by Bob Jonas

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ChinAlive by Bob Jonas

Charlie Evers is a tenth grade student at an international school in Shanghai, China. He will never finish his last research assignment. Ignoring all warnings about Chinese Internet censors, he navigates to sites that look informative, but shred the government on politically sensitive issues. As a teenage American student he thinks he is safe. The illusion of safety is ripped away when Charlie is taken. Imprisoned onboard an old river boat, a seven-day journey up the Yangtze River catapults him deep into China's turbulent past, to a buried mountain fortress. This is the headquarters of ChinAlive, a Democracy movement he never imagined, with a mission the world thought long dead -- the overthrow of the Chinese government. The life Charlie Evers took for granted is over. His new life--that of a conspirator, terrorist, and refugee--is certain to earn him a date with the executioner. But his death will not be free. Charlie's family will be charged for the bullet if they wish to reclaim his body--but only if they are still alive.

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BN ID: 2940154364574
Publisher: Bob Jonas
Publication date: 04/05/2017
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 1 MB
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

Bob Jonas has been a school librarian for twenty-one years; four in Beaverton, Oregon and seven in China–Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. In South America he worked for three years in Santiago, Chile, and then three years in the in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After completing his final post in Erlangen, Germany, Bob decided to retire to continue doing what he loves to do best—write action packed novels for young adults. Using experiences from his work with kids overseas, he employs an extensive knowledge of expatriate living to write about these kids and their frontline exposure to political intrigue, revolution, overthrow, and war. ChinAlive, his first action thriller for YA kids involved a student at an international school in Shanghai, swept up in a plot to overthrow the Chinese government. Imposter, his second action thriller–soon to be released in January, 2016–follows an angry, pissed off American student in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia trying to reconcile his western sensibilities with the new life his parents have forced upon him. Equipped with a Teflon coated, can’t touch me attitude, he transgress basic rules of living in a foreign country and finds that he has put he and his whole family in great danger. Bob’s travel and writing obsessions began after reading Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki when he was he was ten. His storytelling obsession began with his dad–the greatest tale teller, BS artiste, mesmerizer, and raconteur the younger Jonas would ever lean on for inspiration. His first fifteen years of adulthood found him living the travel adventure in a semi-truck where he logged over a million miles in twelve western states. Unfortunately, the road stint lasted about twelve years too long. After too many speeding tickets, too many run-ins with angry weigh masters, bad, bad, and double bad winter weather, not to mention a real bad back, he knew it was time to find his old college degree and get himself somewhere else. School librarian, perhaps? A very strange tale indeed. As a storyteller, writer, and librarian he has motivated, inspired, stimulated, stirred, cajoled, provoked, and done what was necessary to instill a love of reading in kids on four continents. Through his writing he hopes to continue the work he has been doing for over two decades.

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ChinAlive 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
This_Kid_Reviews_Books More than 1 year ago
Summary – 15-year-old Charlie Evers was warned about the internet censors in China. He’d lived there most of his life (since he was 5, and before that, he was an American citizen) and he had learned a lot about China/Chinese culture in those ten years. He also learned that living in China is much different than in America. He got carried away on a research project, and he ended up touching illegal topics on the internet because of his curiosity. Charlie’s dad is “away for work” but his mom is worried. Next thing Charlie knew, the police were knocking on their door and he and his mom were questioned. Charlie thought that was pretty rough but then he was kidnapped by a group he was researching on the internet! His kidnappers promise Charlie that they will reunite him with his dad. They take him up the Yangtze River to the middle part of China. What he learns changes his life forever. Charlie finds that his mom has also been taken and that his dad is somehow involved with the rebel group hat kidnapped him. Charlie learns that there is a revolution going on in China, but right now, Charlie is just hoping to stay alive and find his parents. What I think – This is a super-fueled adventure! The book is set in 2008 when the China had the summer Olympics. I love the setting because I learned a lot and it is about a part of the world, I don’t read very much about. I love Mr. Jonas’ writing style. The plot he came up with has a lot of obstacles and that made it fun to read. HERE IS A MAJOR SPOILER SO DON’T READ THIS PART IF YOU DON’T WANT TO! I only had one little problem with the plot. It was the way Charlie was kidnapped and treated before being reunited with his dad. Charlie’s dad is a high-ranking member of the rebel force trying to change China for the better, so I don’t get why he was treated so badly when they were bringing him to his dad. Another kid character stumbled onto the rebel plot and he was just told to keep quiet. Plus I thought Charlie’s dad would have been ANGRY about the whole thing, but it was like that’s just the way it is, that part seemed kind of forced, but that was only a minor point. OKAY YOU CAN READ AGAIN :P I like how there is an educational touch to the whole story. On Mr. Jonas’ website, I learned that he lived and taught in China and you can tell that he is very knowledgeable about the country.  I learned what an EXPAT was, about the Chinese culture and how the Chinese government operates. I loved learning about the Yangtze river and some of the geography of China. Charlie is a character you come to care for. He is a nice kid, thrust into a big situation. He handles it pretty well, once he got past the whole “You kidnapped me, to save me?”. You can understand how he feels. He seems like a typical American kid and is a believable character. This book is rated as a YA book, but I thought the action and violence in it was no more than you read in some of the The 39 Clues books or the Alex Rider series (some characters die but in a justified way and it is not graphic), but there is quite a bit of cussing. I think if Mr. Jonas took out some of that, the book would be great for younger kids too. I am definitely putting this one on my read-again shelf in my bookcase. *NOTE I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review