Call To Arms From Australia: Legal Teams Apply Here to Dismantle 40 years of Public Officer Organized Terrorism.

Call To Arms From Australia: Legal Teams Apply Here to Dismantle 40 years of Public Officer Organized Terrorism.

by Janette Gail Francis
Call To Arms From Australia: Legal Teams Apply Here to Dismantle 40 years of Public Officer Organized Terrorism.

Call To Arms From Australia: Legal Teams Apply Here to Dismantle 40 years of Public Officer Organized Terrorism.

by Janette Gail Francis


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"When you are right, you cannot be too radical..." ― Martin Luther King Jr.
There's no conspiracy 'theory' when the political terrorist cell conspiracy in debate has already been proved fact by residents illegally silenced by their government financed news industry.
We don't live in so called capitalist free markets with democratic legal systems. Our systems of communities are run by land pirates. Our goods and services are held to ransom. Prices increase due to land pirate greed.
Access to government services are confined to politically aligned or politically harmless as political terrorist cell judiciary insist their Star Chamber courts are legal.
News outlets only publish stories that've been illegally censured to minimize political harm. That's every government in every country on this hostile planet of ours.
Similarly, it would appear from my experience that team players in legal industry take an entrepreneurial approach when asked to sue any high profile, government or industry insured tortfeasor. Evidently Australia's lawyers are an unconscionable horde of barbarians who take bribes not to pursue civil litigation leaving the harmed person with no chance of seeking damages to right any civil wrong.
That's terrorism.
There's no government on our warring planet who seek or allow residents to live in peace. They're all land pirates. Terrorist is the name we have for pirates these days.
Because 24 April 1988 Camden (New South Wales) freemason police who conspired to murder Jack Basset and myself are barred from killing me directly, then since 1989 using "Brothers In Arms ..." (paperback on my cover*) they defamed me by my biometric identity as retarded, mentally ill, amoral, immoral, and having faked my own death in 1984. Evidently anticipating motorcycle club members would kill me for them.
During 1990s they stole all my disposable assets; stole my biometric identity by drugging me to secretly inject illegal silicone fillers in my face and over all the illegal implants affected by surgically raping me. They inserted their torture devices over my major nerve centres and reproductive parts to simulate penis rape. Obvious general intent was to cause me so much pain that I might take my own life; and make me so fat that I might diet to starvation and death. Then they brainwashed others in my life to hate me so intently they might kill me.
Since 2004 after I relocated to South Australia's capitol city region, they opened an illegal secret mental health file on me without lawful grounds, therefore without lawful authority. Its only obvious purpose is to criminally defame me in government record. Evidently designed and engineered to render me an 'unreliable witness' in government record for all time. They illegally diagnosed me as "schizophrenic delusional" thereby perverting the course of justice and due administration of law since (at least) the date of Jack Basset's 24 April 1988 murder.
Using another fake author** in 2014 they identified me by name, falsely branding me with "schizophrenic" personality as fact in NSW same as the illegal record in SA, 800 miles away (1500 klm).
2018 discovered the secret file and secured perfect score in my defamation law assignment for Bachelor of Laws.
That's why we've only heard about Canberra parliament's Bruce Lehrmann and Brittany Higgins but not about Australia's terrorist Freemason police and Janette Francis.
Since January 2022 they blocked my lawful progress into Federal Court of Australia to keep their parasitic and predatory freemason secrets and block my legal right to sue by common law defamation and terrorism or vicarious liability of Australian Labor Party; Commonwealth of Australia, State of New South Wales; State of South Australia; total of 60-something medical practitioners and other government public officers from two States who still publicly mock me in my physical agony they created as they spread their many versions of false lies as truth. Provoking others to fear them and shun me - in fear of being treated like me.
That's terrorism.
"They" and "them" are government police and physicians with quite a lot of help to spread their rumours from their army of terrorists being global freemason family and national political comrades in government public office. All terrorists. All guilty as sin.
*Authors since 1989: Lindsay Simpson (Sharon Unwin or Tamara Unwin) and Sandra Harvey (Leanne Slowman and alias Leanne Walters in 1984 published face of the fake dead Leanne Walters) and through outlets in USA, UK, NZ, as well as Australia via their (own) family publishing houses, Allen, Unwin, Hyman.
**Author since 2014: Lynette Styles (Elaine Slowman mother of three girls; Leanne Slowman (above), Jennifer Slowman (author Jennifer Cooke) and Lorraine Slowman (alias Lorraine Walters step-mother to the fake murder victim Leanne Walters))

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ISBN-13: 9780645597530
Publisher: Janette Gail Francis
Publication date: 05/01/2024
Series: Call To Arms From Australia , #1
Pages: 200
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About the Author

1956 Australia born Janette witnessed child rape and murder in 1967 at Campbelltown NSW Allman Street Royal Arch lodge. 1973 her male parent was head of his Freemason group.
1970 her heart was set on career in United Kingdom archaeology. Australia's Freemason terrorist organization had already mapped out Janette's life for her, blocking her every step off the path of their design, protecting the misogynistic freemason police stalking her.
1977 Janette mysteriously walked away from serious crash in her HR Holden, unharmed and enlightened.
They stole everything she had. Her family, her face, her health, her reputation, her legal rights and power of attorney. Everything.
Realizing terrorism was why lawyers she'd contacted refused to take her evidenced Common Law damages claims she enrolled in university course for Bachelor of Laws to competently self-represent. When they realized she was competent they illegally blocked her right to file any claim and illegal defeated her last claim (2019) by refusing to acknowledge Australian law.
They cheat by moving the goalposts.
Mid 2022 Janette asked Australia's major news print papers to take her advertisement for legal teams they refused claiming asking for a non-political legal team was defamatory against the government.
Now she's taking it all back by legal force with her own rather large advertisement and your help to secure legal teams for the dozens of civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions or the people's court of public opinion.
She's classic Myers-Briggs INTJ personality with a conscience. Cautious. Fearless. Incorruptible. Modest. Tenacious. Happy winner of a DNA lottery she considers herself a victor on the right side of our global war on truth.
Janette's 12th cousin* to Martin Luther KING Jr (1929-1968) through her paternal grandmother and through her mother's ancestry Janette is one of many 8th great grandchildren of Scotland's folk hero Rob Roy MacGregor** 1671-1734 which means she's distant cousin to many ancient Kings and Queens across Europe including at least three Merovingian Nobles***.
Musically minded Janette is DNA linked to Ludwig Van Beethoven*** (1770-1827).
She's not only DNA linked to Briton's oldest most complete ancestor skeleton, pale blue eyed brunette Janette looked like Cheddar Man*** (8,000 BCE) around same age of his demise.

*online family tree at FamilySearch dot org.
**Confirmed by Clan Gregor historian Scotland.
***online MyTrueAncestry dot com.
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