Callan (The Uncompromising Series, #5)

Callan (The Uncompromising Series, #5)

by Sybil Bartel

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BN ID: 2940154932032
Publisher: Sybil Bartel
Publication date: 03/26/2018
Series: Uncompromising Series , #5
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 5,588
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Callan (The Uncompromising Series, #5) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Callan was known as Hero in the isolationist cult compound where he was raised. Growing up to be a hunter, he spent most of his life in isolation on the land stalking prey in the forest surrounding them seeking to keep everyone fed. Then one afternoon on his once a month trip to refuel the truck, he met the most beautiful angel he had ever seen, but though he desired the chance to be with her his commitments would not allow it. It would be another year before he saw her again, but by then everything in his world had changed and when the opportunity presented itself there was nothing that would stop him from seeking a life with the angel of his dreams. Callan/Hero's story was the most touching in this series. The cultural challenges they faced with his upbringing and the purity of how his and her souls connected was deeply touching. I also loved seeing the rest of the guys accepting Callan/Hero and helping him rescue his lady love. Sybil Bartel creates such complex and well developed characters that they come to life off the pages and into my mind so that I want see them again again. I would love to see these two in future books set in this world she has created.
LissanneJ More than 1 year ago
If you love alpha males but you haven’t read any books by Sybil Bartel, then you are missing out. Nobody writes alphas quite like Miss Sybil does. Callan Anders grew up on a compound (cult) and has been a stranger to the outside world. Once the cult’s leader dies and the cult disbanded, Callan stays behind on the property he inherited. He has ventured out briefly to the outside world, and one year previously, while at the nearby gas station, he saw her. The brunette who has haunted his dreams ever since, the one he calls his angel. She’s the first female in his life that’s ever interacted with him and not wanted something from him – sex, food, protection. He goes back there every month in the hope of seeing her again, but she’s never there, so he’s written their encounter off but has never forgotten her. He knows her name is Emily, but that’s it. When the story starts in the present day, Callan has tracked down his biological father. He’s not interested in forming any sort of relationship with the man, whom he believes to have abandoned and walked out on him and his mother, but he wants answers – while cleaning out the compound in the aftermath of the events recounted at the beginning of the book, he discovers he has a twin sister he knew nothing about. Since his mother is long dead, he only has his father to turn to for answers. When he turns up on Ted Anders’s doorstep, he’s in for shock – Emily is there. She’s one of Ted’s stepdaughters, Ted having married her mother several years ago. Callan is persuaded to stay for dinner by Emily, but only because he wants to be near her. He still feels the unexplainable attraction towards her. Things get awkward and he leaves, but not before making it clear to Emily that they will be seeing each other again. Emily, for her part, is drawn to Callan like a magnet. She hasn’t forgotten the man she called the gas station sex god, either, and she’s shocked as hell when he shows up on her doorstep a year later. She keeps telling herself that nothing can happen between them because he’s her stepbrother, but he continues to remind her that they are not blood related and he has no relationship with the man who sired him, so there’s nothing standing in their way. After Callan kisses her for the first time, she’s lost. Trouble strikes when Emily is dragged out to a club by her sister, Phoebe. Emily grabs a drink at the bar and is chatted up by some man, and she suddenly starts to feel woozy. She soon passes out, and the next thing she knows she wakes up in a shipping container. Callan starts to worry when Emily does not respond to his texts, and with the help of Andre they ascertain she has been kidnapped by a known human sex trafficker. Emily and other girls are already on their way to Mexico by the time Callan, Andre, Neil and Talon track them down. After a frustrating wait and some double crossing, Callan and co. are able to rescue the girls – including a badly injured Emily, who fought back against her captors and paid for it – and get them out safely. Once Emily is back on US soil, she is no longer prepared to fight her attraction to Callan any longer and they give in to the desire that has swirled around them since the moment they met. Callan is different to those raised outside the compound; he speaks bluntly and without worry about what others will think, but he is always honest. I loved this book. I adored seeing the other men make cameos and I loved seeing Callan & Emily’s romance unfold.