the arena when I heard a huge roar from inside. Montreal had chosen their number one pick.

And I was happy for Tyler. Happy for his girlfriend, Karen, who was a friend of mine and an all-round awesome person. There was absolutely no reason for me to be such a sour bitch about any of this.

Still, I kept walking, heading toward water like I always did when I needed some serenity.

I was jealous, I realized as my feet hit the sand of the beach. I stopped to pull off my shoes, then stayed still a little longer, thinking it all through.

I wasn't jealous of Nat, Toby's new girlfriend.

I liked Nat, and I'd done a fair bit of matchmaking to get the two of them together. And I sure wasn't jealous of Tyler's girlfriend, Karen, or of Claudia, Chris Winslow's girlfriend. I liked all of them, but I didn't want to be them. I didn't want to be standing next to my man as he celebrated a big victory.

No, I wasn't jealous of the girls; I was jealous of the guys. They were doing what they loved, and succeeding at it, and getting huge love because of it. The beach was deserted on the first Friday night of real summer, when it should have been full of bonfires and partying, because everyone was at the arena cheering for a guy who'd only lived in Corrigan Falls for three years. He was a good guy, sure, but why the hell was that so special?

Because of hockey. Because somehow, for some reason, this town, this province, this country, had decided that hockey mattered more than anything else.

My brain told me it was stupid to care; it was a strange situation, but it wasn't hurting anyone, was it? But my heart told me it was hurting people. People who didn't want to live their lives on the sidelines of someone else's triumphs.

I made it to the water and scuffed my feet through it. Still cool, but not cold.

I was wearing cut-off jean shorts and a Ramones T-shirt I'd washed and worn so many times it was practically see-through. There was hardly any weight to the clothes and absolutely no reason not to swim in them.

No reason not to swim in them, but no reason to keep them on, either.

Maybe this will be my solution, I thought as I lifted the shirt off over my head, then reached around to unhook my bra. Instead of being all crabby and nasty about everyone's attention being somewhere else, maybe I could take advantage of it. Everyone looking at a big screen down at the arena while Tyler got dressed in his new jersey? Fine. I'd take the opportunity to go skinny-dipping at a public beach.

I dropped my bra and shimmied out of my shorts and underwear. How long had it been since I'd been naked outdoors?

Well, not that long, considering some of the stuff Toby and I had gotten up to the summer before, trying to find some privacy when both sets of parents were at home. But how long had it been since I'd been naked outdoors on this beach, with the buildings of the town so close beside me, the sounds of the arena still audible over the gentle lapping of the waves? I hadn't been naked in such a public place since never. And I kind of liked it.

Still, the sun was setting and the air was cooling, so I skipped into the water, accepting the initial goose bumps as the price I'd have to pay for my daring. As soon as the water was up to my hips I flopped forward, gasping a little as the cold hit me, and then I was floating.

This is what I need to remember, I told myself. This sense of being apart from the rest of the human world, suspended in the cool embrace of nature. People didn't care what I was doing? That was fine. That was good. It was the freedom of anonymity, something Tyler and Toby and Chris Winslow wouldn't know for a long time to come. Something I hadn't known when I was dating Toby, and something I'd missed quite a lot.

I was nobody special, and that was a gift. Nobody noticed me, so I could do what I wanted.

That was what I told myself as I floated there in the rays of the setting sun, the water lapping up over my ears, far away from everyone else in the world.

Except, I realized when I finally lifted my head out of the water, I wasn't all that far away at all. There was a stream of people pouring onto the beach, clearly released from the arena and looking for somewhere to celebrate. And my anonymity hadn't extended to the point of total invisibility. My clothes were back there on the shore by the campfire area, and I was naked in the water. I had no idea if I could stay swimming for however many hours it would take for the partiers to get tired and go home, but I kind of doubted it. I was already a bit cold and a bit tired.

But if I waded out of the water now? Buck naked, displaying myself for the whole town? It wasn't just the embarrassment of being naked. It was worse than that. People had been watching me for months, trying to figure out how I was taking the breakup, waiting for me to show how devastated I must be. If I went streaking tonight, the night the whole town was celebrating Toby and Tyler and the Raiders? It would seem like a pathetic cry for attention.

Damn it.

I stayed there in the water, treading water and staring toward shore, trying to come up with some way out of this mess. I had nothing, until I noticed someone moving out of the shadows by the lifeguard stand. He walked easily over the sand, right to where my clothes were sitting, and leaned over and scooped them up.

I thought about yelling. As bad as this situation was, it would get a fair bit worse if this clown stole my clothes. But there was something deliberate about the way he was moving. Slow, steady, not like someone trying to steal something.

