Bulfinch's Mythology: All Volumes

Bulfinch's Mythology: All Volumes

by Thomas Bulfinch


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Thomas Bulfinch's compendium of Greek, Norse and Anglo-Saxon myths and legends offers superb insight into the origins, themes and contexts of ancient stories.

This edition unites all volumes into a single, overarching text perfect for referencing, and inclusive of a lengthy, comprehensive glossary. Bulfinch's Mythology is a crucial text for enthusiasts of ancient myths and lore, as well as students and teachers of classics or ancient literature. It offers a well-researched, literate and comprehensive narration upon legends both renowned and obscure, with insight into the cultures and societies which birthed these stories plentiful.

After introducing the premise of the work, Bulfinch delves sequentially into the myths and legends of Ancient Greece. We witness adventures and follies of various Gods of the Greek pantheon, while mythic peoples such as the Myrmidons and beasts like the Chimaera and the Sphinx also appear.

Following a brief appearance of the Egyptian deities and Eastern myths originating from the Indian subcontinent, Bulfinch turns his focus upon the Nordic myths of antiquity. Valhalla and the Gods conceived by the Norse peoples are examined in depth, with the emergence of Thor and the origin of the Elves particular highlights.

A large portion of this work concerns the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. All the famous characters of Arthurian lore are present; Lancelot, Merlin, Queen Guinevere (Guenever), Tristham and Isolde, Percival and others make their due appearance. The famous quest for the Holy Grail - or Sangreal - forms a lengthy part of this section.

Following the Arthurian myths, Bulfinch turns to the Mabinogeon - the earliest Medieval prose writings of the British Isles. Traced to the 12th and 13th centuries, these stories concern the origins of the British people, the famed Lady of the Fountain, and other aspects of chivalric society.

The book concludes with the legends of Charlemagne, where we learn how the various invasions and battles the ancient Frankish king partook in were mythologised and romanticised. Aspects of mythic lore, such as the appearance of Orcs and magical enchanting, offer a profound look into the development of these legends.

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Freeze666 More than 1 year ago
DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION!!!!! If I could give this ebook a zero star rating, I would. Here's why: This particular version has missing pages, and does not contain a table of contents; this file is incomplete. What this file contains is a giant wall of text, nothing distinguishing one chapter from the next, and no way to navigate through it on a NOOK. I have contacted B&N on multiple occasions to see if they can get the publisher to update the file to make it complete, but to no avail. Shame on you, Barnes and Noble for not having some form of Quality Control to prevent something like this from making it onto your site and available for purchase. If you are wanting to buy Bulfinch's Mythology, DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION! There are complete and good versions on the site, you just need to do what B&N apparently cannot and QC things for yourself. Make sure to "read sample" them to see if they have a Table of Contents or you will end up attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis like me.