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I need a Hero! As I write this, I cannot get rid of Bonnie Tyler's voice in my head shouting. "I need a Hero". I do too! But, it's got to be Callan Anders. Okay, that reference just showed my age, but... what can I do? LOL If you don't know the song, search it and you'll get my point.  At this point, I must confess I'm an addict. I'm hooked on Sybil Bartel's drop-dead gorgeous Alphas, both from the Uncompromising and the Thrust series. I can't stop reading them LOL Having said that, I'd point out that readers don't need to read Andre before reading Callan because the author did a great job introducing key information from one book in the other. However, I highly recommend you read the other, just because it's great.  Like in previous installments in the series, you'll get an action-packed page-turner, not for the faint of heart. Ms. Bartel's writing is superb, so be prepared to feel each kick as if the boots connected to your bones, and hear the bullets whizzing over your head as if you were at the scene. Don't worry, though. You'll get her trademark steamy scenes that will make you beg for more and the happily-ever-after that will melt your heart.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
Oh my gosh! Callan was everything I was hoping for! I have been anticipating his book since we first got introduced to him in book 3 of this standalone series. He had a very small part, but he left a huge impact. I've never wanted to see a side character get his own book more than I did for Callan. A big part of why is because of his upbringing. That upbringing made him unique in the Alpha world. Callan was brought up in a religious cult that was run by a man who was at his core, evil. Callan was considered their best hunter, providing game for feeding the following. He's never had any schooling or much exposure to the outside world. He has learned to live by surviving the best way he could under the thumb of the leader. Just to be clear, this is in no way a religious book and religion is not prominent in this book. In Andre`s book, book 3, the heroine had escaped this cult with a bounty on her head put there by the cult leader. When she and Andre` came back to barter for her freedom, it was at that time when Callan had to make the decision to help bring down the cult so that she could be free. This then lead to Callan's story. In this book we get the aftermath of him adjusting to being free. You can read this as a stand alone but I think you will appreciate Callan's character more if you were to read book 3 (Andre`) first. You will get a much better picture of the environment that Callan was raised in and will appreciate his way of thinking more. One of the other things I love about this series is that the author has all the Hero's in the previous books make an appearance in each book. This group of men are growing and to see them have each others back in time of need makes me appreciate each book more. I am a fan!
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
All Callan knows is life on the compound, he is a hunter, a protector, and he lives up to every facet of his name... you give him trouble and he will give you a powerful battle. So much of his life has been dedicated to the cult he grew up in, but now that it has been dismantled and he has gained full control of the land, he has plans to finally have a life and family of his own. But in order to do that he needs a very vital part of that, a woman, and not just any woman, a woman who can accept him for the man that he is and one who can love him unconditionally. He is a direct man, who sometimes lacks subtlety, and who doesn't always abide by acceptable expectations of society... he is just a simple man who wants a family. When he sets out to find the sister he never knew he had, he finds so much more than he expected, he finds the one woman who has had a starring role in all his fantasies for so long, the beautiful girl who came to his aid at the gas station a few years ago. And now that he has found Emily again, he has no intentions of letting her slip away again! In this newest offering from Ms. Bartel I found myself completely riveted by not only her expertly crafted words, but also her expertly drawn characters, you can definitely tell she put a lot of thought and care into creating these two. Callan was a multifaceted character sometimes showing a pure, innocent-like side, but then two pages later showing a dominant alpha side, so it was quite fascinating to watch him maneuver through the new world he found himself in. Emily was a strong and sure woman, who found herself many times struggling to understand her attraction to someone who was supposed to be a relative, only by marriage of course, but it made her teeter on the edge of right and wrong...ultimately deciding to follow her heart instead of her head. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, it was action-packed, steamy, heartfelt, and a whole lot of fun to devour!! I am no stranger to this series, so I am familiar with the previous/secondary characters, and I have to say I appreciate, and wholeheartedly liked, the chance the author took with this new alpha character... he will certainly linger with me for a while. Highly recommend this one, it's an entertaining tale that is sure to leave you satisfied!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and voluntarily read and reviewed.