Instead, he walked along the shore, my clothes still in his hands, down the beach toward the more natural part, where there were boulders and trees almost to the water. I swam along with him, hoping he was a rescuer and not a psycho.

I wished I could recognize him. For all the bitching I do about living in a small town, there are advantages, and one of them is that I know practically everyone, whether I want to or not. I was too far away to get a really good look at this guy — I could tell he was young, tall, with short, dark hair — but I didn't think I recognized him.

When he got to the boulders, he climbed over to the far side and bent over, dropping my clothes in a neat little pile on the sand. Then he looked out at me, raised a hand as if saying good-bye, and turned and started walking away from the lake.

"Thank you!" I yelled after him, but if he heard me he didn't show any sign. He just kept walking, and when he was far enough away, I swam into shore and made a mad dash for the cover of the rocks. I got there without any wolf whistles or laughing, so that was a good sign, and pulled my clothes on so fast there wasn't much chance for anyone to see anything.

Well, there wasn't much chance for any of the newcomers to see anything. But what about the mystery guy? He'd walked over to my clothes like he knew exactly where they were, like he understood the situation completely. Which strongly suggested he'd been around when the clothes had come off. He'd been there but hadn't said anything.

And was he being a gentleman when he carried them away for me, or was it a sort of gloating thing? Like, he'd seen me naked and he wanted me to know he'd seen me naked?

I was shivering as I jammed my feet into my shoes and started walking. I wasn't sure where I was going — not to the party, that was for sure, and not home — not yet. I'd been doing a lot of walking since Toby and I broke up, a lot of avoiding the crowd and spending time on my own. So this night wasn't all that different from lots of others, except that I was soaking wet. And except for the vague, irritating question in my mind — who was the guy on the beach, and was he a gentleman or a creeper?



"Golf isn't our most popular option," Brady Thomas told me. He was the director of the sports camp on the edge of Corrigan Falls. I'd been in town for less than twenty-four hours, but I'd seen enough to not need him to explain the situation to me.

"It's a hockey town," I said, helping him out. "The kids might play a little golf because they know a lot of pros like it, but the big draw is your arena." God knows how much they had to pay to keep the ice in good condition through the warm summer months, but obviously they knew what their clientele was looking for.

Brady nodded at me. "We call ourselves a sports camp, but really we're a hockey camp, with some options to distract campers when they can't be on the ice." He paused for a second, then asked, "Is that going to be a problem?" "Not as long as you're okay with me staying away from it."

"Most of our other counselors are as hockey-mad as the kids. There'll be lots of people ready to help out on the ice. We've already hired our lifeguards, but it's good to have someone with the certification on standby, and you'll get an extra $4.65 an hour if you're lifeguarding instead of golfing. So between those two options and general camp activities, we can keep you busy."

And that was the goal, for sure. I wanted to be kept busy. I didn't need the money, I just needed the distraction.

"And your knee?" he asked, his voice gentle in the way I'd come to hate in the last ten months. "Any restrictions related to that?" Any restrictions? Yeah, one huge damn restriction. No more hockey.

I forced a smile, hoping it looked more or less genuine. None of this was Brady's fault, and he'd done me — well, done my father — a favor by giving me this job. "I'm still doing exercises for it, and I'm not supposed to overwork it. No contact sports. Nothing too intense. But golf and swimming are fine, and if you need someone to ref other sports or something, I can do that as long as there's not too much running."

He nodded as if this was consistent with what my dad had told him. "Okay, then. We don't have campers arriving until tomorrow night, so most of our counselors are —" He broke off, looked down at his watch, then grimaced as he looked back up at me. "Well, right now, most of them are probably in the dining hall, watching TV."

Watching the later rounds of the NHL draft. Of course.

"I don't think I need to see that," I said, my voice tighter than I wanted it to be. "Is there anything else I could be doing?" "There's always stuff to do. It might be a good idea to drive over to the golf course — they've got a shack over there where we store our loaner clubs, and I don't think the door's been cracked open since last fall. You could go through it all, make sure it's in good order, pull out anything that needs to be repaired — that sort of thing. Hell, you should probably play a round or two, get to know the course."


