Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

by Jill Sorenson
4.0 4

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Caught in the Act 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SugarNSpice1 More than 1 year ago
Another great read from Jill. The heroine Karina Strauss is from the Czech Republic. Her father brought her and her sister to the United States after their mother died. He created a business from the ground up and did well enough to spoil Karina and Sasha. At 18 there father died leaving Karina to raise Sasha. Sasha had always been wild and Karina felt she didn’t do a good enough job protecting her after something happened one night at a club. Karina is now the owner of a Latin American crafts boutique and often crosses the border into Mexico to buy crafts from the local women. On one such trip she meets Maria and the two became friends. Maria needs work to support her family and begged Karina to get her across the border. Karina managed to get Maria across the border but not before coming under the attention of Adam Cortez who works for Border Patrol and Carlos Moreno who is a Mexican drug lord and also the boyfriend of Kari's now strung out sister. Moreno demands that Kari smuggle a package for him in exchange for her sister’s freedom. And they also tell Maria she must work for them at the Hotel del Oro where Chey Pena who words for Moreno runs a drug selling business. Adam who had a feeling something was fishy with Kari at the border crossing inspection follows her home and see's Chey leaving and assumes she is working for them but also feel something for her he has felt since the death of his wife at the hands of Moreno. Adam decides he is going to get close to Kari in hopes that he can get close to Moreno to take him down once and for all not expecting to start to feel something for her. Ian Foster has been Adam's friend since childhood. They both went through the academy together. Ian left CBP after finding a girl in the desert raped and beaten. He is now on an undercover op at the Hotel del Oro as a drug addict buy from Chey. We find out when Maria and Ian run into each other that she was the girl he found that night years ago raped and beaten and that neither had forgotten the other. The deception from all parties runs high. Kari feels she much do the drug run to try and save her sister and get her the help she finally needs. But as with alot of addicts the sister doesn’t want to be saved. Adam and Kari's story pretty much wraps up at the end of this book. But Ian and Maria story I hope gets its conclusion in another book.
Beverly_D More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars Kari Strauss is a good girl doing bad things for good reasons. She smuggles a young Mexican woman, Maria, across the border. She agrees to smuggle drugs, in an attempt to rescue her drug addict sister from the clutches of the bad guys. Border Patrol Officer Adam Cortez is a good guy, as well. He suspects Kari of being up to no good, and tells himself that’s why he’s keeping an eye on her. These two are on opposite sides of the law, if not opposite sides of the sheets.. What I really liked about this book: • The explicitly steamy romance between both the A couple, Kari and Adam, and the more tender romance between Maria and Ian. • The fast-paced action, and unexpected twists and turns. • The way the bad guy was not cartoonishly bad, but had his good points. • The humor interlaced with the suspense, especially the date at Adam’s house that gets crashed by his babysitting gig. • The way the author isn’t afraid to put her heroine through the emotional wringer. What bugged me about this book: • It took a little bit too long for Kari and Adam to trust each other. • Kari’s business seems too convenient; it’s thriving, though she doesn’t have any sales clerks or other help, and only rarely does it seem there is more than one person in her store. • The engagement ring at the end. Yes, danger, adrenaline and hormones does inspire healthy young people to jump in the sack together. But I hate when couples are “in love” and ready to marry when they’ve known each other less than a month. Be a couple, boink each others’ brains out, sure, but don’t start shopping rings and talking marriage until you’ve known each other at least six months or more. *steps down off soapbox*
Dymontgo More than 1 year ago
This story revolves around Kari and Adam, two individuals brought together by the opposite sides of the law. Kari is being forced to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the U.S. under a death threat to her sister while Adam is a border protection officer who is dedicated to keeping drugs out of the U.S. Together, can they figure out how to stop a drug cartel, rescue Kari's sister, and bring Kari back home safe? The only question I have is...What happens to Maria and Ian? Are you writing another book for them?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago