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Cloaked in Faith

Cloaked in Faith

by Robert G Lawrie
Cloaked in Faith

Cloaked in Faith

by Robert G Lawrie


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Robert Lawrie (Gerry) began his life under the most promising of conditions. Born into a highly respected, landed gentry class family with direct connections to British colonial rulers, he ended up living a life of homelessness and becoming a rape victim at a very young age. His once promising life went from one of unlimited potential to unimaginable horrors, a fate that could never have been imagined from his carefree boyhood days in Guyana, the country of his birth. In this memoir, follow the unlikely story of one man’s journey from class and privilege to homelessness, from betrayal to success, and then back to more bouts of adversity.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578421537
Publisher: Robert G. Lawrie
Publication date: 12/25/2018
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

As a teenage immigrant from Guyana to the United States, Robert Lawrie has lived the gamut of experiences. From living with an abusive father, to being homeless and being a victim of Church abuse, Robert has had to learn to manage life on his own. His various professional pursuits during his adult years as an entrepreneur gold miner and educator have also been laden with additional hardships and obstacles, including divorce, financial ruin and attempted suicide.

Despite the negative forces he has had to contend with, Rob maintains a positive outlook on life and has been able to survive as well as thrive. The compilation of his life experiences has driven Rob to share his life journey to help others see how they too can overcome the adversities they may face just as he done. He presently is a fourth year PhD
student, a writer, an advocate for victims of abuse, for the disadvantaged and for education and is driven to inspire others to overcome.

To stay in touch with Rob and find out when his next book will be released, please visit his website at and sign up to receive occasional email notifications.

Table of Contents






1. Tira the Terrible

2. Beginnings

3. No More Rose-Colored Glasses

4. Footloose

5. “The End of the Innocence”


6. “Coming to America”

7. Life Is No Bed of Roses

8. A True Father Emerges

9. Living Among the Men of God

10. For the Love of Family

11. What to do with a Degree?


12. My Calling Revealed

13. Love and Loss

14. Never Say Never

15. Sacrifices

16. Drastic

17. The American Dream

18. The Hardest Goodbye

19. The Dream Becomes a Nightmare

20. One Last Try

21. Three Times Isn’t a Charm

22. The Plummet

23. Looking for Equilibrium

24. Timing is Everything

25. Finding a New Path


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