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Breakaway 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
SapphiredDragon More than 1 year ago
Review first published on Realm of the Sapphired Dragon on Monday 21st August 2017 **Received from Entangled Publishing, LLC via Netgalley in return for an honest review ** I love this series! I always devour each book in one sitting and i am so glad that Dawn finally got her own book. We had met Dawn before in the previous books, first as Toby's girl friend and then as his ex and it only seemed right that we got to read her story too. Dawn has vowed to never again date a hockey player. After being the other half of a rising hockey star in a town where hockey is everything, Dawn has always wanted to shine for her herself rather than who she was dating and she thinks she has found that with summer newcomer to Corrigan Falls, Logan. However Logan is actually an ex NHL player who had a career ending injury in his first NHL game and is still coming to grips with his new reality without hockey. I really liked Dawn and her determination to make something of herself under her own steam rather than of the back of who she is dating and she made for an incredibly likeable and strong character who was immensely readable and intriguing to learn more about. Logan was charming and complex and sweet and also compelling to read about as he dealt with his new reality of his life and was finally starting to put the pieces of his life back together. As a couple I felt the chemistry from the start and liked the way their romance unfolded. As always the peripheral characters were all well developed and vibrant and it was nice to check in previous characters of earlier books as well as meet some brand new characters as well. One of the things I love about this series is the emotional journey they take me on. Ms cameron's writing really connects you to her characters and makes you care what happens with them and follow their steps for better or for worse. This story was no different and left me satisfied at the way the story turned out. Overall this was another great instalment of an incredibly enjoyable series and author i look forward to reading more of. Happy to give this book 4 stars. Sapphired Dragon xx
Thoughts_and_Pens More than 1 year ago
I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. After weeks of toiling, it’s always nice to unwind and curl up with a short and straightforward book. Much better if the said book doesn’t need a lot of mental gymnastics. Thankfully, Breakaway managed to be the perfect book to curl up with. It was a pleasant surprise considering that the book’s premise screams loudly of cliché. Well, it is. We’ve got a female heroine who’s struggling to make her mark in the world after realizing that she had spent a large part of her life being the shadow of her famous boyfriend. And a male protag who already had the world at his feet but due to an injury, he’s back to finding his new purpose in life. And you know what happens next. There was the usual angst, the I’ve-got-issues-let’s-breakup scenario, the soul searching moments…yada, yada, yada…But hey, the wonderful execution compensated for all of that. Breakaway is also fast-paced and the drama was kept to a minimum. There are, however, some things that I need to nitpick. For example, I would have loved to explore Cate’s world of Hockey because this book just gave us glimpses of what hockey is from her perspective. I suddenly missed Miranda Kenneally’s way of writing sporty books. Second, I was left hanging with the way Cameron handled Dawn’s relationship with her parents. That scene where Dawn and her mother had a confrontation in the kitchen felt so awkward… like it just came out from nowhere and the book ended without giving it some sort of closure. And lastly, Corrigan Falls seems a very lovely place, it’s sad that Cate’s writing wasn’t able to entice me, even in my imagination, to visit the place. All in all, Breakaway’s a pretty good book and I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
Logan Balanchuk was a first round NHL draft for Montreal until he was badly injured in his first game and told he would never play again. Now after months of physiotherapy and counselling and surgeries he has come to Corrigan Falls to work as a camp aide, but strictly no hockey of any kind. He knows its not a real job, he's only employed as a favour to his famous NHL father but baby steps right? Dawn broke up with her hockey playing high school boyfriend six months before he got selected for the draft. She doesn't regret her decision for a minute, she felt she was losing her identity as anyone other than Toby Cooper's girlfriend, cheerleader and groupie. Although disliking hockey in a town as obsessed as Corrigan Falls makes Dawn a bit of a pariah. When Dawn and Logan first meet it seems like a match made in heaven, a girl who doesn't like hockey and a boy who doesn't want to talk about hockey. But the past has a funny way of creeping up on you. Loved it. Loved Dawn, loved Logan, loved Dawn's friends, loved the mature way in which both Dawn and Logan reacted when things didn't go their way. Loved that there was no animosity between Dawn and Toby. Maybe it was all a little too perfect but after the week I've had all I wanted was to sink into a gentle NA romantic novella with people that make me feel better about humanity. Although this is the fourth book in the series I have not read any of the others and this can definitely be read as a stand-alone. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Danii_045 More than 1 year ago
Breakaway (Corrigan Falls Raiders #4) Cate Cameron Book Review: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Another fabulous book by Cate Cameron. I'm loving this series. It's original and fun. Dawn is trying to escape Hockey. She lives in a town which sleeps, breathes, and suffocates you with Hockey. After breaking up with her hockey loving ex-boyfriend, Dawn wants to try, and avoid the sport. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Logan is new in town. He is also trying to escape his life. After an injury, he has had to find a new way to live. His dad has helped by enrolling him to help out at a sports camp. Just like Dawn, he is trying to avoid all things related to Hockey. She is a breath of fresh air, and Logan cannot get enough of her. Logan may be avoiding Hockey and teaching golf, but that doesn't mean it won't catch up with him. Golf is where his summer romance is, and she helps him forget his troubles. Will Dawn be understanding or will she run when she finds out who he really is? I loved this book just like the others I have read in the series. I've added Centre Ice to my read list, as I know it will be good, and I haven't read it yet. These books briefly feature the characters from the other books, however, they do not need to be read in order. They are all standalone stories. Dawn is fun and loveable. She wants to stand on her own two feet, she is ambitious and wants to be independent. This is basically my favourite kind of female lead in books. Logan is sweet, fun, and the perfect summer boyfriend. Hopefully, he can be so much more. 5 stars out of 5. I received an ARC in exchange for a fair review.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
when logan balanchuk shows up in corrigan falls he believes a knee injury has destroyed his chance for a career in the nhl. when he meets dawn, a hockey hating local girl who plans to move out of town first chance she gets, he's drawn to her. and part of the appeal is that she isn't hockey mad. but she's also fun and sexy and real. being with her makes him forget his disappointments. because dawn wants something more for herself. she's constantly challenging herself to try new things. leaving behind a steady summer job for one that will teach her something new every day. this appeals to logan because he is also figuring himself out. at first the disappointment of losing hockey keeps him away from the sport. but he's volunteering as the golf instructor at a local hockey camp, and it's only a matter of time before he gets sucked back in again. what he learns is that hockey is a fundamental part of who he is. and dawn isn't sure how she feels about that. she already did the hockey girlfriend thing once, and it felt like all things hockey consumed her then and she wants something more for herself. but she also wants logan. because he is sweet and funny and the way he loves her feels so right. and logan knows that dawn is who he wants with him as he figures out where hockey will end up in his life. and the connection between dawn and logan is so strong you know that they will work it all out. hockey doesn't have to be the thing that kills their relationship. and how they commit to being together is so perfect. i pretty much loved everything about breakaway. **breakaway will publish on august 14, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (crush) in exchange for my honest review.
kozbisa More than 1 year ago
Rating: 3.5 Stars This book was a fun and sweet read, and an interesting look at what it's like to be the hockey girlfriend. Dawn was a little angsty as she was facing so many life changes and feeling a little "undefined". Until a few months ago, she had be a hockey girlfriend, but she left that life behind as she felt she was disappearing into that role. Logan was in Corrigan Falls trying to forget hockey after a severe injury cut her career short. With both Dawn and Logan wanting to avoid hockey, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Things I liked: Logan was fabulous. I found him charming and loved his relationship with his parents. Once he started being honest, he couldn't stop, and I always appreciate that. He was all in from the start, and put it all out there for Dawn. It was agonizing for me when she was resisting him. He was also struggling with his identity. He had been playing hockey since he was three years old, and now, at 18 he was sort of at a loss. He didn't expect to have to face life after hockey so soon. He sort of broke my heart a little for him. Like I said, Dawn was angsty, and I sort of understood a little of it, but when we finally found out what she had been struggling with, I had a lot of empathy for her. I loved Mrs. McMann! She was so fun and feisty. I didn't quite understand her purpose, but later, she shares her own love story with Dawn, and it become abundantly clear why she was incorporated in the story, and I thought it was a brilliant choice. I thought the end was sort of fun. It was great bringing all the character in the series back in that venue. This sort of this is what I love about companion novels. That peek at past couples and feeling like I am catching up with old friends. Overall: A sweet and fun story about breaking away from your past and looking toward your future.
MiekeReads More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Breakaway and I am sorry that it may be the last of the series. (I honestly want a story about Scott being somewhat reformed.) Anyway, this is a fun and sweet YA Romance and it was a pleasure to read. Dawn deserved her own HEA and she got it with Logan. Both characters were well written and likable. The secondary characters were also great. One of the things I like about the entire Corrigan Falls Raiders series is the fact that the characters, although primarily young, are people who are just trying to be better human beings. I wouldn't say that this book is terribly memorable, but it is a YA romance and it was a light fun read and a great way to spend an afternoon. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA or NA romance. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
MiekeReads More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed Breakaway and I am sorry that it may be the last of the series. (I honestly want a story about Scott being somewhat reformed.) Anyway, this is a fun and sweet YA Romance and it was a pleasure to read. Dawn deserved her own HEA and she got it with Logan. Both characters were well written and likable. The secondary characters were also great. One of the things I like about the entire Corrigan Falls Raiders series is the fact that the characters, although primarily young, are people who are just trying to be better human beings. I wouldn't say that this book is terribly memorable, but it is a YA romance and it was a light fun read and a great way to spend an afternoon. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA or NA romance. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.