Cats Are Part of His Kingdom, Too

Cats Are Part of His Kingdom, Too

by Vincent Cindy, Cindy Vincent


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ISBN-13: 9781932169270
Publisher: Mysteries by Vincent, LLC
Publication date: 06/21/2013
Pages: 78
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Cindy Vincent, M.A. Ed., is the award-winning author of the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Capers, a mystery series for kids and cat-lovers that features the adventures of two black cat detectives. Cindy is also the creator of the Mysteries by Vincent murder mystery party games and the Daisy Diamond Detective Series games for girls, along with the Daisy Diamond Detective novels, which are a spin-off from the games. She lives in Houston, TX with her husband and an assortment of fantastic felines. Cindy is a self-professed “Christmas-a-holic,” and usually starts planning and preparing in March for her ever-expanding, “extreme” Christmas lights display every year . . .

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Cats Are Part of His Kingdom, Too 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PERFECT GIFT FOR CAT LOVERS! Cindy Vincent has written such a sweet devotional book featuring her endearing cats with their unique personalities. In each of the 33 devotional messages, she starts with an experience with one of her cats, and then compares the story to God’s concern for us, finishing with a perfect Bible verse. Being a cat lover myself and having loved our two “found” kittens, these devotionals brought both smiles and tears. Cindy has a beautiful way of comparing our attitude of caring for our pets to our Heavenly Father’s care and love for us. I highly recommend this book with its heartwarming stories and inspiring devotional thoughts!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love each of these devotions. Each one touched my heart and showed me in new, deep ways how much God loves me. These devotions uplift my spirits, and I am already reading through this for a second time. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
 I just finished reading this little devotional book and enjoyed it so much! I smiled and nodded, chuckled and teared-up. Anyone who has ever really loved and been loved by a cat will understand the author's stories about her furry family--and the tie-in's to our dependence on our loving Heavenly Father are poignant. Recommended for cat lovers of all ages!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Every time I look into the eyes of a cat or a dog or any kind of animal, I am reminded of our Creator and how His glory shines through His sweet animals. I love how Cindy His beloved creatures to demonstrate His love and concern for His people. Also, the scriptures references to support her illustration open the eyes of the reader to the Word of God. A vital part of our growth as Christians. This is a delightful devotional!
Allison-Melody More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this for review. That does not, however, influence my opinion. I am generally not one who reads devotionals, but I found the concept of this brilliant. In a nutshell, the author, through a series of anecdotes and Bible verses, helps to clarify our relationship with God by comparing it to her cats’ relationship to her. It very easily could’ve become crazy-cat-lady, but it did not. It was clear, concise, and helpful. If I must complain (and I feel like, as a reviewer, I must), I would say this devotional presented a feel-good version of Christianity. It was heavy on ‘God loves you’ and not so much on ‘there are consequences’. It also distressed me greatly that the author refers to euthanizing as ‘killing’. It was very distracting, as this has nothing to do with Christianity and is the author’s opinion. Aside from that, though, this is an excellent devotional that would appeal to Christians who love cats. 3. 5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bluerosesheart More than 1 year ago
Confession: I love animals! I really do! I am a vegetarian(and not for health reasons), after all. Since having 3 little ones that take up a large chunk of my time, though, my tolerance for animals has went way(wayyyyy) down. I still love them dearly, but they don't pull my heartstrings like they once did. I'm just tired, y'all! ;) I say all that to say, I didn't know how much I would like this book. I was hugely, amazingly surprised at just how much I did end up liking it! It was one of the most precious, adorable, sweet books I have ever read. It made it onto my "hugworthy" list, it was so precious. There are 33 devotionals within this book. Each one starts with a story about one of the author's cats. There's then a little devotional that compares the story with our relationship with God, and ends with a Bible verse. While the devotionals are super short, I thought the connections made were pretty creative! The love the author has for her feline friends is obvious right away, and that just makes me smile. If you love animals, especially cats, I have to highly recommend this one to you! It's super precious! *I was provided an e-copy in exchange for my honest opinion.