Capsule Stories Isolation Edition

Capsule Stories Isolation Edition

Capsule Stories Isolation Edition

Capsule Stories Isolation Edition



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Featuring poetry, stories, and essays by established authors and emerging writers, Capsule Stories Isolation Edition captures people’s stories and feelings during the coronavirus pandemic and the often isolating social measures that come with it—social distancing, shelter in place orders, isolation, quarantine. Reading about these writers’ experiences from all over the world during this moment—the fear, the grief, the boredom, the uncertainty, the gratitude, the joy in the small things—is heartbreaking and astounding. Within this literary magazine’s 190-plus pages are the words you need to feel less alone during this lonely and isolating time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734324655
Publisher: Capsule Stories LLC
Publication date: 04/22/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 194
File size: 464 KB

Table of Contents

I am writing to you about the recent outbreak . . . by Iona Murphy
What If . . .  byJan Chronister
C-19 by Isabella J Mansfield
“But Outbreak Was Just a Movie!” and Now I Wake Up with a Different Kind of Headache by Isabella J Mansfield
March 15, 2020 by James Croal Jackson
March 16, 2020 by James Croal Jackson
The Last Word(s) by Barbara Simmons
Plague Interlude by Katy Scrogin
A Handful of Stories by Nathan Beck
But Not for Us by Josh Rank
The Five Senses of COVID-19 by Ange Yang
March 29, 2020 by April Bayer
I Want My Dad to Come Pick Me Up by Mary DeCarlo
Bed by Alana Saltz
an experience of stillness by Natasha Lioe
Aftershock by Kendra Nuttall
Lysis by Tara Iyer
Quarantine Gratitude by Shannon Barringer
Like Home by Daniel Edward Moore
The Way We See It by Cassia Hameline
Pandemic by Steve Denehan
Peeling Carrots by Steve Denehan
Slacks by Steve Denehan
End Walter by Gabriel da Silva-Schicchi
Love in the Time of Social Isolation by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda
I Am Still as Tender as Before . . . by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda
Social Spacing by J Hirtle
Plagues as in Plural by Daniel Edward Moore
Third Planet by Morgan Russell
The Clementine Seeds by Carl Alexandersson
To My Son by Claire Taylor
I am 35 weeks pregnant and burdened by Victoria Schofield Dobbs
Vernal Equinox Lockdown by Jane Ellen Glasser
The Place by Nicola Ashbrook
Contagious Realization by Tarusi Jain
The Country Is on Lockdown by Connor Harrison
Containment by John Mungiello
Blackbird Poem by Megan Mary Moore
Apocalypses (Don’t) Start This Way by Sarah James
The Evening Chorus by Kaylyssa Quinn
Tiny Agents by Shannon Barringer
The Space Between Us by Susan Coultrap-McQuin
endless bowls of sky by Amy Shimshon-Santo
The Twenty-Second Rule by Diana Clark
When the Faucet Flows by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda
Dear Future by Sarah Marquez
A Letter to a Stranger by T.C. Anderson

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