Changepower!: 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success

Changepower!: 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success

by Meg Selig
Changepower!: 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success

Changepower!: 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success

by Meg Selig


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In Changepower! 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success, author Meg Selig guides readers through a step-by-step process that will help them achieve any habit change goal. Whether the reader wants to break a hurtful habit like smoking or overeating, or build a healthy habit like exercising or speaking up, Changepower! provides a springboard for change.

Selig helps habit-changers move beyond willpower and succeed with changepower - the synergy that comes from combining willpower with other resources, useful outside supports, and wise strategies. In Changepower!, she shows habit-changers how to beef up both their willpower and their changepower to achieve habit change success. The key is revving up motivation. Selig reveals the most powerful motivators for change - pain motivators, the Eight Great Motivators, and even not-so-noble motivators.

Research has shown that most changes take place in stages rather than overnight. Selig provides a step-by-step plan for each stage, leaving plenty of room for flexibility depending on each person’s needs. First-person stories, pithy quotes, and how-to exercises provide inspiration, humor, and encouragement as readers embark on their habit change journeys.

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ISBN-13: 9781135967697
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 03/17/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 281
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About the Author

Meg Selig

Table of Contents

Introduction. Part I: Springboard: Change by Choice. Secret 1: Discover Your Place on the Wheel of Change. Secret 2: Try the Quick-change Path. Secret 3: Detect Your Success Pattern. Secret 4: Respect the Power of Habit and Addiction. Secret 5: Know the Key Factor in Habit Change Success. Part II: The Precontemplation Stage: Open the Door. Secret 1: View Your Habit with a Compassionate Eye. Secret 2: Know When True Self-care has Morphed into False Self-care. Secret 3: Reduce Harm. Secret 4: Define Your "Change Point." Secret 5: When Your Habit is Stronger Than You Are, Seek Help. Secret 6: Open the Door. Part III: The Contemplation Stage: Discover Your Motivators. Secret 1: Wake Up from Your Habit Trance. Secret 2: Keep Score. Secret 3: Welcome the Pain. Secret 4: Think Big: Spark Your Change with these Eight Great Motivators. Secret 5: Pump Up Your Motivation. Secret 6: Create an Encouraging Inner Friend. Secret 7: Dare to Decide. Part IV: The Preparation Stage: Use Plan Power. Secret 1: Think Small: Glide into Change with a Gentle Mini-goal. Secret 2: Build Your Plan with These 12 Super-tools of Change. Secret 3: Back Up Wimpy Willpower. Secret 4: Recruit Your Support Team. Secret 5: Vaccinate Yourself Against Lapses and Relapses. Secret 6: Make Your Plan — and Tweak it as You Go. Part V: The Action Stage: Do It! Secret 1: Use the Action Super-tools on Change Day — and Every Day. Secret 2: Ride Out the Cravings with these Proven Techniques. Secret 3: Speak Up. Secret 4: Brace Yourself for the Change-back Squad. Secret 5: Shape Up a Flabby Plan with These Easy Fixes. Part VI: Relapse: Turn Setbacks into Success. Secret 1: Prevent Lapses and Relapses. Secret 2: Deal with the Dreadful "D Feelings" of Relapse. Secret 3: Try Again. Part VII: The Maintenance Stage: Keep On Keeping On. Secret 1: Keep On Keeping On with Maintenance Super-tools. Secret 2: Keep Your Life in Balance. Secret 3: Climb a Few Rungs on the Happiness Ladder. Part VIII: The Termination Stage: Move On. Secret 1: Know Your Final Destination. Secret 2: Build a Better Life with Habit Change Skills.

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