Cities in Globalization: Practices, Policies and Theories / Edition 1

Cities in Globalization: Practices, Policies and Theories / Edition 1

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Cities in Globalization: Practices, Policies and Theories / Edition 1

Despite traditionally being a strong research topic in urban studies, inter-city relations had become grossly neglected until recently, when it was placed back on the research agenda with the advent of studies of world/global cities. More recently the ‘external relations’ of cities have taken their place alongside ‘internal relations’ within cities to constitute the full nature of cities.

This collection of essays on how and why cities are connecting to each other in a globalizing world provides evidence for a new city-centered geography that is emerging in the twenty-first century. Cities in Globalization covers four key themes beginning with the different ways of measuring a ‘world city network’, ranging from analyses of corporate structures to airline passenger flows. Second is the recent European advances in studying ‘urban systems’ which are compared to the Anglo-American city networks approach. These chapters add conceptual vigour to traditional themes and provide findings on European cities in globalization. Thirdly the political implications of these new geographies of flows are considered in a variety of contexts: the localism of city planning, specialist ‘political world cities’, and the ‘war on terror’. Finally, there are a series of chapters that critically review the state of our knowledge on contemporary relations between cities in globalization.

Cities in Globalization provides an up-to-date assembly of leading American and European researchers reporting their ideas on the critical issue of how cities are faring in contemporary globalization and is highly illustrated throughout with over forty figures and tables.

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ISBN-13: 9780415409841
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/12/2006
Series: Questioning Cities Series
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

List of figures     x
List of tables     xiii
List of contributors     xv
Preface     xvii
Prologue: a lineage for contemporary inter-city studies   Peter J. Taylor     1
Introduction: cities in globalization   Peter J. Taylor   Ben Derudder   Pieter Saey   Frank Witlox     13
World city networks     19
Globalization and the world city system: preliminary results from a longitudinal data set   Arthur S. Alderson   Jason Beckfield     21
Airline passenger flows through cities: some new evidence   Frank Witlox   Ben Derudder     37
World city networks 'from below': international mobility and inter-city relations in the global investment banking industry   Jonathan V. Beaverstock     52
World cities and the internationalization of design services   Paul L. Knox     72
Inter-city relations in networks and systems     87
Urban network development under conditions of uncertainty   G. A. (Bert) van der Knaap     89
City networks as tools for competitiveness and sustainability   Roberto Camagni     107
Firm linkages, innovation and the evolution of urban systems   Celine Rozenblat   DenisePumain     130
The metropolization of the European urban system in the era of globalization   Stefan Kratke     157
Politics in inter-city relations     185
Positioning cities in the world: towards a politics of flow   Phil Hubbard     187
Political world cities: where flows through entwined multi-state and transnational networks meet places   Herman van der Wusten     202
Inter-city relations and the 'war on terror'   Stephen Graham     219
Rethinking cities in globalization     237
Reading the city in a global digital age: the limits of topographic representation   Saskia Sassen     239
Poststructuralism, power and the global city   Richard G. Smith     258
The mismatch between concepts and evidence in the study of a global urban network   Ben Derudder     271
Cities within spaces of flows: theses for a materialist understanding of the external relations of cities   Peter J. Taylor     287
How cities scientifically (do not) exist: methodological appraisal of research on globalizing processes of intercity networking   Pieter Saey     298
Index     314

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